Lake Mills Moravian Church Advent Concert – December 6th, 2015

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Lake Mills Moravian Church Advent Concert – December 6th, 2015

Watch the latest City of Lake Mills government meeting: “Plan Commission Meeting of January 22nd, 2019”


The Moravian Church: The Essentials

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Excerpts from a 2014 presentation to the Northern Province Synod of the Moravian Church in America. The Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood, Charles D. Couch Professor of Moravian Theology and Ministry at Moravian Theological Seminary, and Director of the Center for Moravian Studies, describes the Essentials, Ministerials, and Incidentals of our faith which have carried us from the Ancient Unity (1457) and are still relevant for us today.

Moravian Candle Tea | NC Weekend | UNC-TV

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This annual event at Raleigh Moravian Church celebrates the holiday traditions of the Moravian community, including baking, candle making, and choral music. In the true spirit of Christmas, the Candle Tea also provides a warm gathering place for anyone in the community.

The Moravian Star Light Show

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Learn more about The Moravian Star Light Show:

Hammacher Schlemmer:

Spanning nearly 40″ in diameter, this is the Moravian star with brilliant LEDs that creates a holiday light show in your home. Originating as a German geometry lesson in the 1830s, the star was adapted by Moravian churches as an Advent symbol. Creating a focal point for a large gathering and making a stunning display in a spacious room, the 160 LEDs on this Moravian star emanate from the center to each of its 20 points with intermittent beams of light which suggest motion, providing eight different light effects, including blinking, glowing, and more. Includes hook for hanging.

Salem Moravian Easter Sunrise Service

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A short sample of what it is like to attend the historic Moravian Easter Sunrise Service in Winston-Salem, NC. Starting in 1772, this service has been held every year in Salem, a community settled by the Moravians. Thousands gather in Salem Square in the dark before dawn to prepare for the service. Bands play throughout the night in different parts of town to awake the sleepers and call residents to the service. Just a few moments before the first light appears in the sky, the presiding minister will announce: “The Lord is risen!” and the crowd responds, “The Lord is risen indeed!” After the singing of hymns and a liturgy of faith, the entire crowd processes in prayerful silence to God’s Acre, the Salem Moravian cemetery. There, the service concludes with hymns of resurrection as the sun rises in the east. This video was recorded in 2012, at the 240th Easter Sunrise Service. This year, the 245th, the presiding minister will be the Rt. Rev. Lane Sapp.

“The Moravian Potters in North Carolina” by Johanna Brown

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“The Moravian Potters in North Carolina”
Johanna Brown, Director of Collections, Curator of Moravian Decorative Arts, Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Art in Clay Symposium, April 15-16, 2011
Old Salem Museums & Gardens
Winston-Salem, North Carolina