Fellowship Baptist Church Chicago PRAISE BREAK

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Fellowship Baptist Church Chicago go into Praise Break after announcements while singing “I Count Everything As Joy” during Telecast Director & Minister of Music: Lou Dellas Evans Reid Pastor: Rev. Clay Evans

Royce Baptist Church Oak Ridge TN 04/22/2012 AM

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Sunday, April 22, 2012 – Morning Worship Service

Crossroads Fellowship | Raleigh, NC | Christian Churches

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Transform yourself and those around you with a visit to Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh, North Carolina. Experience God’s powerful love which gives you the power to love and change the lives of others. Join in their sermons (complete with singing and dancing!), community outreach programs, Bible study, social groups, and counseling sessions. When your life is at a crossroads, take the path to Crossroads Fellowship.
Visit us

We Believe (Newsboys Cover by CCV worship team in Peoria, AZ)

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What an amazingly well written song. Performed at my church (#CCV) last Sunday after the sermon explaining the “Trinity”… This song does a great job explaining what Christians believe and how even in this sickening world there is hope…and why we believe that…

St. Matthew’s G.T.A.F.Church Worship (Baltimore, MD)

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Sunday Morning Worship Service at St. Matthew’s Gospel Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church.
Praise & Worship lead by Evangelist Tracey Burley
Spoken word by our Pastor Bishop William A. Thomas Sr.

Holy Angels Catholic Church, Mass 9-14-2014, Chicago, Illinois

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The Reverend Andrew C. Smith, Jr., the Pastor of Holy Angels Catholic Church, presides over the Mass conducted at the Church on September 14, 2014.
This Mass conducted at Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A is celebrated for Sammy Basso a young man from Italy who is suffering from Progeria, a rare genetic disorder which is manifested by an extreme form of advanced ageing. Sammy has lived to be eighteen years of age- a world record for someone with this genetic disorder as most do not live to see their teen years. Sammy is accompanied by his parents and a filming crew from Standbyme.tv of Rome, Italy a subsidiary of The National Geographic Corporation which is producing a documentary following Sammy’s journey through the United States where he meets African American Catholics, Amish Americans and an authentic Native American (Indian) Chief and members of various other American cultures. The Standbyme.tv documentary will be released Christmas Day, 2014 in Italy on the Catholic Bishops Television Network an English version of the documentary will be released for viewing in the United States.

Gregory Evans Callaway: Videographer & Photographer
Rex Djere: Lead Web Designer and Developer

To support the Holy Angels Catholic Church Mass video program, you can send Bitcoin, Litecoin, or PPCoin donations to the church at these addresses:

Bitcoin address: 1BYrnmCRfrDNyPShgP8Njkg6ML1khZU4pT
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You can learn more about Holy Angels here: You can view other ways of donating to Holy Angels Catholic Church here:

Royce Baptist Church Oak Ridge TN 04/29/2012 AM

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Sunday, April 29, 2012 – Morning Worship Service

His Church Gospel Van Ministry in Clarksville TN “Jesus Loves Clarksville”

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This interview is at Manna Cafe’s Community Feeding Program at the New Providence Policing Center on New Providence Blvd on September 16, 2014. Pastors in the interview are Paul and Myrna Moore. Their church is located on Wilma Rudolph Blvd. in the Leap Plaza Building. They are opening this ministry up to ANYONE in the community.

“God Squad” Emmanuel Baptist Church in Austin, Tx.

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Pastor Eric D. Jones Sr.
EBC Media Ministry
1114 Northwestern Ave.
Austin, Tx.78702

C3 Apostolic Assembly 3rd Church in San Jose Ca.

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May 15, 2011 Baptism of Guadalupe Madrid at C3 Apostolic 3rd Church in San Jose Ca..

Saint Dorothy Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois Mass 5-22-2016

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Father Robert Miller, aka Father Bob, pastor of Saint Dorothy Catholic Church celebrates the Mass on the tenth anniversary of the ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacons of Leroy Gill, Jr. We praise God for Deacon Leroy Gill, Jr’s ministry and work on the South-side of Chicago.
Videographer/Cinematographer/Photographer/Narrator: Gregory Evans Callaway
Saint Dorothy Catholic Church
450 East 78th Street
Chicago, Illinois

WTVY Interviews Living Hope Ministry, Dothan, Alabama

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Living Hope is a ministry of Dothan Vineyard Church . . . the realization of a 15year long vision of its pastor, Lyle Peluso. Living Hope exists to minister to the practical needs of the Wiregrass Area where Vineyard Church is located. Come visit us, volunteer to help, donate food, clothes, furniture, financial support . . . Refer someone who is in need. God has called to be a servant in our community to minister to the broken, poor, oppressed, the downcast, the addicted – Jesus comes to set us free.