Social Media in Church Ministry – 5 Quick Tips

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Tom explains 5 Tips for using Social Media more effectively in Ministry:

Tip#1 Images

Catholic Memes –
Life Teen –

Phonto –
Instaquote –
PicFX –

Using iPhone to create graphics –

iPhone graphic ideas –

Tip #2 Video
Spirit Juice Studios –
Outside Da Box –
Word on Fire –
Bluefish TV (Not Catholic) –
The Skit Guys (Not Catholic) –

Goodness Reigns Film School –

Instagram video examples –

Tip #4 Automation
Hootsuite – & – &

Tip #5 Call to Action (Get more engagement)

WHY Social Media & Automation is important
“How to be Everywhere” by Pat Flynn –

Port Arthur Police implement social media policy

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PORT ARTHUR-by Kara Dixon

The Black Pastors and Ministers Conference of Port Arthur stood in solidarity with city officials on Wednesday after the police department implemented a social media policy.

The two groups approached police Chief Mark Blanton after they said officers posted comments on Facebook in July that were racially insensitive.

“Never in a million years would I think that someone, hired by the city of Port Arthur, would do such a thing,” said Pastor Thurman Bill Bartie of First Sixth Street Baptist Church.

Bartie said the groups decided to reach out to the chief to prevent further problems from occurring in the community.

“Being proactive to prevent those types of things from happening and when you’re hit with detonators, such as what we were hit with three or four weeks ago, we needed to step out,” said Bartie.

Chief Blanton said he implemented the policy as soon as he heard about the allegations.

Blanton said the policy is temporary until the department creates a new policy or the city creates one for all city employees.

He said social media is an important tool for his officers especially when fighting crime.

“Social media is a tool. It’s an emerging thing and people make comments and don’t realize they can be hurting others with some of their comments,” he said.

Blanton said setting rules for what officers can and can not post online will help improve the department’s relationship with the community.

“I believe it is a tool and with all tools, it comes with cautions on how to use them,” said Blanton.

God Delights in You with Matt Chandler – Rightnow Media

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Have you ever wondered how God feels about you? In this session, Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church near Dallas, discusses the fact that God delights in you.

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More about Matt:
Matt Chandler serves as lead pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, TX. He describes his 7 year tenure at The Village as a re-planting effort where he was involved in changing the theological and philosophical culture of the congregation. The church has witnessed a tremendous response growing from 160 people to over 5000 including two satellite campuses (Denton and Northway). Alongside his current role as lead pastor, Matt is involved in church planting efforts both locally and internationally through The Village and various strategic partnerships. Prior to accepting the pastorate at The Village, Matt had a vibrant itinerant ministry for over ten years where he spoke to hundreds of thousands of people in America and abroad about the glory of God and beauty of Jesus. His greatest joy outside of Jesus is being married to Lauren and being a dad to their three children, Audrey, Reid, and Norah.

BREAKING 5,200 Active Duty Military troops deploying to USA Mexico border October 29 2018 News

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BREAKING Trump ordered Mattis Deploying Five Thousand Military Troops to USA Mexico Border 10/29/18

BREAKING MAD DOG Mattis Sending USA ACTIVE MILITARY TROOPS to USA Mexico Border 10/27/18

BREAKING Mystery Plane Crash Indonesia Lion Air flight JT610 Crashes in Sea 10/29/18

BREAKING Mystery Indonesia 189 on Lion Air flight JT610 Crashes in sea Raw Footage 10/29/18

BREAKING Indonesia 7.5 Earthquake Tsunami Aftermath & Volcano Erupts October 2018

Breaking Trump on Jewish Synagogue Shooter October 29 2018 News

BREAKING TRUMP & JEW Hater Liberal Democrat Jewish Synagogue Hate Crime 11 Killed 10/27/18

Trump on Fake Pipe Bombs October 28 2018 News

BREAKING Gab a Twitter Alternative SHUT DOWN over profile on gab of Synagogue Shooter 10/28/18

Breaking Pence in Arizona McSally Senate Campaign on Liberal Left Open Borders Caravan MOB 10/28/18

BREAKING Trump Promises made Promises Kept USA Mexico Wall being built October 27 2018 News

BREAKING ILLEGAL Caravan mostly Males Verified Criminals Sex Trafficking Mob mixed in 10/26/18

