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Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

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First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The New International Headquarters Campus
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The Rock Church Exposed – Jim & Deborah Cobrae (The Love of Money)

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The Rock Church and World Outreach Center in San Bernardino California has some serious money issues. Featuring Pastor Dan Roth , Pastor Jim Cobrae , Pastor Deborah Cobrae as they tell us in their own sermons that they can not be trusted.

Links Included of the Public Records
First House:

Second House:
Third House:

Royalty Free Music Used -“Awkward Meeting” (ISRC: USUAN1100574)
Uploaded: 2009-03-22

Dan Roth , Deborah Cobrae , Jim Cobrae from The Rock Church and World Outreach Center 2345 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408 exposed sermons sermon live jessica roth video

“Need Dat Money” – McCallie School Honor Fund

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Be one of the 1,905. Visit to give back today.

To watch with captions, click CC on the bottom right of the screen.


Keenon Rush ’10
Twitter: @keenonrush
After his Blue Tornado tenure, Keenon went on to major in Spanish and Economics at Wake Forest University. He currently works in Art Administration and Development for the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, GA.

Tyree Rush ’12
Twitter: Tyrelvin
Tyree graduated from McCallie in 2012. He studied at Georgia State University and is a writer/comedian who has worked with CNN, USA Today, and the Huffington Post.

Ethan Jones ’13
Ethan left the Ridge after graduation and moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University. He is currently in his senior year studying music business.

Cody Pritchett ’10
Twitter: @cpritch40
Cody is a proud member of the Centre College class of 2014. He played football at Centre and was a youth pastor at a church in Kentucky for 2 years after college. Cody is currently living in Chattanooga and pursuing a Masters in Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Matt Jones ’13
Twitter: @CasaDeWaffle
Matt recently finished his third Co-op rotation in Athens, GA and has moved back to Atlanta to continue in his fourth year at Georgia Tech. He has one remaining year of school before earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Dwight Johnson ’12
Dwight Johnson II is from Brownsville, TN. After graduating from McCallie, he attended the University of Tennessee at Martin. He majored in Cell & Molecular Biology. He is currently enrolled in a Masters of Preclinical Science program at Mercer University School of Medicine with intentions of going to medical school.

Samir Usman ’13
Twitter: @itsthesamiracle
Samir attends Birmingham-Southern College. He is currently in his senior year and majoring in Business. Samir competes on the Birmingham football and track teams. He has been a Residential Advisor for two years and is now a Community Coordinator, which enables him to be the house director of the male freshmen residence hall.

Jason Cha ’10
Twitter: @jasoncha92
After his time at McCallie, Jason attended Davidson College for four years. He currently resides in Chattanooga and works in ministry with Young Life overseeing their work at McCallie/GPS.


Hey where your team at baby
Where your dreams at baby
Where your green at baby
I know you got it so we gonna need that pay
We gonna need that money
We gonna need that money
We gonna need that money
We gonna keep asking till you free that money

Remember back in the glory days
Kissin’ your girl under the bleachers in the pouring rain
Touchdown scoring days Now you’re a boring age
I gotta way to make your high school story stay
Live through your wallet give us a few bucks
Make an investment give us some new stuff
Part of the long blue line and show the blue love
Wait, we have an alum that owns news trucks?
Want a new gazebo, ain’t looking for cheapos
Write a big fat check ending in zeros
We need some heroes to stack some chips to Fritos
Reppin that blue and white, come rep the green though
You know, the brother hood’s lasting lifelong
Honor Truth Duty I know you know the fight song
Put us in your will for when you turning the lights off
Help you with your taxes and give you something to write off


Nine 21 we need this by Founders Day
If you in England then give us a couple pounds today
Equipped with cozies and coasters if you are down to pay
Unless you give excuses, gotta see what your accountant say!?
Phone a thon so please be answering cell phones
Hello like Adele, but I’m just hearing the dial tone
On the other side you stick it to us like its Velcro
I’m gonna-

“Hey, I’m done with this, Nobody ever answers.”
“Come on Keenan, just give it one more shot bro.”
“Man, alright.”
“Hello this is Keenan with McCallie!”

Full of excellence come witness the evidence
Don’t be hesitant and you’ll be flyer than a Pegasus
Gonna need that mint though I ain’t talkin’ peppermints
Benjamin Franklin’s, I’m talkin’ dead presidents
Need 1905 to pledge this
I need that bread and cheese aint talkin breakfast
Fund America’s future and cross it off your checklist
Cuz we gonna beat Baylor this fall, voted the #1 school of them all
Give it online so we don’t have to call
Maybe fives, tens, one hundreds, or even a grand
Are you down with the team? Just don’t Kevin Durant

Audio Produced by Jason Cha
Lyrics by Will Pope
Based off of “Need Dat Money” by Lil Dicky

They Gave Us Money & Roses

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Reading Fan Mail is so touching they sent us money Roses and Paintings we have the best subscribers in the world and we just want to thank you all.

