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Bobbi McCaughey, the mother of newborn septuplets, is no longer in hospital.

The 29-year-old was quietly released on Sunday and whisked away.

Five of the babies are listed as being in a serious condition, which is not uncommon for premature babies, and two are now listed in fair condition.

As Bobbi McCaughey prepared to leave the hospital, members of the church that is so central to her family’s life gathered to worship for the first time since what they are calling the miracle birth.

UPSOUND: (English) “Praise the Lord..praise the Lord…”

The congregation of Missionary Baptist Church sang songs of praise on Sunday in Carlisle, Iowa.

Many members of this congregation say their prayers have been answered – seven times over.

The small church is home to the McCaughey family.

The altar where Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey got married in 19-92 is now decorated with balloons celebrating the birth of their septuplets

It was here that Kenny McCaughey announced to fellow parishioners in late spring that his wife was carrying not one baby, but seven.

So it was fitting, that the church was where they gathered today to thank the one they say is responsible for what they call the miracle birth.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“So you rejoice with us over the wonderful way God has worked, providing those safe deliveries, and folks it’s exciting. I wish we could have you all walk in there and see these babies at one time. I know that’s impossible, but it’s a glorious thing to see the handiwork of God.”
SUPER CAPTION: Pastor Robert Brown, Missionary Baptist Church

Since their birth, headlines have heralded the babies, often calling them seven miracles.

And to their parents and many others they are.

The McCaughey’s have declared their unswerving faith has guided them to the day many medical experts thought couldn’t — or shouldn’t — take place.

Family members say that while God took care of the babies during the pregnancy, the church took care of more practical matters.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“I think the church has been magnificent, just tremendous. In all the help they have given – this church and one or two others helping, for months have supplied all the weekday meals for them so that … well Bobbi was unable to cook for them for a while after she was put to bed. And all that has been supplied for them.”
SUPER CAPTION: Robert Hepworth, Grandfather of Septuplets

To raise the seven children, plus their two-year-old daughter Mikayla, the McCaughey’s will need a lot of help.

And it appears that they will get it.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“We’re there, and we’re ready to join her and help her every way we can. And so is the community, and so is the church. They’re well supported.”
SUPER CAPTION: Henry Hepworth, Great Uncle of Septuplets

Bobbi McCaughey was allowed to go home from the hospital on Sunday after a month’s stay.

The babies aren’t expected to be released until January, but they continue to impress doctors with their progress.

Five of them – two boys and three girls – remain in serious condition at Blank Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Kenneth, the first-born, has been breathing on his own since Friday.

And the last-born of the seven – Joel Steven – who had been listed in critical condition shortly after Wednesday’s birth was taken off a ventilator on Sunday and upgraded to fair condition.

SOUNDBITE: (English)
“We now have two babies who are listed in fair condition. Kenneth is still doing very well in fair condition, and I’m very very happy to report that as of a little while ago Joel has been taken off the respirator and is also listed in fair condition. The other babies continue in serious condition and are doing very well.”

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Father Jayme’s Homily – The Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God

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Have you heard the song “Mary, did you know”? What does it tell us about Mary and about her son? Father Jayme’s homily for the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God is now online. Watch it. Like it. Share it. Live it. Go!

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Visit Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, CO

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Listen to the awe inspiring testimonies of how Mother Cabrini Shrine, found by Mother Cabrini herself, has impacted many visitors. Mother Cabrini Shrine is located about twenty minutes West of Denver and is a very peaceful place to visit.

Deadly head-on collision kills young mother on Texas highway | New York Post

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Guillermo Suarez, 31, has been charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, after his vehicle caused a fatal accident on a Texas highway.

Florida church sends $1,000 collection notice to single mother because she didn’t tithe

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Florida church sends $1,000 collection notice to single mother because she didn’t tithe

Video report posted by WFTS-TV:

Mother Superior explains why Carmelite Monastery closed

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Mother Superior Dawn Marie of the Carmelite Nuns is speaking about the history of why the Carmelite Monastery closed down, and is also giving a statement on the Redemptoris Mater Seminary property in Yona.

Mother from Idaho Falls makes historic breast milk donation following son’s death

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OMAHA, Nebraska — A woman born and raised in Idaho Falls is making news around the world for her heroic and historic donation of breast milk.

Demi Fransden, 28, and her husband Jeff, 27, have been living in Omaha, Nebraska while Jeff attends medical school. In the summer of 2014, the Fransden’s learned Demi was expecting a baby.

“When we went to find out the gender, the doctors told us he would have a rare birth defect of the abdominal wall called gastroschisis,” Demi tells “They were pretty sure they’d be able to fix it within the first few weeks of his life.”

Leo was delivered via emergency C-section two months early and weighed only 2 pounds, 10 ounces. Usually infants born with gastroschisis can have any exposed organs placed back into the belly with surgery. However, in Leo’s case, his small frame and undeveloped lungs made his condition more complicated.

“He was a lot smaller than they had anticipated and there were a lot more of his organs that were exposed,” Demi says. “Doctors tried to keep his organs protected while he grew.”

For the next ten months, Demi stayed with Leo in the NICU of Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. She continually pumped breast milk hoping her son would be able to drink it.

“I was pumping so I could always have a fresh supply for him,” Demi says. “I never really thought of stopping because it was the one part of the fight that only I could do. I would come in every day and see him doing everything else so if he was going to keep doing it, I would keep doing it.”

Demi was able to pump so much milk that her lactation consultant suggested milk donation as an option to help other sick hospitalized babies.

Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is one of more than 60 Donation and Outreach Centers partnering with Mothers’ Milk Bank — the company that eventually received Demi’s excess milk.

“I continued to pump throughout his whole life and I would donate the milk he wasn’t able to have,” Demi says.

Demi admits there were difficult moments as she longed for her son to be healthy and strong enough to drink the milk she was producing.

“I would pump next to friends nursing their babies or I would be at church in the mothers lounge plugged into the wall pumping while other mothers had their babies nursing,” Demi says. “It was very emotional knowing, for the most part, he wouldn’t be getting any of it.”

Leo passed away Oct. 22 at ten-months-old. He was buried in Idaho Falls.

Despite the Frandsen’s tragic loss, Demi decided she would continue to pump and donate her milk to other babies.

“I still had such a large supply and my body was still producing so much that it took a while to stop,” Demi says.

In the end, Demi learned she had donated 17,503 ounces – 131 gallons – of breast milk. It was the largest ever gifted to the Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Donation and Outreach Center.

Last week, Demi was honored as part of World Breastfeeding Week. Her story has been shared with dozens of media outlets – including, The Sun in the United Kingdom, People magazine and others.

“Being able to share Leo has been helpful because he’s an important part of this world and now, finally, the world is seeing that,” Demi says. “We really miss him and we miss the hope he brought into our lives but we believe we’ll have him again.”

Mother Frances Kelly ‘Cogic’ offends the LGBTQ community (2018 Convocation)

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During the 2018 “Holy Cogic Convocation”, Mother Frances Kelly lays hands on two men calling out what she calls “that spirit” out of them. Sadly, she uses a number of transphobic slurs that are offensive to the LGBTQ community.

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