BREAKING Democrat Midterm FALSE FLAG ? Obama Clinton Soros CNN Bomb Scare blamed on Trump October 26 2018 News

BREAKING Putin Russia Nuclear System will Respond to aggression causing Global Catastrophe 10/22/18

BREAKING Trump to Russia USA to Withdraw Treaty Eliminating Nuclear missiles in Europe 10/22/18

Trump Endorses A10 Fighter Pilot Mcsally for Senate @ Rally in Arizona VOTE RED October 2018 News

BREAKING VIRUS Outbreak Untreatable POLIO like symptoms October 10 2018 News

BREAKING Something Strange Going On Volcano Eruptions Earthquakes Tsunamis October 2018

40 days Jesus on Earth after resurrection Jesus reveals HE is alive

BREAKING 2018 Mattis warns China Militarization South China Sea China vs USA doorstep War 2018

Something Strange going on Supervolcano Yellowstone Dormant Geyser NOW Active Raw Footage 10/3/18

BREAKING 7.5 Earthquake Tsunami slams into Indonesian city RAW FOOTAGE September 28 2018

Breaking Ezekiel Bible Prophecy coming Gog Magog War Last Days End times news update September 2018

Heavenly & Fallen Angels Demons Ghosts do You believe in the unseen world ???

Strange Sounds UFO’s? HAARP Weather Manipulation weapons mind control

End Times News update Bible Prophecy Current Events Apostasy Church Falling Away August 2018

Mega Churches Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie False Teaching Rick Warren CONNECTIONS

U2 B Heavenbound Youtube CENSORING U2Bheavenbound Conservative Views HELP by Share videos 2018

Breaking News Current Events 2018

End Times News Update

Breaking News

End Times News Bible Prophecy Last Days Deception in Churches 2018

Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Rick Warren Joel Osteen Ecumenical Catholic Pope Interfaith Chrislam

BREAKING Brian Brodersen Calvary Chapel Ravi Zacharias ECUMENICAL APOSTASY 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Arch Bishop says Quran Holy Book Islam Muslims R Brothers Sisters 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Pope Francis declares Atheists go to HEAVEN 2018 News

Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades endorses unbiblical teachers purpose driven emergent Saddleback church founder Rick Warren

Old New York City buildings on Church St by Tribeca Grand Hotel in NYC – JoeyBLS Media

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These 19th century Tribeca neighborhood New York City buildings are located on Church St across the street from the Tribeca Grand Hotel. We stayed at the hotel in May 2011 and this video is the view from our window. It is also the same time and location of a very cool HDR photo that I took of New York City.

For more information about this photo or to view more photos from my collection, please visit

Produced by:
Joey B. Lax-Salinas
JoeyBLS Media

St Anthonys Monastery Florence AZ Created by Design Sticy Media Columbus OH

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We visited Florence AZ and filmed this promo video for St. Anthony’s Monastery showcasing their beautiful property that includes amazing landscapes, architecture and churches. We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed creating it. Check out more at

Red Hot Preaching Conference Highlights!

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This is a video highlighting the Red Hot Preaching Conference which took place at Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento California on Thursday July 28th – Sunday July 31st 2016. I was fortunate enough to make it down there for the event and was able to capture some great footage right from the front row! Not only was the preaching great but I also met some really cool people along with going soul-winning and having amazing fellowship!

Churches today lack preachers who will thunder forth the whole word of God from the pulpit, and this is usually because of fear. The pastors preaching at this conference are not afraid to preach against sin and expose false prophets and lies. As Christians we must continually make an effort not to sin, and hard preaching is the remedy for sin. Hard preaching works!

If you want to support this ministry please click here:

Chicago Victory Church: Total Recovery is Possible

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In his documentary, Chicago Victory Church: Total Recovery is Possible, Stephen Rivas uses Christian testimonies to present his solution to fighting addiction.

Nicki Minaj Announces TWO New Songs & BREAKS Social Media Silence

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Thank you to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for sponsoring this episode #justdrive If you’re texting, you’re not driving
More Celebrity News ►►

From what seems like out of NOWHERE Nicki Minaj has resurfaced. She just made her 2018 social media debut a casual four months into the year. Nicki took to Instagram and Twitter yesterday to tease two new songs coming this Thursday, April 12th. Nicki first gifted the internet with this photo, clearly the cover art for a new song called Barbie Tingz. She captioned the photo writing, “#BarbieTingz 🦄Thursday🦄 10amPst 1pmEst everywhere.” But Nicki isn’t exactly dressed like a Barbie, but actually kinda the opposite, seeing as she’s covered neck-to-toe. Nicki is posing with a shocked look on her face, while those doll-masked ladies look like they’re about to murder us in our sleep.

