Ghosts and Legends Episode 3: Fort Reno Mother Road Haunts Documentary

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This third episode of the Ghosts and Legends documentary series covers a haunted strip of Route 66 through Oklahoma with an emphasis on Fort Reno, an old World War II prisoner of war camp. Hosted by Ghostorian Mike Ricksecker and includes interviews with experts in paranormal Oklahoma.

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Arizona Artists Face Jail Time For Not Serving Gay Weddings

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We drove down to Tucson, Arizona to see the new Mormon temple. When a new temple is built, the LDS church will have an open house where the public can take a free tour inside the temple. We got some great footage outside the temple, but we weren’t allowed to film inside the temple.

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Filmed using a Canon G7x Mark II and a GoPro hero 4 session
Background music composed by Green Stone Grits using the LaunchPad App
Editing done on iMovie

World Mission Society Church of God Oklahoma City

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World Mission Society Church of God Oklahoma River Cleanup 1/29/12.

Guatemalan mother separated from her 7-year-old daughter waits

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(26 Jul 2018) Paulina Gutierrez Alonzo is worried about her seven-year-old daughter, Antonia, who was taken from her two months ago by immigration agents as she tried to enter the United States.
Searching for a better life, Alonzo’s journey began in Joyabaj Quiche, a small community some 200 kilometers northwest of the Guatemalan capital.
She and Antonia travelled by bus, walked, went hungry and thirsty, but on the ninth day of their sojourn they finally crossed a stream in Reynosa, Mexico and arrived in the United States, where they were promptly stopped by the border patrol.
Alonzo’s dream was shattered when US immigration officers separated her from Antonia.
The Trump administration said on Thursday that more than 1,800 children separated at the US
-Mexico border have been reunited with parents and sponsors but hundreds remain apart, signalling a potentially long wait for anguished families.
The federal government was under a Thursday deadline to reunify more than 2,500 children who were separated at the border from their parents under a new immigration policy designed to deter immigrants from coming here illegally.
The policy quickly backfired amid global outrage from political and religious leaders and daily headlines about crying children taken from their parents.
Alonzo spent five days in a detention center. She slept on the floor with only a survival blanket to cover herself and was then sent to the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona.
She maintains that US officials told her that they were going to return Antonia to her if she signed her deportation papers.
She signed them and was deported back to Guatemala.
Her hope now is that her daughter is returned in time for her 8th birthday, on 14 August, so they can celebrate together.
Trump ended the practice of taking children from parents, but a federal judge in San Diego ordered the government to reunite all the families by the end of day Thursday, but the efforts will continue. US District Judge Dana Sabraw has indicated some leeway given the enormity of the job.
As of Thursday morning, the government said it reunited 1,442 children 5 and older with their parents in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.
An additional 378 were reunited with parents in different locations around the country or given to sponsors, who are often relatives or close family members.
That leaves about 700 who remain apart, including more than 400 whose parents have been deported, officials say. Those reunions take more time, effort and paperwork as authorities fly children back to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

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Prayer Vigil for Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church of Charleston, South Carolina

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Clergy and supporters gathered at St. Andrews A.M.E. Church in North Highlands for a prayer vigil for Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church of Charleston, South Carolina. Multimedia by José Luis Villegas/The Sacramento Bee

Stephen Colbert discusses the Charleston church shooting

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“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert tells “Face the Nation” about his reaction to this year’s deadly shooting at an historic black church in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Catholic School Teacher Suspended, Accused of Homophobia

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