Jewish Leaders Tour Church Welfare Operations and Jordan River Utah Mormon Temple

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For Saba Soomekh, a Jewish leader from California, seeing firsthand The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ welfare and temple operations is a way of practicing what she preaches to her university religious studies students.

To help them deepen their understanding of other faiths, she asks students to visit mosques, synagogues and other worship spaces.

“People just want to be understood,” said Soomekh, who teaches religious studies, women’s studies and Middle Eastern history at the University of California, Los Angeles. Soomekh, who is assistant director of interreligious and intercommunity affairs for the American Jewish Committee, was one of 11 Jewish leaders from Los Angeles and New York who visited with Latter-day Saint leaders Tuesday and Wednesday, touring the Church’s vast welfare facilities and the newly renovated Jordan River Utah Temple.

“It is so important to learn about other faiths, especially in the time that we’re living in today where there is so much misunderstanding and so much animosity,” she continued. “It is so important to really truly understand what people believe, how it’s not a threat to you and how you could work to better [the] community.”

This week’s visit is part of an ongoing series of relationship-building experiences between Latter-day Saints and Jews. In May 2017, Jewish leaders hosted Mormon leaders in New York City, and in October 2016, some members of this same Jewish delegation gathered in Jerusalem with Mormon leaders to commemorate the 175th anniversary of an early Mormon apostle’s journey to Jerusalem.

Mormon Helping Hands Clean out Flooded Homes in Louisiana

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More than 6,500 volunteers to date from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are assisting with relief efforts in parts of Louisiana damaged by recent record flooding. At least 5,000 additional volunteers are expected to participate Labor Day weekend.

Mormon Stories #946: Smith’s First Vision, and how the Church and Apologists Mislead Pt. 3

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In response to a recent article published in the Deseret News titled “Defending the Faith: The supposed scandal of multiple First Vision accounts” by past Mormon Stories guest Dan Peterson, we assemble an all-star panel to conduct a deep dive into: 1) The multiple and conflicting accounts of Joseph Smith’s first vision, and 2) How the Mormon church and apologists mislead church members about the issue. Our panelists include Sandra Tanner, Mark Crego, Warren Ludlow, and Johnny Stephenson.

Mormon Stories #526: John Hamer on Community of Christ as Church Home for Transitioning Mormons Pt 1

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Mormon Stories alumnus John Hamer returns to talk about Community of Christ as a viable spiritual home for transitioning Mormons in this two-part video series. John Hamer was raised LDS, but became a doubting teenager and left organized religion altogether as an adult. In 2010, he joined Community of Christ and currently serves as pastor of its congregation in downtown Toronto, Canada.

In part 1, John Hamer sits down with John Dehlin and makes the case for “non-literalistic” religion. (The presentation is illustrated with John Hamer’s amazing diagrams, so the podcast audience is advised to watch the YouTube version.) John Hamer describes how a church with Restoration roots has evolved beyond doctrine and dogma to become inclusive of the LGBT community and a wide diversity of individual beliefs.

In part 2, John Dehlin challenges John Hamer with tough questions, including whether it is possible for some transitioning Mormons who feel real betrayal to join a church that traces its origin to Joseph Smith, or, indeed, any organized religion. The resulting dialogue was wide-ranging and intensely fascinating. Regardless of where you are in your own Mormon journey, you’ll surely find John Hamer’s case for Community of Christ thought-provoking.

In the course of their discussions, John Hamer referenced the “Latter-day Seekers” facebook group and the website

How Powerful Is The Mormon Church?

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What Is Capitalism?
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Capitalism has reigned for decades, yet it might see itself overthrown by the arrival of shared economies. Is the end near for capitalism?

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The rise of the sharing economy

“LAST night 40,000 people rented accommodation from a service that offers 250,000 rooms in 30,000 cities in 192 countries.”

Who Will Own The Robots?

“We’re in the midst of a jobs crisis, and rapid advances in AI and other technologies may be one culprit.”

The end of capitalism has begun

“Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy.”


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Nashville Tennessee LDS (Mormon) Temple – Mormons

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is a video describing how to learn more about the Mormon Church.

Information and pictures from and Wikipedia about LDS (Mormon) Temples.

For more information about Mormon theology and about temples built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, visit

FIRE – Los Angeles Mormon Temple Church of Jesus Christ FIRE

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Skip TO 2:00 to see a closer view of the fire.
– A huge Fire happened at The Los Angeles Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on late night monday / early morning tuesday at 1:50 am.
Overland and Santa Monica.
( Switch quality to HD )

Mormon Temples: A Conversation with a Church Leader

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On 23 September 2012, President Boyd K. Packer dedicated the Brigham City Utah Temple, the Church’s 139th temple. A recently announced open house for the Calgary Alberta Canada Temple, the Church’s 140th temple, runs from 29 September through 20 October 2012. This video explains what Mormon temples are and how they differ from chapels, where weekly Sabbath worship takes place. See more information about the Brigham City Utah Temple: and the Calgary Alberta Canada Temple open house:

For more information on temples: