Brent Miller Jr.: The Coming Convergence

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Ingenuity Films has done it again. Fresh off their best selling DVD, The Final Prophecies, a film 2 million people have viewed, they’re about to release a worthy sequel—The Coming Convergence. The film tells the story of a young girl who awakes one day to find herself in the Tribulation, a time the Bible describes as the worst time in the history of the world. Filmmaker and creator Brent Miller wanted to develop a film that would appeal to both Christians and unbelievers—a film that would scare people straight out of hell! And he’s succeeded! This moving, emotional chronology of the end times is destined to change lives for all eternity. Fast paced and full of frightening flashbacks and interviews with Bible prophecy experts, The Coming Convergence will no doubt soon be the #1 Prophecy DVD of the year. Get it. Watch it. Then share it! Take your family and friends with you!

Douglas Miller Classic-My Soul Has Been Anchored-Min. Reginald Sharpe Jr.

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Minister Reginald Sharpe Jr. ministering under the power of God through song at his home church, Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia where Dr. E.Dewey Smith Jr. is Pastor

Worth It – Romans 12:1-2 – Kevin Miller

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Worship is so much more than songs or a musical genre. But more important than a definition for worship is our motivation behind it. God’s worthiness should transform worship from a musical style to a lifestyle.

This teaching is from our guest speakers series with Skip Heitzig from Calvary Albuquerque.

Tyisha Miller: Shot Over 20 Times By Riverside Police! Her Sister Tells ALL!

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Tyisha Miller was murdered by the Riverside California Police Department after being shot over 20 times. The story is well known but much of the drama that was caused behind the scenes and in the inner circle of those close to Tyisha pretty much has flown under the radar and until now kept quiet to anyone outside of that circle.

Latasha Miller is Tyisha Miller’s sister, not only did she have to go through the pain of losing her sister in such an abrupt and brutal fashion, she also had to deal with being marginalized and made distant from her family members that already had pre-existing dysfunctional issues with not only her, but with themselves overall like most of us do.

Well, while we all can say that our lives haven’t always been perfect, Latasha Miller admits that by coming up in such a dysfunctional situation has been pretty much a living hell ever since she can remember.

Needless to say that after a childhood of sexual and emotional abuse, the settlement money awarded to her family has caused even a deeper rift to that which was already in existence and now she cannot hold the pain in any longer and must tell her side of the twisted reality that was inflicted on her without her permission.

But after all is said and done, Latasha Miller is to be applauded for making it through to live to tell her story with a sane mind.

Which in itself is a victory all unto itself!

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The 85 South Show Huntsville Roast Session with Karlous Miller DC Young Fly and Chico Bean

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The 85 South Show makes a stop at Stand Up Live in Huntsville Alabama to make the people laugh. It’s a classic roast session with Chico Bean, Karlous Miller, and DC Young Fly.



J.O.N –

Mac Miller – Best Day Ever

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GO:OD AM Album Out Now

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Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present…

Mac Miller
Best Day Ever (prod. ID Labs)

Shot & Edited By Ian Wolfson
Additional Footage Shot by Dave Prokopec & Alex Surgent
Childhood Footage Shot By Karen Meyers
Lil Mac Played By Lil T
Executive Producer: Benjy Grinberg
Marketing & Promotion: Arthur Pitt

Rex Arrow Films 2011
Rostrum Records 2011

Richard Miller Pastor Ordination (Faithful Word Baptist Church)

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Sunday Night October the 16th of 2016 Richard Miller is officially ordained as a pastor and will be pastoring in Nashville Tennessee and his First Service will be a week from today. We wish you the best and will keep you in our prayers and most definitely plan on a visit. God Bless you Brother.

SDA Church Disfellowships Paul Miller And BBN For Truth And Threatens Others! Who Is Next?

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This principle we in our day are firmly to maintain. The banner of truth and religious liberty held aloft by the founders of the gospel church and by God’s witnesses during the centuries that have passed since then, has, in this last conflict, been committed to our hands….We are to recognize human government as an ordinance of divine appointment, and teach obedience to it as a sacred duty, within its legitimate sphere. But when its claims conflict with the claims of God, we must obey God rather than men. God’s word must be recognized as above all human legislation. A “Thus saith the Lord” is not to be set aside for a “Thus saith the church” or a “Thus saith the state.” The crown of Christ is to be lifted above the diadems of earthly potentates. {AA 68.2}