5th Sunday Fellowship In Montgomery AL(1/7)

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Every 5th Sunday the Montgomery area Churches of Christ come together for evening worship. This 5th Sunday was hosted at the Narrow Lane Rd Church of Christ where Bro David M. Tillman Jr is the minister, and the guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Rodney Comer minister of the New Harvest Church of Christ in Montgomery, AL.

Church of Christ Crusade – Montgomery, Alabama June 23 – June 27, 2013

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The Church of Christ-Crusade for Christ’s basic philosophy is centered around holistic evangelism. The founders believed that if Christians, in the faith, nationwide, came together, many amazing things would materialize. They all worked tirelessly, as a spiritual army, to actualize this reality.

From coast to coast, the Crusade for Christ has produced some extraordinary results, evidenced by the success of past crusades in: Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Orlando, FL; San Francisco, CA; New Orleans, LA; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Indianapolis, IN; Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, Birmingham, AL, Dallas, TX, Tampa, FL, Kansas City, MO, Washington, D.C. and now to Montgomery, AL, June 23 – June 27, 2013.

For more information visit www.churchofchristcrusade.org

Vy Moon Performs at Rivers Edge Church Montgomery

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Vy Moon performs his single “Simba” featuring Jared and Layla Lamb at Rivers Edge Church in Montgomery, AL 181 F Eastern Blvd; Pastor Dr. Eddie Mitchell