“The Moravian Potters in North Carolina” by Johanna Brown

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“The Moravian Potters in North Carolina”
Johanna Brown, Director of Collections, Curator of Moravian Decorative Arts, Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Art in Clay Symposium, April 15-16, 2011
Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

God’s Acre – Salem Moravian Graveyard, NC

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God’s Acre, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina has become the traditional name given to the graveyards of Congregations of the Moravian Church. In between God’s Acre is the Salem Cemetery so you can visit two historic cemeteries in the same area.

Moravians believe strongly in equality, even in death; therefore, every stone in a God’s Acre is a recumbent stone with the same proportions and made of the same material so that no one person stands out among the stones. The Communion of Saints is continued even on the graveyard as it reflects the continuity of the congregation. In addition, the deceased are buried by choir; to the Moravians, these were the living groups into which the Congregation was originally divided to meet the needs of the members according to their age and station in life. Originally men and women sat in their choir groups in church at worship. The burial by choir in God’s Acre also reflects the way the members of the congregation sat as a worshipping community so that visually and symbolically the Congregation continues in the graveyard.

World’s Oldest Protestant Church Moravian Christmas Eve Barn

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The Moravian Church, the World’s oldest Protestant denomination, holds its Christmas Eve in the Delaware County, Ohio, Bicentennial Barn. The Moravian Church is 550 years old in the year 2007. It began before Martin Luther.

The Moravian Church’s religious heritage began in the 14th century. The movement was started by Jan Hus, who objected to some of the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. He wanted to steer the church in Bohemia and Moravia to the simpler practices of early Christianity.

The movement was successful for a while, but eventually forced to be under the authority of Rome. Hus was burned at the stake. Within a few years of his martyrdom, some of his followers became independently organized into the Bohemian Brethren, which began in Kunvald, Bohemia, in 1457.

These Protestants had rebelled against Rome more than a hundred years before Martin Luther. Moravia or Bohemia are provinces of the Czech Republic. Worldwide there are three-quarters of a million Moravians. They are a mainstream Protestant denomination. In the US., the Moravians are often found in Pennsylvania, especially Bethlehem, and North Carolina. The first Moravian settlement in the US was in Savannah, Georgia, in 1735.

The Christmas Eve ceremony for the Columbus, Ohio, Promise Church was held in a barn to commemorate Christ’s birth in a manger of a barn.

The Delaware County Bicentennial barn is over 100-years old and on a family farm of approximately 200-years. It was painted as a project to commemorate Ohio’s 200 th birthday, bicentennial.

Christmas 20007 was also the date of the full moon. The moon was setting at sunrise (which shows that it is truly full) as seen at the end of the video. The big buck shown at the end of the video is injured. He has stayed alive for quite a long time, and I’ve photographed him a number of times, such as:

Moravian Church World’s oldest Protestant Denomination Christmas Eve Full Moon Bicentennial Barn manager Christ Moravia Bohemia Delaware Columbus Ohio Franklin County Silent Night Oh Come all Ye Faithful Old Carols religion Buck deer solstice

A Moravian Love Feast

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This footage of a Moravian love feast was filmed at Bethania Moravian Church near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It was filmed with permission of the minister and the church’s governing body.

This short feature was released in conjunction with the documentary “Saving the Hansen House,” the story of an 18th-century farmhouse in Bethania that is saved from ruin by a college professor from Minnesota who unexpectedly puts down roots in the small Moravian town.

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Anchorage Moravian Church Tuesday Night 5/5/2015

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For more information and to support the online ministry of Anchorage Moravian Church financially go to: www.alaskamoravian.org. Tonight’s service was ran by the lay leaders of AncMC. Views and expressions of individuals testifying are not necessarily of AncMC. This is an non-denominational service.

St. Philips Moravian Church

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This is a promotional spot on the St. Philips Moravian Church at Old Salem in Winston Salem North Carolina. St. Philips is the oldest standing African American church in North Carolina.

Anchorage Moravian Church Sunday Night Gospel Concert

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For more information and to support and improve the online ministry of Anchorage Moravian Church 501c3 financially go to: www.alaskamoravian.org. There is a donation button, God bless you. Streaming License CSPL 110559

Life in early North Carolina – Exploring Old Salem!

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On a beautiful spring day we decided to take a drive up to Old Salem and see what this historic, living history museum was all about. Originally settled in the 1750s, Winston-Salem was once known as just Salem. The Moravians came here from Pennsylvania to build a Moravian church community. You were required to be a member of the church to love here. A lot has changed. Salem became Winston-Salem and is no longer a strict church community. But the heritage of the community lives on through Old Salem.

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Anchorage Moravian Church – Gospel Singer Ken Charlie

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Anchorage Moravian Church:

On Singspiration night services, September 30, 2012 at the AncMC on Robin Street, we were fortunate to have a guest, Mr. Ken Charlie from Minto, Alaska who shared and sang for the glory of Jesus Christ. Accompanying him with other instruments were Mae Moses, Evan Schubert, Paul Kiunya, Joe Chim., Augie Alexie and Harry Nicholai playing the “Air Guitar”. Song; “Swinging Door