Mormon Missionaries Sing A Christmas Hymn (remixed with rap & beat boxing) 1080p HD

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(This description will be updated over the next week or two as I get the names of the rest of the missionaries and where they are from).

Missionaries serving in The Georgia Macon Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had a meeting in Macon the following day. This is a video of them rehearsing for that performance.

FYI: Two of these missionaries (Elders Owen and Mullinax) were in the Cusseta tornado video that I have previously uploaded.

Sister Melissa Maxfield (vocals, sitting on the table)
Elder Colton Webster (vocals, sitting next to Sister Maxfield)
Elder Parker Owen, Cottonwood Heights, UT (Guitar, beat box, vocals)
Elder Ryan Mullinax, Las Vegas, NV (Cajon)
Elder Philips, Australia (rap and vocals)
Elder Meiling (was holding a ukelele but did not play)
Elder Chandler Loper (guitar)

Missionary bush pilot – Papua New Guinea

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We are missionaries with New Tribes Mission Aviation. MAF trained me for the first 6 month of my time flying in PNG due to the fact that NTM did not have any training pilots at the time. I have finished flying with MAF, and have started to fly for NTM. Follow us on facebook.

Riverton Wyoming Stake Handcart Trek 2012

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200 people, mostly teenagers, set out on a 26 mile journey through desolate and challenging landscapes with nothing but the essentials, and handcarts. Why? FAITH And a tribute to the pioneers who settled much of the west.

Pastor Shane Preaches to Mormon Missionaries

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Westside Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church that meets every Saturday at 5:30 pm, at 6015 West Avenue J8, Lancaster, California.

For more info, or to read our statement of faith, visit

Mormon Missionaries

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This is a project for my Video Production class at CSU Chico. This documentary is a snippet of my mission combine with a prospective missionary and a current missionary.

I made this documentary to show a little about the Mormon Missionaries and their testimonies.

The interviews were shot with an iPhone 5 with the app “Videon”. Home videos and pictures were used with permission. The stock photos are from LDS Media Library ( The stock video are used with permission from