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Pastor Dr. Donald D. Ford,I is the founder of Second Missionary Baptist Church in Grandview, Missouri. Touch of Grace Ministries serves as an outreach resource to the greater Kansas City metropolitan areas. Our mission is to go beyond the four walls of the church to reach the hurt, lost, and broken.

Pastor Mike Online 08-23-12, Sozo Healing and Deliverance Ministries

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Visit – In today’s show, Pastor Mike Hoggard discusses how Sozo healing and deliverance ministries are spreading like wildfire in the churches, but are they Biblical? The Book of James provides the Biblical way to seek healing. Sozo promoters, such as Todd Bentley and Bethel Church of Redding, CA, say Christians need to be delivered from generational curses and demonic influences, but in actuality incorporate occult practices and rituals. They are adding to what Christ did on the Cross, making His Salvation and His Words as given in Holy Scriptures inadequate for our lives. This is a dangerous, not to mention expensive, invitation for seducing spirits to oppress the believer. Don’t fall for it!

More and more, new age, repetitious, alpha wave-lowering music has entered Church worship. Judge Tom Head of Lubbock, Texas warns of possible civil war if Obama is re-elected and is asking for taxes to beef up law enforcement to resist an invasion of United Nations’ troops. Teen consumers are being exploited by big corporations in advertising schemes. Pastor Mike answers questions from the viewers.

LIVE Webcast airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm CST on hosted by Mike Hoggard.

ELTV: Pt.1-3 Global Presence Ministries

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Steven Springer and his wife Rene are the Senior Leaders of Global Presence Ministries based in Madison, WI. Came on the program and share their testimonies, and about their

Website is:

Global Presence Ministries is and apostolic ministry that oversees The Global Presence Prayer Room, Global Presence BeChurch (corporate gatherings), and Global Presence Epicenter (training center), Global Presence Apostolic Network overseeing churches and ministries in the USA and Ghana, Africa. Steven and Rene flow strongly in the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic anointing.

Their heart is to raise up and release a generation in the fullness of their destiny to transform society with the Gospel of the Kingdom. They are part of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) as part of the emerging leaders God is raising up. Their fiery love for Jesus and love for His people have opened the doors for impact both nationally and internationally. Ministering in places such as Ghana, Uganda, India, Israel, Italy and Russia. By radical pursuit of the presence of God, following the Holy Spirit, and releasing the Father’s heart, they have seen thousands of salvations and deliverances, as well as, miracles, signs, and wonders with the deaf hearing, the lame walking, blind eyes opened, and tumors disappearing. Bringing God’s Presence, Advancing His Kingdom, Transforming Nations.

Joy of Life Ministries, Inc | CoPastor Cynthia Butler – Omaha, NE

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Visit Joy of Life’s website at

Like the Joy of Life Facebook Page at

Our Pastor is Pastor Eric Butler and our CoPastor is CoPastor Cynthia Butler. To read more about them please go to

Joy of Life Ministries, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

Now Faith Haitian Outreach International Ministries Church of God is Victory

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Pastor Kenya Cesar from Now Faith Haitian Outreach International Ministries Church of God is Victory singing at the ATIC Church in Fayetteville NC

Mic Solo Studios | Sunshine Ministries | Imani Milele Youth Choir | Tucson Arizona 2017

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This video was recorded, and captured by Mic Solo Studios in association with Keepsakes of Triumph.

Imani Milele Children’s Choir on October 22nd, 2017 in Tucson, Arizona . Presented by Sunshine Ministries in association with Passage Fellowship at True Light Church.

For more info on the Imani Milele Choir check out:

Camera 1 : Grace Tang
Camera 2: Michael Jones
Editing : Michael Jones

Mic Solo Studios exist to capture and produced gospel inspired songs and stories that transform the imagination to a Christ-like mindset. For business inquiries email [email protected]