Bishop Dr. Rickey Moore, Sr. Preaching for Dr. Jasper Williams

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Dr. C.A.W. Clark, Dr. Leroy Elliot, and Dr. A. Louis Patterson has called him Shreveport’s best kept secret.

Bishop Rickey L. Moore, Sr., Pastor of Sunrise Baptist Church of Shreveport, LA., Preaching for Dr. Jasper Williams at Salem Bible Church of Lithonia, Georgia.

Bishop Moore is a Consecrated Regional Bishop for the National Assembly of Christian Churches and Ministers Fellowship, Inc. and the Presiding Prelate for the International Bishop’s Conference. He also has a school named after him in Liberia, West Africa. He has been Pastoring for more than 30 years and has preached in 32 states and 4 countries.

He is the author of 6 books. To order books or to contact him call (318) 210- 9070 or (318) 455- 8467.

Roy Moore Church Service Hampered By Protester

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(CNN)Embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was interrupted by protester Wednesday evening as he spoke during a church service in southern Alabama. They don’t want conservative values,” Moore said from the pulpit of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore. Moore then referenced reports of sexual misconduct brought against him. Moore said he believes his prosecution of drug cases when he was a district attorney angered certain people, and that this is at “the heart of this conspiracy” against him. David Gonnella stood next to Moore at the lectern and called the protester a plant. “I understand how people can be deceived by lies.

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Tornado Destroys City for 2nd Time: Moore, Oklahoma Devastated by 1999 Twister

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Forty-one died in 1999 when a tornado touched down for 18 miles in the city of Moore.

“OLD SCHOOL PRAISE BREAK” Part 2 – Faith Covenant Church – Atlanta, Ga.

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This is a clip from our SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE service which we have Sunday Nights at 6:00 pm. If you are in Atlanta or will soon be make sure you visit Faith Covenant! We believe in have REAL Church. 2315 Whites Mill Rd. Decatur, Georgia 30032 – (678) 895 7773. Get Here! uschrist

Those SANCTIFIED People Won’t Stop Shouting! PRAISE BREAK!

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This is a clip of Bishop Mark A. Moore, Sr. leading the saints in praise while ministering at the Mt. Zion Apostolic Faith Church in Indianapolis, Indiana where Bishop Lambert Gates is Pastor. Bishop Moore had just finished singing “The High Places” when the spirit of the Lord came in…and decided to stay. He is the Pastor & Founder of Faith Covenant Church, which has come to be known as “Atlantas NEW Favorite Place To Praise” – 2315 Whites Mill Rd. Decatur, ga 30032 and for more information, visit

May 20, 2013 Moore Tornado Surveillance Camera Video

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This video was captured by my chimney camera pointing southwest from my location in Eastlake subdivision off of SW 134th between Santa Fe and Western in south Oklahoma City.The tornado passed just 0.6 miles to the south of my home.

“OLD SCHOOL CHURCH” Part 1 Faith Covenant Church – Atlanta, Ga.

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This is a clip from our SUNDAY NIGHT ALIVE service which we have Sunday Nights at 6:00 pm. If you are in Atlanta or will soon be make sure you visit Faith Covenant! We believe in have REAL Church. 2315 Whites Mill Rd. Decatur, Georgia 30032 – (678) 895 7773. Get Here!

Jake Byrd at Roy Moore Rally in Alabama

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Last night in Alabama there was a rally for Senate hopeful Roy Moore and for some reason they held it at a church. Luckily, on hand to lend his support and to file a report was our friend Jake Byrd, who really likes Roy Moore a lot.

Naughty or Nice with Jimmy and Guillermo

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Jake Byrd at Roy Moore Rally in Alabama

Why Mormons Build Temples

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– Throughout history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples. Temples are literally houses of the Lord. They are holy places of worship. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints build temples where individuals can go and make sacred promises with God. Only worthy mormons (members of the LDS Church) can enter the house of the Lord.

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Future Queen Creek Campus // Sun Valley Community Church in Queen Creek, AZ

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Sula Studios had the opportunity to partner together with Sun Valley Community Church to tell the story of the progress of their Queen Creek Campus and share the vision that Mo Grimm and Chad Moore have for the Queen Creek, AZ community.

We love working with Sun Valley Community Church and being a part of the impact they are making in the East Valley!


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Family’s emotional reunion after Oklahoma tornado (May 21, 2013)

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Dazed victims return to rubble. Some find nothing where homes once stood. Pat Casey, Tornado Victim. Homes flattened, cares fused together. 17-miles path of twister is scene of devastation. Survivor: I thought we were going to die. Couple clung to each other in closet. Tornado survivors Billy Verge, Melody Verge, Billy Verge Jr, Mersadie Verge. Neighborhood looked like a war zone. Houses across the street were flattened. Daughter’s school destroyed by tornado. Teen survived by taking shelter in bathroom stall. Brother tried to rescue sister. School destroyed by tornado. Desperate search for their daughters. Couple drove on 2 flat tires to school. Family’s emotional reunion. Couple found daughter at church. Tuesday, May 21, 2013.