Don’t Trust A Snake (DVD) – Slim & The Supreme Angels,”Live! In Jackson, MS”

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Slim & The Supreme Angels – Live! In Jackson, MS DVD Release Date: February, 1997
Slim & The Supreme Angels is an American traditional black gospel music group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Supreme Angels were formed in 1953 by several young ministers. In 1956 Reverend Howard “Slim” Hunt of Walnut Grove, Mississippi, joined the group as the guitarist. Having been called to further their ministry, the minister’s left the group to Pastor various churches. Rev. Hunt decided to continue on as the now the lead singer of the group, changing the name of the group in later years to ” Slim & The Supreme Angels. As personnel changes continue through out the years, Robert “Sugar” Hightower, of DeLand, Florida formerly of The Hightower Brothers and Mighty Clouds of Joy became the group guitarist and vocalist. The remaining group members of The Supreme Angels were Quincy King on vocals, Larry Young on vocals and keys, Michael Kimpson performing vocals and bass, and Maurice Robinson playing drums and singing vocals. They released seventeen albums over the span of 51 years, and the imprints they utilized were the following: Melendo Records, Nashboro Records, Black Label Records, Intersound Records, MCG Records, Gospel Jubilee, Malaco Records, and Grammercy Records. The group got three album to place on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart, and those were 1989’s Death and the Beautiful Ladies, 1995’s Stay under the Blood, and 1996’s Nobody but You.(From Wikipedia)
Track Listing:
1. Death & The Beautiful Lady
2. Church Folk Talk Too Much (dialogue)
3. Some Day
4. Praise You Lord
5. Honey Dripper (dialogue)
6. I Can’t Stay Here
7. Cast The First Stone
8. Shake My Hand
9. Don’t Trust A Snake
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Feel Good Wedding Film | Jackson, MS Wedding Video {Lane & Cody}

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Careless Soul (Acapella) Church of Christ 5-12-2013 – Columbus, MS Shobal Johnson

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The Church singing “Careless Soul” on 05-12-2013
Church of Christ 4362 Hwy 69 South, Columbus, MS 39702
Song Leader: Shobal Johnson of “Johnson Town”

Told ya! The Arsonist of the Greenville MS church has been nabbed…

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And don’t take this as gloating because I’m not. This settles into the low lying parts of the “not so sharp” folks and they don’t remember or hear about the fact that a Black man done the deed, but they surely remember the original story.

And another “well whaddaya know” part of this story.

Benny Hinn – The 2015 Visitation in Jackson, MS Part 1

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The Anointing on Benny Hinn’s life is so powerful! Benny Hinn preaching @ Prophet Carn’s 2015 Visitation Conference in Jackson, MS on August 7, 2015. **MAKE SURE TO WATCH PART 2 OF THIS SERIES, THE ANOINTING OF GOD FELL HARD, EVERYONE WAS DRUNK IN THE HOLY GHOST**

The Cracks Appearing in Wall Between Church/State | Rashaad – MS | Talk Heathen 02.49

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HATE CRIME: “Urban Youth” Murders Elderly Woman in Jackson, MS (Shot in the Back of the Head)

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) – Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart says 80-year-old Janie Fullilove was wearing the same clothing when she was killed that she wore to work Friday. Grisham-Stewart says she suspects Fullilove was killed Friday night.

The coroner said Fullilove was shot twice, once in the back of the head and once in the abdomen. She was also hit in the head. Jackson police tell us a neighbor discovered Fullilove’s body Saturday evening in the shed behind her Merigold Drive home some time after 5 p.m. Fullilove’s silver 2010 Volvo was also missing.

Investigators were able to determine that 17-year-old Kahlil Kennedy was last seen driving the vehicle.

According to police, Fullilove’s vehicle was found Sunday morning at the Westwick Apartments on Flag Chapel Road.

Kennedy, of Jackson, was taken into custody Sunday morning. He is charged with capital murder and auto theft. Investigators say the motive appears to have been robbery. The case will be presented to a Grand Jury. Kennedy is believed to have a prior juvenile record.

A neighbor says Kennedy was Fullilove’s neighbor until he moved about a year ago, and Kennedy would do odd jobs around the house for Fullilove.

About 50 people gathered in a south Jackson neighborhood Wednesday afternoon to express outrage over the slaying. Community leaders, ministers, law enforcement officers and neighbors spoke out about the brutal death.

“Honestly, we are mad as hell that this kind of stuff has happened down here in this community and we are going to call upon the citizens of Jackson, to also be angry about this kind of thing happening in our midst and to decide, we are not going to tolerate it any more,” said Bishop Ronnie Crudup of New Horizon Church International.

Jackson Police Chief Rebecca Coleman and Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis were present at the gathering.

Monday, Fullilove’s community of friends talked about what a true inspiration and companion she was to so many.

“She loved God. She did everything she could for anybody or anything, and we will miss her tremendously,” voices Sunday school class member Claudia Tisdale.

Neighbors say Fullilove was a kind woman, always looking out for the needs of others.

“She was just very neighborly, very kind, always looking out for the neighbors. She gave me a little puppy about two weeks ago. Well, one of the neighbors was moving and so she wanted to make sure this little dog had a nice home,” recalls Stephany Brown.

Fullilove had also been a long-time employee of Paul Moak Honda, and after 54 years of service, her co-workers say she was more than your average employee.

“She went through a number of number two pencils, lots of rolls of paper, and she shifted over to computers. And she was quite an inspiration to be her age,” Paul Moak said.

Moak adds that over the decades with his company, he was able to see Fullilove’s transition with technology and challenges in her own life.

“She grew up in the depression in Yazoo County, came here and started working at a young age with our company. And just kept on keeping on. She went through some difficult things. She had cancer in her younger days and dealt with that,” recalls Moak.

Fullilove’s friends, although grieving, described her with few, but powerful words.

“Just a normal, kind, faithful human being,” states Tisdale.

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