Springfield Baptist Church – Raleigh, NC @ Mt. Bethel Roxboro, NC

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Church Anniversary 8.28.11


Be One – Greater Mt. Zion Church Austin, Texas

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If we are going to experience the transforming work of Jesus in our lives then we are going to have to BE ONE! All of us have different backgrounds, personalities, ideas, and interests. We need unity to stay focused and fulfill the mission God has given us.

Hiking Arrowhead (Mt. Verstovia) – Sitka, AK

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On one of the “beautiful” days in Sitka, AK my brother and I decided to hike up to the top of Mt. Verstovia and from there to the top of Arrowhead! This hike is about 2.5 miles one way and it took us about 4 hours to complete the overall journey. This was a wonderful experience hiking in the fug and soaking in a unique scenery.

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The Israelites: The White Man Didn’t Write The Bible (Clarksville, TN)

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Nashville, Tennessee
Primary Contact: Officer Benzion Judah

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Elkhorn – A Montana Ghost Town – near Boulder, Montana, MT

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Stomp around with us in Elkhorn in the southwestern part of our state of Montana. Silver was initially discovered in the Elkhorn Mountains and over $14 million in silver was carried from the mines in the area. In 1890, the Sherman Silver Purchase Act passed, creating a high demand for Elkhorn’s silver.

During this peak period, Elkhorn boasted 2,500 inhabitants, a school, hotel, church, stores, saloons, and brothels. Unlike most mining towns, Elkhorn was populated mostly by married European immigrants. In 1893 the Fraternity Hall was constructed for social gatherings, and still remains as one of the most well-preserved buildings in modern Elkhorn.

In the years following, the silver boom and Elkhorn’s prosperity began to lessen as the desire for silver decreased. A diphtheria epidemic also struck Elkhorn, resulting in many deaths, particularly of children. Soon after, railroad service to Elkhorn was halted and only a fraction of the original inhabitants remained.

This sequence was shot in the summer of 2001.

An updated HD video captured in 2015 is here:

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