So it’s safe to say Nicki has got something *extra* up her sleeve for this one. If that wasn’t enough to tickle our ears, shortly after this photo she popped another one up on her pages. This cover art teases a new track called Chun-Li, dropping at the same exact time on Thursday as Barbie Tingz. But this cover art sees Nicki clad in a Fendi outfit that is reminiscent of the style of Chun-Li from the game Street Fighter. Of course, Nicki’s version includes a bit less clothing, but the hair and outfit inspiration seem to be there.

Eagle-eyed Barbz noticed earlier this week that Nicki would be announcing something very soon. On Sunday Nicki tweeted the number 4, before quickly deleting it. On Monday, she tweeted the number 3 and then erased it. We initially thought this was a countdown, until the cover art images appeared on her account Tuesday. The numbers don’t quite add up, so it seems there’s going to be more mystery where that came from.

Nicki has taken a break from the spotlight in recent months to work on her new music. Last year she told Dazed magazine that her next album would be, “a billion times more epic than anything ‘Anaconda’ could have delivered.” While Nicki’s last album The Pinkprint dropped in 2014, she’s dropped plenty of collabs since then to keep us satisfied.

What do you guys think this new era of Nicki will vibe like? Tell us some predictions in the comments below before the big reveal tomorrow. Thanks so much for hanging out, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr.

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Bridgepoint Church Fire Aerial Footage 3/4/2017 – Toledo Aerial Media

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In cooperation with Bedford Township Fire Department, and other public safety departments working on scene, we captured these clips of Bridgepoint Church on March 4th.

These views will aid investigators in determining the cause.

Visit for more!

Better Than One Bible Study with Dhati Lewis – RightNow Media Original

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Better Than One with Dhati Lewis:
Growing up, we started friendships with a game of tag or hide-and-go-seek. But in high school, things get complicated. Cliques can feel like the real-life version of getting picked last for dodgeball—the cool kids pick each other, and the rest slump in the corner, forgotten. Even worse, social media rules the hallways. Our popularity depends on the amount of “likes” our latest picture earned, the number of retweets we get, and how many people viewed our Snapchat story. People crowd around us online and at school, but many of us still feel lonely. Depressed, even. Some of us feel so excluded that we don’t see the need for friends at all.

It’s time for a reality check: we need friends. Not just hang-out friends, but good friends who love, encourage, and challenge us.

In this 4-part series, pastor Dhati Lewis unpacks true biblical friendship. He teaches students how God created us to need people and challenges students to choose godly friends. You’ll also watch real-life stories of other teens who struggle with the realities of friendship. This study will empower teens to build solid friendships, to show kindness to nonbelievers, and to be a good friend.

Dhati Lewis:
Dhati Lewis is the Lead Pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA. Born and raised in California, Dhati moved to Texas for his undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas and his graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministries). While in Texas, Dhati served on staff at Denton Bible Church for 7 years. He started Plumbline, a very successful college ministry on UNT and TWU campuses. He served as the college pastor there and eventually planted a church, which he pastored for three years.

During that time, he also served as chaplain to UNT’s football team and coached high school football. Dhati furthered his training in Little Rock, AR at Fellowship Associates in 2008-2009, completing a year long course designed to train pastors in the area of church planting. After completion of that course, Dhati and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia with dreams to start a church that was both culturally relevant and biblically accurate. Dhati, along with 25 other individuals launched Blueprint Church in 2009.

Dhati’s passions are for church planting and discipleship. He launched The Rebuild Network in 2011 to answer the call to see more churches planted in the urban context. He currently serves as the president of The Rebuild Initiative.

Dhati and his wife, Angie have six children.

News 22, Live on KRWG-TV, September 18, 2018, NMSU Journalism and Media Studies

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Rogelio Martinez St. Genevieve Catholic Church Las Cruces
Sunspot Observatory Cloudcroft, NM Closed September 2018