Oak Grove Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

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Mission Sunday October 12th with Joe Jarvis speaking about Moravian missions in Cuba.

Anchorage Moravian Church Friday Night Service 7/29/2016

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For more information and to support and improve the online ministry of Anchorage Moravian Church 501c3 financially go to: www.alaskamoravian.org. There is a donation button, God bless you. Streaming License CSPL 110559

Moravian Village – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Wow, we were featured online in Media Post. Tameka Kee, an awesome reporter from Media Post called and we discussed using the YouTube Insight tool. Here is the link.
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It’s Awesome

Click the PanOramino for a close up satellite view.

It is really cool, you can zoom in and see the palisade, FROM SPACE!

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2012 Moravian Festival – Music Edition – New Philadelphia – Winston Salem – North Carolina

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This is the 2nd annual Moravian Festival at New Philadelphia Moravian Church in Winston Salem NC. Got more music clips than other things as compared to last years video. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful music.