Mt.moriah baptist church of Los Angeles Melvin wade senior pastor

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Children day 3-19-17 3sunday children day Melvin wade senior pastor singing he able two do anything testifing 18 years heal from lukema clean Bill of health and strength

Cory Henry’s solo Tribute to Melvin Crispell “Wonderful is your name”

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NYC sent Professor Melvin Crispell home with a Musical Celebration. Musicians from across the country pay their respect. Listen to one of many. Cory Henry plays from the heart. Dedicated to Melvin Crispell

Pastor Melvin Petty of Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church Waco- A great Woman

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Pastor Melvin Petty Celebrating Annual Woman’s Day at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church Axtell “A Great Woman ”

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MELVIN WILLIAMS “Cooling Water” @ MT. Calvary Word Of Faith Church/Raleigh, NC 2016

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Cooling Water, Melvin Williams, The Williams Brothers, Mt. Calvary Word Of Faith Church, Shirley Caesar Birthday/Pastoral Anniversary Concert, Raleigh, NC, 10.14.2016

Pastor W. James Smith walking the pews- The Love of God (The Prodigal Son)

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Pastor W. James Smith, late pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego, CA (one of the best to ever do it) preaching The Love of God. Recorded during a 5-night revival at Union Chapel Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL on Monday, October 3, 2005. He was truly one of God’s best preachers.

Tiffany Mosley “Total Praise” At Bethelehem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis TN

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Legendary Gospel Singer From Memphis Tennessee….for booking call :901-340-7009.