Street Evangelism with Fresno Street Ministry

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This video was filmed on 5/7/17 in Fresno California. I went out and shared the gospel with my brothers at Fresno Street Ministry. They meet on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Fresno Court House for prayer, and witnessing.

If you love to share the gospel, come on out! All are welcome.

If you want to learn how to share your faith, come on out! There’s no pressure to share, and the Fresno Street Ministry leadership team provides free on-the-ground training for anyone who wants to learn.

for more information, visit

Alternatives Pregnancy Center – Denver Community Church Ministry Partner

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Alternatives Pregnancy Center exists to care for Denver-area women and men in pregnancy-related crisis and offer them a meaningful alternative to abortion. Following the example of Christian love, we seek to meet emotional, physical and spiritual needs, enabling and encouraging women and men to choose life every day. We provide a 24-Hour Helpline, pregnancy tests, ultrasound services, confidential consultation, STD testing and treatment, adoption education, pre- and post-natal medical care referrals, financial and legal referrals, post-abortion counseling, success development curriculum and abstinence education. All services are provided free of charge. To learn more please contact [email protected]

Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson – 2012 PAW Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit (Women in Ministry)

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Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson speaks on Women in Ministry. She will be one of the panelist during the session on “Women In Ministry” at the 2012 Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit in Indianapolis, IN December 12-14, 2012. Go to for more information.

Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson was born in Andrew, South Carolina and educated in the Andrews, Georgetown School System. She studied General Business at Carver Vocational School in Baltimore, Maryland and Religious Education at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois and Michigan Bible and Arts Seminary, Detroit, Michigan, (1955-1956). She received her Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Aenon Bible College and an Honorary Doctorate of Theology Degree from Beacon Bible College.

Suffragan Bishop Nelson accepted her call to the ministry over 50 years ago when she was 16 years old. Her mother, Pastor Alice Wallace Jackson (deceased) was her greatest inspiration. As a well-known International Evangelist and Gospel singer, Dr. Nelson traveled many years preaching was before coming to Rochester, New York. Although Suffragan Bishop Nelson said she never desired to pastor, she has always had a love for God’s people, little children, young people and the elderly.

Today, Suffragan Bishop Nelson spends much of her time helping people who are hurting; she began when she was hurting over 40 years ago. Suffragan Bishop Nelson took ill. The doctors (at Genesee Hospital, Rochester, New York) told her she had suffered a heart attack. She said “In the hospital, I experienced a Healing, and when I came out I was impressed, ‘Led of God’ to share what I received from that experience”. Suffragan Bishop Nelson began praying for people to be healed. God anointed her as she found hurts and healed them by his Power.

Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson founded Bibleway Healing Assembly Inc., one of Rochester New York’s leading Churches, in August 1966, and from a storefront with eleven members the Lord has continued to add souls. Thousands have been
baptized into the Body in Jesus Name. She is the President and Founder of the Bibleway School of Ministry, a nondenominational Bible Training Center. Suffragan Bishop Nelson previously served Aenon Bible College Board of Directors. Dr. Nelson was the first female Vice Chairman of the New York State Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., she’s the first and a current Executive Board Member for New York State Council of the PAW. The fourth female to be consecrated as Suffragan Bishop in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. & the first in the New York State Council of the PAW. Suffragan Bishop Eulah Nelson is a subject in “The Marquis Who’s Who in Religion in the World”, 4th Edition 1991 1993, IBC Cambridge World’s Who’s Who Among Women 1993, World’s Who’s Who of Women 1994/1995, IMCWA Award for Meritorious Service in Kingdom Building 1988. She was recognized as Most Outstanding Woman Pastor in Rochester, New York in 1988.

Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson is the wife of Elder I.V. Nelson, the mother of three lovely daughters, grandmother of nine. Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson’s unique ministry has led her throughout and to the far corners of the World. Her message is the same to every Nation and it leaves audience’s without a doubt that ‘God is Alive and His Power is Present to Save, Heal and Deliver. A Mentor of Women in Leadership, A Shepherd, Compassionate in Faith, Prayerfulness, Humility and Love, Preaching, Teaching and Living the Life, Lifting Fallen Humanity, Finding Hurts and Healing them. Suffragan Bishop Eulah M. Nelson gives God All the Praise. All the Honor and Glory. She says, “Having therefore obtained help from God, I continue unto this day”.

Bibleway Healing Assembly Inc. (
4831 W. Henrietta Rd.
Henrietta, NY 14467
(585) 321-0090

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. #PAWinc

First Apostolic Church Dance Ministry – 2013 IPYPU Empowerment Conference

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First Apostolic Church Dance Ministry of East Point, GA 2013 IPYPU Empowerment Conference in Atlanta, GA 4/6/13

International Pentecostal Young People’s Union of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc.

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc.

Dr. Claudette Morgan-Scott Speaks On The Awakening Of Black America, Ministry & Gov Shutdown

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Dr. Claudette Morgan-Scott joins us to share her thoughts on the awakening of Black America.

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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Evangelist Erma Williams – Ministry of Music -Bible Way Christian Training Center Denver CO

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Bible Way Christian Training Center Denver CO
Bishop Leonard Worley

Pastor Tastonga O. Moore –

Rock Church- U-TTV Deaf Ministry w/ Michelle Kassa & Karen Wilson

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Michelle Kassa, Deaf Ministry leader, shares about how she got involved in the deaf community, interpreting Pastor Miles and Deaf Awareness Month. Karen Wilson shares about some misconceptions in the deaf community.

Rock Church is one of San Diego¹s largest churches. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Miles McPherson, former NFL player, the Rock¹s vision is to establish Pervasive Hope throughout San Diego and the world and now has multiple campuses across San Diego county.

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8AM * 10 AM * 12 PM * 6 PM

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Devoted Praise Mime Ministry – “What If?

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Devoted Praise ministers at their 3rd annual mime conference in Fayetteville, NC- Encouraging the audience through mime to a song that perfectly describes just how unconditional God’s love is. Be blessed.

All movements were choreographed by Devoted Praise Mime Ministry.