PANORAMIC VIEWS Holy Trinity Church tower RAYLEIGH ESSEX The Mill HIGH STREET Southend

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Filmed by Ruthie on 6th May 2013 from the top of Holy Trinity Church tower, Rayleigh, Essex, England. I have lived in Rayleigh since 1989 and this is the first time I have seen these views. It is a really long and difficult climb with a very narrow, steep and twisted staircase leading to the top. It was not easy to film because of lack of space, but I tried my best as always. The tower tour guide was Ian Gale. Here is my photo album of the visit

Gold Rush Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill, Mariposa Museum & History Center PaPa’s Page

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041 Joshua Hendy Manufacturing 5 Stamp, (5000 lbs) Stamp Mill, at the Mariposa Museum & History Center 5119 Jessie Street, Mariposa California 95338. Operated at the Gold Key Mine for many years during the gold rush.
Thank you For Watching and sharing PaPa’s Page

Thank You for watching and sharing PaPa’s Page

Forest Park First Baptist Church Exhort – Georgia

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Closing Music by Eloc and Goldie

Abandoned Memphis Tennessee Church UNCUT (DIHYW!)

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Join us, and we will explore the bowels of decay. Hospitals, Lunatic asylums, factories, old mills, and even prisons are just a few of the places we go. The great thing about my channel is I respond to comments, and I always invite you on my next journey. If you like what you see, come out and join me on my next adventure. Half the fun is on video. Most of it is between the camera clips. We jump, climb, and crawl our way toward fun. Let’s go.

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Metal Detecting an Old Mill c. 1808 – Tank-You Very Much

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After being approached by the property owner, I finally visit the old mill that has been looming in the background of my recent videos. The owner also shows me a collection of old photographs –providing me with a glimpse into the past.

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