6-15-2014 Fountainhead Foursquare Church Sunday Morning Sermon

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Pastor Glenn Burris, President of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, shares the sermon “Mercy” with the congregation of Fountainhead Foursquare Church of Carson City, Nevada, on the occasion of their 27th anniversary as a church.

Set Me Free Reality Church, Mobile, Alabama (Human Video)

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we did this video at reality church in mobile alabama on 10-24-10. it’s a very powerful message about being bound by sin and the reality that Jesus can free you and give you victory.

Pastor Johnny Hollis of Mercy Baptist Church in Montgomery,Alabama-Host Dionne Whetstone

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Pastor Johnny Hollis of Mercy Baptist Church in Montgomery,Alabama-Host Dionne Whetstone discussing the campaign for President of the Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention. WXVI Radio 1600 AM,Montgomery, Alabama.

Lord Of The Divine Mercy Parish – Valentines Day Dinner & Dance 2014

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2014 Valentines Day Dinner & Dance benefiting the Lord of the Divine Mercy Church in Brownsville, Texas. This dance is an annual event and this video celebrates the 7th consecutive valentines day celebration.

I Can Do All Things by David McQueen

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Guest Speaker David McQueen from Beltway Park Church in Abilene, TX, USA hits it dead on with taking an upfront and personal look at what it means when scripture says, ‘I can do all things in Yeshua who gives me strength.’

Recorded on March 12th, 2017

Fellowship Defined Walker 3 25 18

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Bishop Hooks Coming To Harvest of Harmony Int’l Church in Fresno, CA

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COMING Sunday Nov. 8th to Harvest of Harmony Int’l Church 5242 N. Garfield, Fresno, CA “REVIVAL” A FREE EVENT – It’s Time 4 an Awakening !

Mercy Culture Church + Fort Worth, TX + 2019

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In Exodus 33 Moses said, “Teach me your ways, that I may know you!” He was asking, “Who are you, Lord?” God responded, “I am the Lord, a MERCIFUL God.” Moses had seen the God of fire and His mighty power, but he desired to know the author of the flame. Moses encountered God that day. The mercy culture is about encountering God. Mercy Culture Church will be a presence-driven church built around the presence of God. We are about encountering God through mercy! We love God, love people and love mercy.

Divine Mercy Catholic Church, Aurora, Colorado

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Come worship with us as we give Glory to God

Sunday Mass is at 11:00 AM

You will experience;

Friendly People
Great Modern Music
A joyful spirit and attitude
And reverence to God
All Baptized Welcome to Communion