Wedding Ceremony Turned Worship Service (Only at The Mount)

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The Kirts married on 3/23/13 at Mount Lebanon in Chesapeake, VA. Officiant was Bishop K.W. Brown. Songs featuring: Slater Johnson (singer) and B.J. Brown (keyboard)

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Mount Calvary Baptist Church sanctuary fire, Knoxville, TN

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Church fire consumes Mt. Calvary Baptist Church sanctuary on Dandridge Ave, Knoxville, TN. The fire later was determined to have started near a heater for the baptism tank and may of been the source of the fire. Firefighters arrived to very light smoke showing only to find a sanctuary filled with superheated air and smoke only to retreat and fight the fire from the outside.

Jeff Davis at Mount Carmel Church in Waco – Site of the 1993 Siege of the Branch Davidians

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Jeff Davis at Mount Carmel Church in Waco – Site of the 1993 Siege of the Branch Davidians

Mount Zion News Full Version Dec. 2013 (Mt. Zion Church Nashville, TN)

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Mount Zion News Full Version Dec 2013 (Mt. Zion Church Nashville, TN)

Kindred Aesthetics: Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, Ellsworth Kelly & Jack Shear

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The Shaker movement in America was founded by Ann Lee, a member of a religious sect near Manchester, England, that prophesized the imminent second appearance of Christ on earth. They were referred to as “Shaking Quakers” due to their ecstatic movements during worship.

Ann Lee immigrated to America in 1774, and with a small, devoted group of followers preached that the transformation and judgment of the world had begun.

In 1787, three years after Ann’s death, her followers established their first communal village at Mount Lebanon, New York, which until 1947 was the central authority governing the Shaker movement in America.

The Shaker Church formed nineteen cloistered communities, throughout New England and the Midwest, designed to practice perfection on earth, based on early Christian principles of shared property, celibacy, direct revelation and public confession of sin. A small community continues at Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

In August 2011, the artists Ellsworth Kelly and Jack Shear shared their views on Shaker design and architecture with David Stocks and Jerry Grant of the Shaker Museum and Library, Old Chatham, New York.

This 17-minute film beautifully documents their exchanges, richly enhanced with archival photos of Shaker life and architecture and a variety of Ellsworth Kelly’s and Jack Shear’s work.

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