Park Avenue Hotel Implosion – Detroit, MI – Filmed by DJI Phantom 2 Drone – Demolition

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Video of the Historic Park Avenue Hotel in Detroit, MI.

Built in 1924, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. It was also known as Salvation Army Harbor Light Center.

The building is also very well known by the large “Zombieland” graffiti which adorned its top.

The building was acquired by the development arm of Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Historic District Commission approved its demolition to make room for the loading dock for the New Detroit Arena, which will become the new home of the Detroit Red Wings.

The building was imploded on July 11, 2015.

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Running from my Testimony – Spoken Word | Corriendo de mi Testimonio – Palabra Hablada

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A spoken word by Jonnathan Robinson.
Jonnathan wrote this while volunteering as a mission builder at YWAM San Jose in June 2017. He shared his spoken word at a Song Cafe (run by the School of Worship students) and it touched many people´s hearts. We hope that it encourages and challenges people to be vulnerable in their churches, sharing testimony to give Jesus glory for redeeming our struggles.

Never Forget Polish Americans were kicked out of Poletown. Detroit MI

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Poletown East is a neighborhood area of Detroit, Michigan bordering the enclave city of Hamtramck. The area was named after the Polish immigrants who originally lived in the area. A portion of residential area known as Poletown became the General Motors Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly plant in 1981 with those residents relocated by General Motors and the cities of Detroit and Hamtramck which claimed eminent domain in order to make way for a new automobile plant.

Churches in Grand Rapids Mi

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Welcome to one of the growing Churches in Grand Rapids Mi. This video is the testimony of Pastor Rodrick Daniels who Pastors KingMakers Community Development Church. Pastor Rodrick is passionate about seeing people set free by putting their faith in Jesus Christ. This video is an invitation to visit their Church in Grand Rapids Mi.
Churches in Grand Rapids Mi

Peoples Baptist Church Choir – Dallas, Texas along with Guest Artist: Stephen Anderson (Detroit, MI)

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Please watch: “Tremaine Graham New Single ”


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Intelligent Design & Ontological | Shaun – Paw Paw, MI | Atheist Experience 21.19

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The Atheist Experience 21.19 for May 14, 2017 with Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples.

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2001 E Grand River Lansing MI Church

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Plymouth Congregational Church has been a pillar of hope & faith in the Lansing community for many years, noted for a culture of inclusiveness, and a reflection of spiritual values.The church sits on five acres of prime Lansing property, and encompasses over 36,000 square feet under one roof Circumstances over the past years is causing a need for the present congregation to down size.

Here is the opportunity. The congregation will consider selling the building, and land as one sale. They will also consider selling some of the land for development, or will look at sharing the present church building with another congregation. Terms of sale, and/or lease are very attractive.