Rob Trudell orders Breakfast at Humberto’s Mexican Food Drive-Thru, Gila Bend, AZ, GOPR3031

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Rob Trudell orders Breakfast at Humberto’s Mexican Food Drive-Thru, Gila Bend, AZ, 3 August 2014, Bacon Potato and Egg Burrito, Machaca Burrito, GOPR3031

Major Mexican meth ring busted in Dalton, Georgia

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A major Mexican meth ring has been infiltrated in Whitfield County.

Authorities say nearly 60 people face charges and close to 30 have been arrested so far.

The ring reportedly distributed more than 500 pounds of meth in the area over two years.

Investigators seized 13 guns, ten vehicles, and even a house in Athens, Tennessee.

The three main suspects have been identified as Adrian Trinidad, Luis Rendon – and Rafael Segovia-Pineda.

Mexican Woman Exits Denver Church After 3 Months

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(12 May 2017) A Mexican immigrant who lived in a Denver church for three months to avoid immigration authorities is vowing to fight for another woman still in hiding.
Jeanette Vizguerra (vihz-GEHR’-uh) left the First Baptist Church near the state Capitol Friday surrounded by her children and supporters after they say she won a two-year deportation delay.
Speaking to the crowd while holding her daughter’s hand, she said she is happy to be with her family for Mother’s Day but sad that Ingrid Encalada Latorre is still living in a Quaker meeting house in Denver because she’s facing removal from the United States.
Sen. Michael Bennet introduced a bill to help Vizguerra stay and says she should never have been targeted for removal.
Immigration officials haven’t issued any updates on her case.

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Mexican – US border El Paso, Texas 12-23-18

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El Paso Texas border 12-23-18. On the 375 Loop between Zaragosa rd and Downtown El Paso. The video is just plain raw and uneventful, there is no surprise in here. Toward the end of the video (8:15 mark) you can see the construction of the “New Wall” with see through “Slats”. The lies of the media with edited footage is not in this video. It is raw. At about the (9:00 mark) I go under the Bridge Of The Americas – BOTA) When the sun goes down the illegals will start to assemble on the other side where they will wait until they think they can get across. As anyone can see, the old style of fence can be climbed easily because it has cross wiring which support the weight of a body. Often the climber uses ice hooks to climb up and over. The new slat style does not allow that. Nothing is impervious but it can take time enough for the Border Patrol to respond to an area where a climber is. DON’T BELIEVE CABLE NEWS PUNDITS – THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS REAL AND THEY WILL ONLY SHOW WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE!! — ALL OF THEM!!!

Mexican Food Drive-Thru, Pork Carnitas Burrito, Humberto’s, Gila Bend, Arizona, GOPR3499

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Mexican Food Drive-Thru, Pork Carnitas Burrito, Humberto’s, Gila Bend, Arizona, 8 October 2014, GOPR3499

MLK Huevos Rancheros Day on Broadway Road with Filibertos Mexican Food, Mesa, Arizona GOPR6399

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MLK Huevos Rancheros Day on Broadway Road with Filibertos Mexican Food, Mesa, Arizona GOPR6399, 15 January 2018, Drive Thru Restaurant

Anti-White History Mexican: “Jesse Jackson’s Son Kicked Your A**!”

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(Same Mexican Caller? Part 3) FLASHBACK: Caller “Lawrence from Denver, CO,” says White History Month doesn’t exist, because the federal government doesn’t recognize it; he says it’s forced on us every day in public schools. Jesse says he sounds like a Mexican or Hispanic! “Lawrence” says he voted for Trump. He asks if George W. Bush is partly to blame, not just Barack Obama. Jesse blames Obama who was the worst, but also Bush, and Reagan who did amnesty, and all the presidents before The Great White Hope. Obama was the worst because he’s black (meaning he has that godless, lazy, dishonest, liberal, radical, angry, black socialist mindset prevalent among black Democrats). “Lawrence” won’t answer whether it’s right that illegals come here. and he starts cussing at Jesse, saying that he’s full of S— and Jesse Jackson’s son kicked his A—, so the real Mexican is coming out!

Previous calls from this person (we believe):
“You’re Very Whitewashed, Sir!” Mexican-American Hates “White Jesus”!
I Don’t Want Them in My Country! “You Don’t Own Sh*t!”

NOTE: “Lawrence of Denver, CO (Jul 16),” sounds a lot like previous caller “David from New Mexico” (Apr 30-May 1), and “Joseph of Albuquerque, NM” (May 18). Was he using fake names & changing them, lying and saying he was a first-time caller?

Originally aired Monday, July 16, Hour 3, segments 2-3


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ICE Detains Mexican Man Who Sought Sanctuary in Denver Church for Nine Months

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– A Mexican immigrant named Arturo Hernandez Garcia was arrested Wednesday morning by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Hernandez Garcia had sought sanctuary from deportation at the First Unitarian Society church for nine months until July 2015, when he was told he was no longer a priority for deportation. Supporters of Hernandez Garcia say he has been targeted in part because of his immigration activism. We re-air our interview from Hernandez Garcia in 2015 and speak to Jennifer Piper, interfaith organizer for American Friends Service Committee in Denver and coordinator for the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition.

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Robert Trudell’s McDonald’s & Mexican Auto Insurance Drive-Thru Tour to Ajo/Gibson Fire Department

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Robert Trudell drives from McDonald’s, Gila Bend to Ajo/Gibson Volunteer Fire Department, 2 December 2013, Arizona, Mexican Insurance

A Walk Around the Beautiful Plaza in Ajo, AZ, and a Super-bloom of Mexican Gold Poppies

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I’m a full-time van dweller, and I choose to live this life so I can spend most of my time exploring in nature. In this video, I take you on a walk around the beautiful Ajo Plaza, in southern Arizona. While I’m visiting with locals there I learned about a super-bloom of Mexican Gold Poppies just a few miles up the road. Join me for this little excursion into Area B. Please share, like and comment, but please be kind, hateful comments and trolls will be deleted.

A Mexican in Wisconsin (Stand Up Comedy)

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Jesse Pangelinan talks about performing in Wisconsin.

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