Dr. Mike Freeman demand that Pastor Joel be escorted by 6 police off the his own church property.mp4

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Pastor Mike Freeman orchestrates take over dying Pastor and then changes and steals her will and 10,000 seat church.

Long Black Veil (acoustic Johnny Cash/Dave Matthews Band cover) – Mike Masse and Jeff Hall

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Long Black Veil by Johnny Cash, an acoustic cover performed by Mike Masse and Jeff Hall. For booking information: Listen on Spotify: Get on iTunes: Buy Mike’s 80-song collection, “Covers (Mostly Live)”:
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Performed by Mike Massé and Jeff Hall on 11/3/08 at the Pie Pizzeria in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inside Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Mansion – Left Since 1999

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View Photos of the Property Here:

In the early 1980s, Mike Tyson owned a monstrous mansion in, Ohio. The world heavyweight champion boxer built this 13,500-square-foot mansion in order to be near the facility of his promoter, Don King.

By 1988, he was at the top of the boxing world and throughout those years he lived in this garish mansion. Purchasing cars, expensive clothing, and many other things, including a $2 million bathtub (featured below).

The Ohio estate included lavishly decorated rooms with imported crystal chandeliers; it had five-bedrooms, tigers in cages, a full kitchen, and a mini-kitchen. His pool was larger than most houses. On the floors stretched zebra print carpets. The structure was garish, the rooms were huge, and the light flooding through the windows was a relief from the fluorescent track lighting.

The later abandoned mansion was Tyson’s home until March 26, 1992, when he was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison for the rap and sexual assault of a member of the “Miss Black America Pageant”. Tyson was 25 at the time of the crime. He was sent to the Plainfield Correctional Facility.

​Tyson was released three years later, but he was convicted again, this time for a traffic accident in 1998. Directly after the accident, he assaulted two motorists. He was sentenced to another year in prison. When he got out, he continued to struggle financially and was forced to put the Ohio mansion on the market.

In 2003, Tyson filed for bankruptcy. On the TV talk show The View, Tyson said he was “destitute and broke”. Tyson’s mansion sat abandoned throughout this time.

In 2010 Tyson’s mansion had a chance to be occupied. When it was purchased by the entrepreneur and businessman Paul Monea. For a steal at $1.3 million, but Monea never lived in the house. Monea was under investigation for money laundering. The FBI set up a sting by acting as a connection to a drug lord. Monea was arrested and eventually convicted of conspiracy and money laundering. He remained in prison until this year (2018).

Mike Tyson’s mansion sat abandoned partially due to its location and partly due to its size. Not many people wanted to spend this much to live in the Ohio countryside. The mansion remained empty until 2015 when a local church acquired the property through donation. Thankfully it has found a new use and did not go to waste.

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Benny Hinn & Mike Murdock warned in Texas by preacher

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Beware of ministries/churches that are feeding on the sheep, selling their books
Give to the widows, orphans & poor. Not to lazy people in the ministry that don’t want to work & buy their own bread.

Mormon Stories #645: Missionaries Pt. 3: Mike Woodruff – Gay, Abused on Mission, PTSD, Early Return

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Mike Woodruff knew that he was attracted to men by age 14. After consulting with his LDS bishop, he was told that his “same-sex attraction” would “resolve itself” once he served an LDS mission. His LDS patriarchal blessing also assured him that he would serve a complete LDS mission.

After being called to the Leeds, England mission, Mike was physically and emotionally abused by his first companion. Suffering with severe PTSD symptoms, he tried for two months to remain in the mission, but did not receive appropriate mental health care. Instead, his mission-assigned therapist focused primarily on encouraging Mike to read his scriptures and pray more, which only reinforced his feelings of shame/blame as an abuse victim. In addition, Mike’s abusive companion was never punished for the abuse (to his knowledge), and was simply reassigned to other missionaries.

Mike ended up returning home early from his mission (after 3 months of service), and spent several years trying to reconcile the shame/guilt that he felt, heal from his PTSD, and reconcile his same-sex sexuality. Mike consulted NorthStar to help him manage his sexuality and remain faithful LDS, but this approach ultimately led him to a suicide attempt.

Mike ultimately found peace and mental health by leaving the LDS church, and coming out as a gay man.

Planted and Under-Qualified | Pastor Mike Todd

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Relentless Church, “Where Purpose Comes Alive.”
Led by Pastor John Gray.

Sunday | 8:30am + 11am

Greenville Campus
Sunday | 8:30am + 11am
635 Haywood Rd Greenville, SC 29607


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Independence Missouri Community of Christ Temple, Drone on Demand, Mike Raymond

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Mike Raymond 816-919-1595 [email protected] www.droneondemand.com/aec.html
Drone on Demand is on the cutting edge of services for all of our AEC clients…we call it “bleeding edge”.
We use drones and robots to offer inspection services to the architectural, engineering, and construction sectors.
Typically, inspections of assets, sites, and projects are slow, costly, and risky.

Drones help make inspection processes better, faster, and safer. We use state-of-the-art
robotics, automated change detection recognition, and cloud-based technology to give customers the customized service and data they need to advance from being reactive to being predictive, with rapid, real-time, and legacy actionable intel.

We provide all of the services for your industry that you’ve been hearing so much about, without the hassle of training new pilots, meeting FAA requirements and purchasing new insurance policies.

Mike Tyson’s former mansion becomes house of worship

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The former home of boxer Mike Tyson is getting a new look. The Trumball County, Ohio mansion was purchased by a church after sitting vacant for nearly 10 years.
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Dead Cross played live 1st time w/ Mike Patton + setlist and tour dates!

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Dead Cross played live 1st time w/ Mike Patton + setlist and tour dates!

Dead Cross performed for the fist time live with their new line up which included Mike Patton from Faith No More on vocals at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA Aug 10 2017 … their self-titled debut album is now out .. see link below for full show..

watch here:


Seizure and Desist live:
Obedience School
Bella Legosi’s Dead
Divine Filth
Grave Slave
The Future Has Been Cancelled
My Perfect Prisoner
Gag Reflex
Church of the Motherfuckers

08/11 Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl
08/12 Phoenix, AZ – The Marquee
08/14 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
08/15 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
08/16 Austin, TX – Emo’s
08/18 Tucson, AZ – The Rialto Theatre
08/19 San Diego, CA – The Observatory North Park
08/21 Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theatre
08/23 Berkeley, CA – The UC Theatre
08/25 Vancouver, BC – Vogue Theatre
08/26 Seattle, WA – The Showbox
08/27 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
08/29 Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
09/08 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
09/10 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer
09/11 Boston, MA – Royale
09/12 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
09/13 Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw
09/15 Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s Hall
09/16 Chicago, IL – Riot Fest
09/17 Milwaukee, WI – Turner Hall Ballroom
09/19 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
09/20 Lawrence, KS – Liberty Hall
09/23 Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre

Dead Cross played live 1st time w/ Mike Patton + setlist and tour dates!