Mother, boyfriend charged with aggravated murder in death of 4-year-old Euclid girl

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Euclid Fire was called to a residence for a 4-year-old girl who had been burned and was unresponsive Sunday afternoon, the same residence that the Cuyahoga County Department of Children Services was called to three times last year for neglect.

Cursed: The Bell Witch: Was It a Murder? (Season 1, Episode 3)| A&E

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Chad and John head to a chemist, then to Mississippi, to investigate the possibility of murder in this collection of scenes from “The Secret Life of Betsy Bell.” #TheBellWitch

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Cursed: The Bell Witch
Season 1
Episode 103
The Secret Life of Betsy Bell

“Cursed: The Bell Witch” follows the personal journey of John Ceallach, a direct descendant of one of the oldest and most legendary ghost stories in America. Ceallach believes that this curse has befallen several generations of his family and he is on the hunt to reverse it before it reaches his only son.

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77 MINUTES – 1984 McDonald’s Mass Murder

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One of the deadliest mass shootings in u-s history happened in San Diego’s Southbay. Twenty people were killed at a San Ysidro mcdonalds. 32-years-later a documentary filmmaker is unraveling this tragedy. Telling never before told stories of humanity.

The Murder of Baby Briana (Graphic) (Update with sentences in description area)

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This is a disturbing but important story of a fatal case of child abuse. It is the case of baby Briana Lopez, who was abused from birth by both parents and other family members. We as a nation must make cases like these nonexistent.
This story has strengthened my desire to work in the social service field. The reporter is Kim Vallez, and the copyright is by KRQE news 13,
The mother of baby Brianna, Stephanie Lopez, was found not guilty on the charge of intentional child abuse resulting in death.

She was convicted of child abuse resulting in death and child abuse negligent permit.

She was found innocent of intentional child abuse, because she did not inflict the abuse but allowed it to happen.

Brianna’s father, 22-year-old Andy Walters, was convicted of child abuse resulting in death, conspiracy, criminal sexual penetration and two counts of child abuse.

Uncle Steven Lopez was found guilty of child abuse resulting in death, conspiracy and criminal sexual penetration.

Paternal grandmother Patricia Walters and uncle Robert Walters were found guilty of failure to report child abuse.

Susana Martinez asked for the maximum punishment possible for all of them. Sadly, their sentences do not fit their crimes. It took a jury
of seven men and five women nine hours to find all of them guilty.

Andy Walters, the father, received a mere 57 years in prison and
her Uncle Steven Lopez received only 51 years for sexually abusing
and causing the death of Briana due to abuse and neglect.

Stephanie Lopez, her mother received a very short sentence of 27 years in prison for child abuse and neglect resulting in death. The
Jury decided that she was not guilty of intentional abuse since she
did not inflict the abuse but had allowed it to take place.

Briana’s Grandmother, Patricia Walters and her Uncle, Robert Walters Jr each got off easy with only 60 days in jail for failing to
report the abuse and save Briana’s life.

Keep in mind that prisoners usually get out much earlier than the sentences given, with good time, 20% of the sentence can be eliminated. There is also parole available.

As each guilty verdict was read, the Lopez and Watlers families
showed their emotions by embracing and crying. The only one of
the defendants to show emotion at that time was Steven Lopez who
is the twin brother of Stephanie, put his head in his hands and started to cry.

When the jury was dismissed and had left the court room, the
defendants then began to show their emotions by crying and
hugging their lawyers who tried to console them. Stephanie and Steven were allowed to hug eachother and cry before being lead out of the court room by guards.

Lubbock Murder Suspect’s Son Speaks Out [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Joshua Garcia, the son of murder suspect Peter Garcia, speaks to KFYO News’ Rob Snyder about his father’s alleged crimes and why he created a GoFundMe page for victim Orestes “West” Garza. More on the story:

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DMW: Girlfriend wanted in murder of Melvindale father found on Ohio road

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In this week’s most wanted, shocking murder charges in the death of a Melvindale father, four months after the heinous crimes. The body of David Carter was discovered along I-75 in Ohio in October, shortly after his family reported him missing.

Forensic Files – Season 1 Ep 8: The Wilson Murder

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On the night of May 22, 1992, Betty Wilson returned home after a meeting. She walked up the stairs to the bedroom and discovered her husband, lying in a pool of blood. Jack Wilson had obviously been murdered… but how? And by whom? Even the experts couldn’t agree. Originally aired as Season 1, Episode 8.

Police Murder Confused Elderly Man

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The victim was reportedly holding a small wooden crucifix. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“”He should have passed away surrounded by family, not surrounded by police and bullets”

The 73-year-old California man with dementia who was shot dead by police Monday may have been waving a wooden crucifix that was mistaken for a weapon, his family said.

Francisco Serna was in the early stages of dementia and had recently begun carrying around a crucifix that was about 6 inches long and waving it at people, according to one of his daughters, Laura Serna.

“There were moments where he thought he was going to die of old age,” his daughter told TIME on Tuesday. “He was just carrying that around. I don’t know if it was like for his security. They could have mistaken that for a weapon.”

Francisco Serna was out for a brisk walk at about 12:30 a.m. when a Bakersfield police officer opened fire while responding to a report of an armed man, authorities and the man’s relatives said.

Authorities said Serna was unarmed when he was shot and killed. Serna’s family believe he had the crucifix with him at the time; they have not found it in the house since his death.

