Louisiana 16, Mt Zion, Racing, Creole Cowboys | Louisiana: The State We’re In | 07/06/18

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André Moreau visits with a history investigator. She is working to link the past with the present, focusing on the domestic slave trade of 19th century Louisiana and the descendants of those once enslaved here.

Visit a Baton Rouge church that is celebrating 160 years in existence, plus the role it played in social and civil rights milestones, not just locally but nationally.

Horse Racing in Louisiana is a billion dollar industry. Kelly Spires will take a look at how the ‘track’ has evolved in Louisiana.

Meet a Louisiana photographer who is remaking the cowboy image to better reflect history with a project about Creole horse riders.

Mt. Zion Fellowship Video | Church in Highland Hills

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At Mount Zion Fellowship we have a simple mission and vision. Our Mission is to preach, teach and live in a way that encourages the salvation of souls through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a ministry in pursuit of excellence through world evangelism, community outreach, educational development and the economic empowerment of all people.

We are an inclusive church. All persons of every race, national origin, economic condition and geographic location are welcome to attend and participate in our worship service and to seek membership here. We are a ministry in pursuit of excellence, pressing toward the mark of the higher calling. Utilizing all tools created by Christ to chase after his heart

Visit us online today at www.mtzionfellowship.org for more information about our church.


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Mt. Zion Experience (Mt. Zion Church Nashville, TN)

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Mt. Zion Experience (Mt. Zion Church Nashville, TN)
Pastor- Bishop Joseph W. Walker III,
Credits Videography Erica E. Mills/ Betsy Stublefield/Daemon Watson
Producer/Director/Editor Daemon Watson
Graphics Dywaun Brown
Written by Daemon Watson
Featuring Mt.Zion Nashville Church Family.