Mount Jackson Festival

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The annual Mount Jackson Festival is held the second weekend in October each year. Enjoy small town America at its best with blue grass and country singers, crafters, and a large antique car show, all in the heart of the beautiful Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, just 1.5 hours from Washington, DC.

Rocky Mount NC Extreme Flooding from Hurricane Matthew – 10/9/2016

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FOOTAGE of flooded homes, cars, and businesses from the “Tar River” and its tributaries in Rocky Mount, NC following the historic heavy rainfall from Hurricane Matthew.
Also shots of a “Jeep” driving through a long stretch of deep flood water.

All footage shot during evening daylight in Rocky Mount, NC on October 9, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1 & 2. Shots of major road turned into a river in Rocky Mount, NC

3-6. Various shots of risky “Jeep” charging through long strip of deep flood waters while onlookers can’t believe what the saw in Rocky Mount, NC

7-9. shots of homes in flood waters in Rocky Mount, NC

10. car in deep flood water in Rocky Mount, NC

11. pushed-in shot of auto shop flooded in Rocky Mount, NC

12 & 13. Shots of submerged van and floating dumpster in front of Auto Shop in Rocky Mount, NC

14-16. Various shots of raging flooded “Tar River” and old rail bridge hit from bellow by flood in Rocky Mount, NC

17. building in flood waters

18. pushed-in shot of door broken open by force of flood waters in Rocky Mount, NC

19-22. Various shots of homes and businesses flooded by Tar River in Rocky Mount, NC

23. pushed-in shot of “Paws Inn” flooded puppy kennel in Rocky Mount, NC

24. pushed-in shot of “Rocky Mount” business sign in flood water

25. shot of “Paws Inn” and “Rock Mount” signs in flood waters

26-30. Various shots of flooded businesses in Rocky Mount, NC

31. pushed-in shot of cars in flood water in Rock Mount, NC

32. wide shot of car dealership flooded in Rocky Mount, NC

33. pushed-in shot of “Jeep” in flood waters

34 & 35. Shots of businesses in deep flood water in Rocky Mount, NC

36-38. Shots of vehicles driving through flooded river over road in Rocky Mount, NC.

39 & 40. Utility crews work with basket truck to restore power to towns cut off by Hurricane Matthew

41 & 42. Shots of large tree down on powerlines and highway

44. shot of flood waters surrounding this restaurant

45. panning shot of flood waters surrounding factory and very close to I-64 in Rocky Mount, NC

Sunset Point Mount Abu : Shooting Point Mount Abu – Indian Sunset Points Travel & Tours Video

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This is the video of Sunset Point Mount Abu : Shooting Point Mount Abu – Indian Sunset Points Travel & Tours Video. At sunset point all the tourist come here by end of the day around 5.45 pm because it is the last attraction of mount abu, from here view of this place is very mesmerising & very attractive, because of it’s attraction tourist start clicking picture here. This place is called shooting point also because DIL movie has been shooted here in which Aamir Khan Was actor & Madhuri Dikshit was actress & they Made wooden home at this point of mount abu & sang one song also “Humne Ghar Choora Hai Rasmo ko tooda hai”. because of Dil movie & view from here this place is called shooting point also. if you are not having your own camara and you want to click picture of yourself you can take help of your bus guide they are always having camara & he will click your picture & will give you by the end of the day in the bus.

To visit all the attractions points of Mount Abu You can hire a car, bus or bike on rent here. If you go by bus it will charge Rs100/- per person along with one guide, Rs80 Transportation charge + Rs20 Guide Charge. Guide give all the information about all 14 attractions points of Mount Abu & Guide you about the attractions place before enter the any monument of Mount Abu, rajasthan.

Major attraction point of Mount abu are Dilwara Temples, Guru Shikhar, Nakki Lake, Sunset Point, Shri Raghunathji Temple, Achalgarh, Adhar Devi Temple, Sirohi & many more. In mount abu you don’t need to book any extra guide because you will get one guide in bus & other you will find on attractions point of mount abu who will give you proper information about the attraction of that place.

As per IHR Mount abu is must visit hill station of india.

This video is captured on 18 Dec 2010

El Paso’s Mount Cristo Rey

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DVD about a mountain in Sunland Park, NM that has a 40-foot statue of Christ the King. Built by El Paso people from Smeltertown, the 52-minute video explains the mountain’s Catholic history, the geology, dinosaur tracks at the base, how the mountain trail was built, how the statue was sculpted by Urbici Soler.

The Hidden Giant of the Cascades | Mount Adams HD Mini Cinematic Film Hiking

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Mount Adams is one of America’s great mountains. Towering at over 12,276 feet, it is the second tallest volcano in Washington and the third tallest in the Cascade Range. It is also the second largest Cascade stratovolcano by volume. Adams is covered by 10 major glaciers; it’s largest is the Adams Glacier. It is also one of the least visited and least protected volcanoes in the Cascades. Wilderness makes up about one-third of the volcano’s total area.

Mount Adams is characterized by stunning wildflower meadows, tumbling streams and rivers, lava flows, alpine meadows, tranquil lakes, majestic glaciers, and vast canyons.

Music Score by Artem Yegorov
Song link:

New Mount Calvary Baptist Church Memories: Youth Choir #3

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These videos have been posted for all those who ever attended services (in the old sanctuary) at New Mount Calvary Baptist Church located at 4711 Kelley Street in Houston, Texas where Willie Jones was Sr. Pastor. The purpose for these postings is to provide enjoyment of the many memories that we all shared. Hard to believe that time has passed so quickly. All videos listed can be found by entering : New Mount Calvary Baptist Church Memories.

The Mount 59th Church Anniversary Pastor Willie Kilpatrick Prince of Peace Missionary Church

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The Mount 59th Church Anniversary Pastor Willie Kilpatrick Prince of Peace Missionary Church

The Mount Live Worship Service Sunday 10am
Rev. Leonard O. Leach, Senior Pastor
Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church
1233 State Highway 66
Garland, TX 75040

CCLI Church Steaming and PodCast License # CSPL114304

Sound System
Allen & Heath Dlive s5000

Video System
Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
Matrox Monarch HD
Panasonic AJ-PX270
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