“Love God” – Mrs. Juandalyn J. Bailey

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Oklahoma Baptist State Convention 2013
Union Baptist Church (Lawton, OK)
Ministers’ Wives’ Stewardship Report
Mrs. JJ Bailey

Maurice + Pascale – The Big Pictures – Scottsdale, AZ Wedding Film – Lebanese Weddings

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Maurice and Pascale share their love with all their closest friends and family in Scottsdale, Arizona at The Clayton, the Old Mission Church and The Saguaro Hotel. Check out this amazing wedding film done by The Big Pictures part of Jeff Plus Amber. This Lebanese Wedding is one not to miss!

Pastor Maurice Moore, Jr. Of God’s New Beginning Church & Ministries; Baltimore, MD

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” Do You Want a Closer Walk With God?” Ecclesiastes 12:?1-3; Union Temple Congregation Annual Youth & Young Adult Day, Sunday, May 3, 2015