Bakersfield police did not comment on whether a crucifix was found with Serna at the time of the shooting. Sgt. Gary Carruesco, a police department spokesman, said in a statement that officers were responding to a report of a man “brandishing a handgun.” One officer shot Serna several times in a neighbor’s driveway after a witness pointed to him and has since been placed on routine administrative leave.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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President Lincoln Assassinated!!: The Firsthand Story of the Murder, Manhunt, Trial, and Mourning

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Historian Harold Holzer recaptures the drama of Lincoln’s assassination, the hunt for the conspirators and their military trial, and the nation’s mourning for the martyred president. Using original eyewitness reports, medical records, trial transcripts, newspaper articles, speeches, diary entries, and poems, Holzer reveals of one the most shocking and tragic events in our history. A book signing will follow the program.

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Jarrell Milton,12, Arrested For Taking Part In A Double Murder

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Jarrell Milton, his brother, Jamar, 17, and Shuntayvious Primes-Willis, 15, are accused of first-degree murder. Jarrell Milton has waived extradition and faces his first hearing in Douglas County on Friday.


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Book me for your events:[email protected] DOJ Lied to the Citizens of DFW Southlake. Cartel Lawyer Murder Cover up.

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for Full Details of the Coverup and LIES they told the Dallas Fort Worth public. Compare how we all saw how Loretta Lynch was twisting the arm of the FBI / James Comey to not go after Hillary, well in our case its the reverse, Our Innocent Father, The prosecutor Joshua Burgess had no evidence was using the FBI as puppets to LIE that the INTERVIEW RECORDING failed and to go along with his agenda since the only way to CONTINUE to hold him in jail is if they said he CONFESSED to being in a conspiracy. The DOJ wanted a conviction at all costs to look good in Public Eye. Eric Holder even signed the death penalty to buy the DOJ time to make a FALSE WITNESS Jesus Campano change his story after 1 year, and to LIE in FEDERAL COURT. This is why they needed to Coverup

The FULL INTERVIEW recording would had been powerful evidence for our fathers lawyer, IN OTHER WORDS DOJ didnt provide Exculpatory Evidence to defense, and DOJ used False FBI statements saying he had confessed, which was a LIE since our father NEVER confessed. (listen to our fathers audios at website)

If our father had SIMPLY requested a LAWYER BE PRESENT. OUR FATHER WOULD NOT BE IN JAIL TODAY. THE FBI wouldnt had been able to LIE about the FALSE STATEMENTS that the FBI and DOJ used to INDICT HIM. THEY INDICTED OUR FATHER BASED ON LIES. But because our father COOPERATED with Justice Dept and FBI, when they took him in to ask him questions about LEDESMA and CAMPANO, he agreed to do an interview but thats where the DOJ was able to then MANIPULATE HIS INTERVIEW STATEMENTS ON PAPER, The DOJ said that the ENTIRE INTERVIEW COULDNT BE RECORDED DUE TO CAMERA FAILURE but in other words the DOJ forced FBI Agent Gary Koenig to LIE that the camera didn’t work. OUR FATHER Never Admitted to CONSPIRACY of MURDER of a CARTEL LAWYER Juan Guerrero Chapa. Which was all a LIE.

Help spread the truth if you know people in the Dallas Ft Worth area. Eric Holder was found responsible for Fast and Furious scandal for approving guns to be sent to mexico, but what if i told you he probably approved another operation that he was never held accounted for. It sucks that our family had to hear this from consultants and Never did I think our family would have to be dabbling on trying to find out government secrets, but since our father is INNOCENT in JAIL, we have no choice but to hire ex FBI agents for consultations. They have told us that If Eric Holder thought it was a good idea to send Guns to mexico, he also probably thought it was a good idea to make a cartel lawyer take over and be the new boss but with protection in america, as long as he helped the Government take down other cartels. How does that affect us? Usually, we wouldn’t care, but this caused so many rival cartels to want to find him, and they forced private investigators from mexico to america. Unfornatutely we had long distant uncles who had a successful private investigation business in Mexico helping corporations/ and law firms. They were so good that they caught the attention of the cartels. They forced them under duress to accept the task to locate people is what we learned in federal court AFTER THE FACT. While these investigators were in America, they tricked their american cousin Jose Luis Cepeda, our father, and they pretended to be doing work for lawyers and banks to find someone in dallas that had stole millions and had many unpaid loans back in mexico. The USDOJ knows this and that is why they covered up the truth and they wanted to look good by saying they caught 3 cartels. They didnt want the public to know that cartels forced , Ledesma and Campano to work in america under duress, and those investigators never told their american relatives they worked for cartels under duress. It would had scared our father and our family, we never would had let Ledesma been coming around us if we had known.

But why did DOJ lie? It would had made Obama and Hillary policies look bad about cartel violence affecting innocent American lives like our father. He is innocent and the DOJ lied. CAMPANO is a false witness as their only evidence, even though campano for over a year said my father didnt know. But DOJ offered him a plea deal and forced him to lie for the DOJ. The DOJ wanted the public to believe they caught 3 cartels so they can look good, end of story. It was all LIES to help Eric Holder/ Obama administration during such a sensitive topic of border violence. Please help our Innocent Father!

Original Video from Trump FB
This is when my sister threw a Pachanga for Trump to show that there is Latino Support for Trump in a Border Town/ Mcallen TX. Hundreds of people wanted to show Up from all areas, but we only could fit the room.