Bomb squad detonates bag found near Milwaukee Coast Guard station

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The Coast Guard says a security worker noticed a suspicious package at the front door while making rounds Friday morning.

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Milwaukee police shoot unarmed man holding cellphone | New York Post

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Jerry Smith Jr. is suing the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after being shot by police in August 2017. Recently released bodycam footage shows that Smith was holding a cellphone when confronted by police.

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ACA P-50 siren test, Pumping Station Park, Milwaukee, WI (Alert & Attack)

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This is the monthly test of the Milwaukee County tornado siren system. The siren shown is the ACA P-50 at Pumping Station Park in Milwaukee, WI. It sounded a minute and a half of alert, then went straight into 4 cycles of attack. The cycles were much longer than normal, which leads me to believe it was the “Fire” cycle. Regardless, it was a successful test. This siren previously had rotator issues, but is in perfect working order today. I met up with Sirens of SE WI to record this video, so be sure to go check out his page and videos! Like, comment, subscribe, enjoy! Map of Milwaukee County’s siren locations. Sirens are tested on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at noon, year round.

Milwaukee Bus Drivers Who Saved Kids: ‘We Are Not Heroes’

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Bus drivers in Milwaukee have gone above and beyond, from befriending the homeless to helping a mom suffering a seizure. Their heroic deeds have won them huge recognition this year. “We’re the eyes and ears of the city, we’re ready to help when needed,” one said. One bus driver, Diana Serrano, came to the rescue of a 2-year-old girl who had wandered away from home wearing just a diaper and T-shirt. Another was on her usual route when she spotted a 5-year-old boy standing on his own.

High Treason (Local Milwaukee band from the early 1990’s)!!!

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Priceless (to me), extremely rare, and from my personal video archive. This is ‘High Treason’ a local Milwaukee band from the early 1990’s. Video was shot in 1991 at T.A. Vern’s. I traveled great distances many times to see them perform in the Milwaukee area and they never disappointed. They had incredible energy coupled with amazing showmanship! They put many “national pro bands” to shame. They always packed the clubs and lines would be out the door quite often. They wrote great songs and had a sound all their own! I even saw them perform at “Summerfest” an annual 2 week long music festival in Milwaukee. I don’t know if they ever achieved national stardom, but if not, they certainly were the real deal!!

Milwaukee Woman Captured on FBI’s Most Wanted List

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Authorities tweeted that the Milwaukee woman recently added to the FBI’s list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives was captured early Friday.
Shanika S. Minor was wanted for killing of an expectant mother and her unborn child. The 24 year old was nabbed in Fayetteville, North Carolina — two days after she became the subject of a large-scale effort to track her down.
She is accused in the March 6 killing of her mother’s 23-year-old pregnant neighbor. The victim was just five days away from her due date. The FBI said the women had earlier gotten into an argument over loud music. Minor then confronted the woman and shot her in the chest, the FBI said.

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Basilica of St. Josaphat, Milwaukee South Side and Bayview – Aerial Video

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Captured on March 11, 2016 in 1080p at 60 fps
Features: Basilica of St Josaphat, south Milwaukee neighbourhoods and Bayview / Kinnickinnic Ave.

Blacks Attack Whites in Milwaukee, Threaten & Follow “White” Reporters, Shoot 18-y-o White Kid

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Sources: (WND / Paul Joseph Watson) Milwaukee madness: White people ‘hunted’ for attacks
(Hot Air / Tim Pool) Reporter: I’m leaving Milwaukee because white people are being threatened and attacked

Black agitators in Milwaukee threatened, chased, hunted, attacked, assaulted, and shot white people after a black cop killed armed black thug Sylville Smith (who was carrying a stolen gun) the other weekend. Blacks video recorded themselves shouting, “They’re beating up every white person…. He white! Beat his a**!” A mixed-Korean journalist Tim Pool left Milwaukee because he “looks white” to blacks, after seeing a white 18-year-old local shot in the neck by a black, seeing the attacks on whites and anti-white threats and hate speech, like “F*** white people!”

The young man who was shot was dropping off a friend after attending the Wisconsin State Fair, saw the live crowds and decided to see what was happening; he witnessed blacks throwing bricks and objects at police, but did not think the “protestors” (rioters) were attacking other civilians.

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oneida intertrible singers milwaukee wisconsin

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auntie mamie on the left.and auntie kim is on the rigth. uncle jim copper is in the back may 13 1993. everyone enjoyed there voices together they were proud to sing with each other. and had fun doing it together.some time later your cousin mandy joyed auntie mamie and auntie kim and sing at copper house.they try to bring the walls down .as many 8 to 10 singer. just kiding