Bishop Street Church Organ Restoration montage

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Montage showing some of the many steps involved in the renovation of our Church Organ, between March 2016 and February 2017. Bishop Street Methodist Church, Town Hall Square, Leicester, UK. The organ music accompanying the images is from the Celebration Concert to mark completion of the works, on 30th September 2017, by Simon Headley, Musical Director and assistant organist at Leicester Cathedral.

An Introduction to the organ, narrated by Richard Gill, is at

Exploring destroyed abandoned house (montage)

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For todays video I am exploring a small abandoned house I found it was totaly destroyed and had nearly every piece of glass broken and in one of the rooms there was a pipe leaking water and even the toilet and sink had been broken I walked into the house and explored with caution because there were needles and broken glass. this was a short but good explore for the halloween series.
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I am C ASSASSIN and I explore the unkown history and document abandoned buildings such as abandoned malls hotels pubs farmhouses theatres supermarkets asylums and much more crazy location so subscribe so you dont miss another video

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Church of Disgust – live in Austin, TX 02/25/16 montage

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Montage of Church of Disgust live in Austin, TX at Bull McCabe’s with Ayasoltec and Disevered. Video cuts in/out due to mosh collateral damage. Song clips include “The Great Chamber” “Bound and Cast Into the Depths” and “Staph Terrorist(Impetigo) – featuring Jake Holmes! Video by Ashley Rodgers.

Easter Montage – Christ Church in Philadelphia – Join Us April 12, 2009

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Video montage of scenes from Christ Church in Philadelphia. Join us Easter Sunday, April 12. 5:30am Sunrise Vigil. 9:00 Resurrection Eucharist. 10:30 Messiah Part III. 11:00 Festival Eucharist with Choir, Brass, Percussion, and Organ.

KSLA id/newsbreak/promo montage 1988-2016 (Shreveport, LA CBS)

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Here is a station id, newsbreak, and promo montage from KSLA, the CBS affiliate for Shreveport, LA, as broadcast on channel 12. All copyrights acknowledged. The footage here consists of station programming from when the station was owned by Viacom, Ellis Communications, and Raycom Media. Overall, the station’s logos consisted of a 12 logo similar to that of KBMT of Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange, TX, which was used until 1995 and a WSB-TV inspired rectangle logo, which the station has used in various forms since 1996.

Early ids referred to KSLA as the Ark-La-Tex station, which seemed to be common among Shreveport TV stations. 1:00 features a news promo with Dennis Bounds from about 1990. 2:20 features a Project Pride ID from about 1991, which is when the station seemed to also use a Building Pride news package from Shelly Palmer Music. 2:23 features some news bumpers and news teasers set to the Get Ready for CBS affiliate package that was also used by WJTV in Jackson and KZTV in Corpus Christi, among other CBS affiliates. 5:57 features a late era Viacom-era presentation from about 1994/1995. KSLA just missed becoming a CBS O&O as Viacom sold the station to Ellis Communications. It adopted a rectangular logo and “The One and Only” news theme similar to that of other Ellis affiliates. 7:18 shows a station id from 1996. The slogan “Coverage You can Count On” also premiered from this period, and the station continues to use it today. 8:45 shows mid-2000s ids and footage from the First News era. 9:14 shows a rather unique station id set over CBS graphics, which was uncommon among many Raycom stations. 15:15 shows late 2000s material.

The modern presentation of KSLA begins at 16:06 with 2015 footage (including Lafayette Theater Shooting). Today, KSLA uses Aerial as its news theme post the Stephen Arnold transition. 16:20 features a “sign off” the station has in which it airs a radar image once or twice a week for about 30 minutes. 24:20 features several talent ids which are somewhat like sister station WAFB’s ids only these are silent over Aerial while WAFB’s usually have the anchors speak.

Syndicated programming on KSLA mentioned here includes, but is not limited to Arsenio, Showtime at the Apollo, and Sally Jessey Raphael, and Entertainment Tonight. Similar to that of WAFB, syndicated programming spots are somewhat rare on KSLA. Talent mentioned/featured includes, but is not limited to: Karin Adams, Dennis Bounds, Sherry Warren, Christie Walton, Sharon Brave, Carl Pentley, Kysa Anderson, Grace Polaski, Jeff Harrell, Michelle White, Patrick Dennis, Jeff Castle, Dominique Benn, Doug Warner, Adria Goins, Ron Young, Shayne Wright.

Pastor Tyrone Jefferson & Abundant Life Tabernacle Singing at Jazz Fest

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Pastor Tyrone Jefferson and the Abundant Life Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Church New Orleans, Louisiana Churching at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Evading Construction Workers at an Abandoned Prison [PART 2] (Church, Gym, Infirmiry, etc)

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➜ I cant believe how well condition all of these buildings were in!
►Brief Summary of the Video: This is the Part 2 video of the Abandoned Fred C. Nelles Correctional Facility which is now DEMOLISHED. I end up getting into the church, gym, hospital, and auditorium as well as some other little rooms. This video has way more to see than the last video, but make sure you didnt miss part 1.


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Bonita Park 2012

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Calvary Chapel Youth Groups from Edgewood, Estancia, and Rio Rancho New Mexico. This group was one of the last before the Little Bear fire in June of 2012. One week later and we would have been evacuated.

Website –

BABY HELL (Garry’s Mod Hide and Seek)

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