20 June 2010 Part Three Hymn Fest United Methodist Church Palm Springs California.

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Part Three of Hymn Fest
United Methodist Church Palm Springs California. Alternative Service, Hymn Festival lead by Music Director Mr. Alan Scott. Learn some history behind the Hymns we love to sing.

“The Master’s Hand”- Bethel A.M.E Church Choir of Baltimore, MD

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The Bethel A.M.E Church Choir of Baltimore, Maryland, singing “The Master’s Hand.” From the 1970’s album I AIN’T SHAME! A sermon, titled “I Ain’t Shame”, by the pastor at that time; Pastor John R. Bryant, is on the other side.

Detroit – Trinity Lutheran Church I – Anthem

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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
1345 Gratiot Av
United States

The Historic Trinity Lutheran Church is a church located in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It occupies the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church complex, located at 1345 Gratiot Avenue. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983

i Was Called Out by My Pastor for Leaving Church Early

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In this video, I was called out in church for trying to leave early. I love to vlog about my daily life so this vlog was my version of a Sunday Funday. At church, I am an altar server which simply entails that I light the candles and take them out at the end of the service. At the end of the church service, I was supposed to walk to the back of the church with the lit candle, signifying that the church service had ended. Unfortunately, I walked to the back way too early and the pastor CALLED ME OUT for wanting to get out of there!
After church, I went for a run. I run 15 miles per week which can be mentally challenging at times. My sister has 6 pack abs and can get away with eating like crap which drives me crazy. After my workout, Dave and I got sushi and sat on his front porch to eat while we chatted about life.
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15 Aug 2010 “What? Me Weary? United Methodist Church Palm Springs.

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15 August 2010 Sunday Service Sermon
United Methodist Church Palm Springs California.
Rev. Dr. Amanda Burr

New Covenant United Methodist Church Project- Edmond, OK

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New Covenant United Methodist Church
2700 S. Boulevard Street
Edmond, Oklahoma 73013

Project Details:

Structures- Custom Play Structure in Pacific Blue, Sun Burnt Orange, Primary Red and Sunglow Yellow. Structure complete with one spiral tube slide, 3 straight slides, 2 curved slides, 6 climbers, 5 panels and a crawl tube

Amenities- (2) 6’ benches in Mystic Blue

Safety Surfacing and Playground Border- (40) 8” tall heavy duty plastic interlocking border timbers for surfacing containment, geotextile landscape fabric for weed control, loose fill rubber mulch in Caribbean Blue.

Project Timeline from Order to Install- 2 months

Supervised Installation in September 2014 by Noah’s Park & Playgrounds’ CPSI and New Covenant United Methodist Church Volunteers

Project Total: $41,000 – $46,000

United Methodist water delivery to Beaumont, Texas

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United Methodists responded to the water crisis in Beaumont, Texas, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, by donating more than 700 cases (approximately 50,000 pounds) of water. Overcoming a series of challenges and with multiple “God moments,” the much-needed water was among the first delivered to Beaumont when Army Reserves BlackHawk helicopters began making water drops to the ravaged area.
Video courtesy of Montgomery County, Texas, and North Houston Regional Airport at Conroe, Texas

“A Message from Mark 1:14-20” First United Methodist Church, Madison, WI (1-28-18)

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“A Message from Mark 1” First United Methodist Church, Madison, WI (1-28-18)
Mark 1:14-20
Rev. Mark A. Fowler

First United Methodist Church
203 Wisconsin Ave
Madison, WI 53703
[email protected]

Service for Christian Unity 2013 – St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Phoenix, AZ

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Christians from Episcopal, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Ukrainian Catholic, Presbyterian, and Mennonite backgrounds joined for an ecumenical service of praise and thanksgiving. The congregation met at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church for the beginning of the service and processed to the Dormition of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church for the latter half.

27 December 2009 United Methodist Church Palm Springs California Bettering As We Go Part 1

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27 December 2009 United Methodist Church Palm Springs California Bettering As We Go Part 1
Rev. Dr. Amanda Burr.