Trip to eps 5 St Mary & St. Moses Abbey Taxes – CYC

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Cyc visits Coptic orthodox churches and monasteries around the world, u can watch those visits with ” Trip to ” on cyc channel.
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Ke’Juan Moses Stand-Up 08/05/2018 – The Orpheum Theater

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Ke’Juan Moses performs stand-up comedy in a featured performance opening for the legend Mike Epps at the local Orpheum Theater in Wichita, KS.

He jokes about the not so friendly part of Wichita, Interracial Couples, Pimps, Church, and other highlights of his hometown.

St. Mary and St. Moses Coptic Orthodox Abbey 2009

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A collection of pictures I took on the second annual high school youth trip and spiritual retreat of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Boston to the monastery (abbey) of St. Mary and St. Moses in Sandia (Corpus Christi), TX. The trip was from June 30 to July 6, 2009. Good times.

The music of this video is an instrumental version of the hymn Shere Ne Maria (the Long Praxis Reponse) performed by the David Ensemble and taken from their website: (it’s the last one on the bottom).

Hopefully the pictures will be up on Facebook and/or Picasa soon. Keep bugging me.

New Coptic Seminary : Live-in St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey, Corpus Christi

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With the Grace of Gdd, His Grace Bishop Youssef introduces the New Coptic Orthodox Boarding Seminary, which will be located at the St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey, Texas. The Seminary starts September 2014.

Father Moses

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Father Moses Berry grew up in Greene County on a farm that had been in his family for decades. His family was among just a few who did not flee for their lives following a 1906 lynching of three black men by a mob on Springfield, Missouri’s public square. Before the lynching, 25% of Greene County’s population was black, by 1910, just 2% were Afro-American. The thousands who fled did not return. The Berry family remained and endured decades of segregation in the era before the Civil Rights Movement. Father Moses tells the stories of slavery and hardship handed down by his ancestors. In 2003, I spent a few days with him at his black history museum in Ash Grove, Missouri and at his tiny Eastern Orthodox chruch on his family’s land. This is one man’s story about being black in a predominately white area, and what the decades have taught him about racial inequities and faith in family.

H.I.S. Puppeteers – The Story of Moses Part 1

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This week we start a series on Moses. In this video we talk about baby Moses being put into a basket. Not only that but we give a little bit of back ground as to why he was put into a basket.

Our shows are made up of parodies from the 50s to today with a message, and can be enjoyed by all ages.

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