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Police Brutality and Criminal Justice System Corruption Just Paid This Man Lots Of Money – QBM

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Police Brutality and Criminal Justice System Corruption Just Paid This Man Lots Of Money – QBM

Watch these videos to see how I did it:

A Message To Meek Mill – QuietBoyMusik

QuietBoyMusik Applies For Social Security Disability NYPD PTSD Depression Adjustment Disorder

Best Motivational Video For Police Brutality Victims EVER – INVEST – CEO – QuietBoyMusik

Social Security Office Calls NYPD Police AND The Feds On QuietBoyMusik – Mental Trauma

Real Social Security Disability Hearing For P.T.S.D. Caused By Police Brutality – QuietBoyMusik

Psychiatrist Speaks To Man About Trauma of Police Brutality / Prosecutor Misconduct – QuietBoyMusik

PTSD and Police Brutality: The Harmful Effects of False Arrest and Police Misconduct – QuietBoyMusik

Social Security Administration Exposed: A Documentary on Police Corruption and QuietBoyMusik

Back Story Here:

NYPD Deletes Video Camera Footage With Electromagnetic Pulse EMP!!! QuietBoyMusik Is Being Framed!!!

1st Amendment Audit Sgt. Steven Snopkowski Dodges QuietBoyMusik NYC Corruption

Judge Signs Subpoena For Missing NYPD Camera Footage That Can Clear QuietBoyMusik’s Name

(the nypd has yet to answer to the judge/court ordered subpoena in over a year and they are not being held in contempt!!!! smfh)

NYPD Sergeant Runs Scared Behind QuietBoyMusik’s Questioning About Corruption And Hidden Evidence

NYPD Corruption And Misconduct NYPD Hiding Video Evidence That Can Prove QueitBoyMusik’s Innocence

QuietBoyMusik Getting Arrested By The NYPD For Assault Of An Elderly White Woman SET UP EXPOSED

Video Exposing How African American Man Is Being Framed by Dirty NYPD Police / District Attorney QBM

QuietBoyMusik Revisits Scene Of Alleged Assault With Defense Attorney Subpoena NYPD Camera Video

QuietBoyMusik Interrogates Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Secret Service Security First Amendment Audit

Two NYPD Police Officers Get Approached And Questioned By QuietBoyMusik At The Brooklyn Bridge

Is QuietBoyMusik Crazy? Court Ordered Mental Health 730 Evaluation EXPOSED

Race War Started Between QuietBoyMusik And Defense Attorney Neo Nazi Charlottesville Protest

Start Small & Simple with Low-Cost Alternatives – and Start Making Money on Live Events

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Wondering how to make money off live events? Discover smart strategies from SAGE Event Management to monetize your live event in ways that you haven’t imagined. Watch the video now to learn eye-opening event management strategies that you can put into action immediately. Don’t leave money on the table – make sure that you are making the most of every moment of your live event.
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Are you hesitant to host a live event because you think you can’t afford it? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to fill the room? Don’t let fear hold you back. You don’t need to risk a huge investment in order to make money off live events. In fact, you can host your own live event at no cost at all. Don’t believe it? Watch this video from SAGE Event Management to discover how low-cost alternatives and small-scale events can be a very smart strategy.

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Would you like to earn thousands of dollars from your living room? Most people think that they have to invest five or six figures for an event to be profitable. But that’s far from the truth. Expand your idea of live events and get creative to make money without risking a dime.

In this video from SAGE Event Management, owner and founder Bari Baumgardner reveals how you can use low-cost alternative venues as a springboard for greater success.

Local churches, community centers, yoga studios, shared office spaces – all of these locations can be ideal settings for live events. You don’t need a big audience to make big money.

Baumgardner also explains why small-scale events are great for testing out your product, your pitches, and your programming. Before you go “all-in” with a big event, you can test the waters with a smaller group of potential clients. Start small, start simple, and start making money today.

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A fake Facebook profile is impersonating a Bakersfield pastor, asks Vietti’s followers for money

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Valley Bible Church Pastor Ron Vietti has ran into some online trouble. A fake profile with his information keeps re appearing on Facebook.

Unalaska’s “There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand” Music Video Teaser

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Coming Soon: Unalaska’s music video for their single “There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand.”

Original song by Unalaska, all rights reserved. Video production by Katche Pictures.

Blackburne & Sons Private Money Lender for Commercial Real Estate

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Blackburne and Sons Realty Capital Corp is a private money lending firm based in Sacramento, California. They offer private mortgage loans to real estate investors throughout the United States, primarily for commercial property. Loan amounts range from $75,000 to $3,000,000 and loan-to-value up to 70%. They will fund all types of commercial real estate, including special purpose properties such as churches, gas stations, care facilities, etc.

Visit Blackburne & Sons’ profile page on Private Lender Link to learn more:

In this video, the company’s Vice President, Angela Vannucci, gives an overview of the company and basic lending guidelines. This video was shot by Private Lender Link at Blackburne & Sons’ headquarters in Sacramento, CA.

Blackburne and Sons Realty Capital Corp. is a licensed real estate broker – California Bureau of Real Estate License #01425852, NMLS #389465.