Easter 2014 – Long Beach Cambodian American United Methodist Church Easter, Part 1

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Easter Celebration 2014, Part 1
We’d like to share our worship and may God bless you as you worship with us.
We are thankful that as Khmer, we survived our past and are living today and through God’s grace, we are saved.

Ecclesia D-570 for the First United Methodist Church in Round Rock, TX.

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Congratulations to First United Methodist Church in Round Rock, Texas on their beautiful
new custom Johannus Ecclesia D-570, installed by Johannus Organs of Texas.

Beginning as a circuit church in 1879, First Church has grown to over 4500 members with a rich heritage of ministry in the Round Rock area and beyond.

The Ecclesia D-570 is well-suited to this large active congregation, with four manuals, 80 voices, four 32-foot stops, and a well-balanced 18.3-channel audio system.

More information about the Ecclesia series on www.johannus.com

Mits-Wits 46th Anniversary Reunion, West Des Moines United Methodist Church

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On September 15 and 16, 2018 the Mits-Wits Sunday School class of West Des Moines United Methodist Church celebrated the 46th anniversary of its creation. This is a slideshow of a pictorial history of Mits-Wits.

Gold Canyon, Arizona – Methodist Church Parking Lot

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Had a little car gathering in Gold Canyon, Arizona on 06/10/2017. They are trying to get a new show gathering to take off for this next show season this fall/winter and it will be every Saturday. Hope it takes off and I think it will be a great place to gather with friends. It was 103 degrees out but there was some shade so it wasn’t to awful bad and tolerable. Now, on to the next one…

Unstoppable: Young United Methodist Women in Mission

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Several young women in Western Pennsylvania developed their vision into a unique opportunity for their peers to claim their own futures as United Methodist Women. The event, called “Unstoppable” provided a forum for the older generation of members to learn too.

What a friend we have in Jesus – Rosemount Methodist Church, Hyde (Lowrey organ)

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#churchorgan #electronicorgan

Me playing the Lowrey electronic organ at Rosemount Methodist Church in Hyde near Manchester.

I am playing the hymn ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’. With the organ being an entertainment instrument, I decided to play the hymn with some cinema organ style vibrato to show off a little of the organs capabilities.

Rosemount is part of Hyde and Denton Methodist Circuit and here are videos of me playing at some of the other churches in it: