Oklahoma Northwest Jurisdictional Choir @ Hearne Temple COGIC (Headquarters)

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Holy convocation 2011 Oklahoma northwest. Bishop Broom was just entering the sanctuary. The choir sung Thank You For Your Grace.

Christmas Play Pictures from Rocky Hill Baptist Church Knoxville, Tn

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Christmas Play Pictures from Rocky Hill Baptist Church Knoxville, Tn

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast (1).wmv

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A breakfast and lunch program to celebrate the accomplishments of Rev. Martin Lutther King Jr. at the hitorical St. James AME church in Columbus, Georgia


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This is Jaden Playing during offering at the Union Baptist Church Musical. He is 8 years old and loves to share his God giving talent any chance he gets. Jaden is a member of Union Baptist Church Lawton, OK . Dr. Charles W. Whitlow – Pastor

Second Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX 2018 Music & Arts Camp / Danny and the Shacks musical

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This is a video of the 2018 Music and Arts camp play and musical Danny and the Shacks. Presented by the kids of Second Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX. SECOND B LOVES KIDS!

John Denver Tribute – Alaska – A Musical Tribute by Chris Collins

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This beautiful tribute to John Denver was written by Chris Collins and taped during the 2003 “Aspen In October” celebration of John Denver’s life. Performed by Chris Collins, accompanied by Donna Lipman (vocal), at the Aspen Community Church, with portions performed at The Mountain Chalet – Aspen, and The Windstar Land Trust Site- Snowmass, CO.

Greater Harvest Reunion Choir Musical: Scripture, Prayer & Praise

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100th church anniversary. Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church. Chicago, IL.
April 29, 2012. Rev Louis Boddie founder, Elder Eric Thomas pastor.
Scripture – Min. Christopher D. Jones Sr.
Prayer – Min. Demetrious Thomas

A Musical Celebration at Corpus Christi Catholic Church Part I 6 5 15!

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A Musical Celebration in honor of our parish feast day, The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

Una celebración musical en honor de nuestro día patronal, El Santísimo Cuerpo y Sangre de Cristo.

To skip to a particular song just move to the time indicated on the list. Para saltarse a una cancion en particular simplemente comience en el tiempo indicado en la lista.

*Down to the River to Pray by 11:00 Choir 19 secs
*Courante – Bach by Sara Ciesielski 3:17
*Not While I’m Around – Sondheim by Rita Puente, Stephanie Castro 5:02
*Michi – Keiko Abe by Joseph Patrick 8:55
*Omnipresente by 1:30 Choir 14:13
*The Prayer – Sager by Alex and Joanna Perez 17:13
*Panis Angelicus – Frank by Leroy Ozores, Stephanie Castro 21:20
*Silver Sand Rag by Leroy Ozores, Stephanie Castro 24:33
*Over The Rainbow – Harburg/Arlen arr. Beck by Maria Dupre, *Charles Lindee, Joseph Patrick, Norman Schack, Ted Schaefer, Dennis Woods 25:37
*Send in the Clowns – Sondheim by Anne Klenke, Leroy Ozores 28:50

0 [GCBC1.3] The Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church (Tulsa, OK) Mass Choir – A & B Selections

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Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church website:

Minister Leviticus Moore’s website:

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– Hosting their 4th Annual Musical, Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church (Tulsa, OK) Music Department’s Mass Choir usher’s in a spirit of excellence through praise and worship under the direction of Minister of Music Leviticus Moore and Choir Director Rosalind Williams. Prepare to have your soul stirred! [GCBC1.3]

*For musicians, live audio/video, CD/DVD duplication services and more, send email to: [email protected]