Episode 195 Paddy Bowes – Medium, Reiki Master, Healer & Friend on We Don’t Die Radio Show

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Faithful listener of We Don’t Die Radio Show, Paddy Bowes is a Reiki master, Healer, and Physical medium who has been sitting for physical mediumship for 6 years. His wife Maureen is also a Reiki master. Paddy is filled with love, compassion, incredible stories and wisdom.

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Master Production Entertainment – Terror on Church Street

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Atracción/espectáculo que se inauguró en 1991 en Orlando. El espectáculo combina actores en vivo, sets escenográficos, efectos especiales, sensores de última tecnología y una banda sonora original para conseguir la experiencia más terrorífica hasta la fecha. La campaña de promoción de la atracción fue realizada por Anthony Perkins, reconocido actor muy vinculado al género del terror. Más información en: www.mpe-europe.com

Holy Trinity Church Choir, Pragasapuram “Awake! Awake! the Master now is calling us”

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Pragasapuram is a village in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu, India. Holy Trinity Church is a CSI church of the Thoothukudi – Nazareth Diocese located in Pragasapuram. The first choir was formed here in the year 1961. Ever since the choir plays a vital role in Church services. The church choir is being a joy to many hearts praising the Lord Jesus. This is a special song practiced for the Church Dedication Service and was video taped during a choir practice on 9th May, 2015.


1. Awake! Awake! the Master now is calling us,
Arise! Arise! And, trusting in His Word,
Go forth! Go forth! Proclaim the year of jubilee,
And take the word, the blessed Word of Christ our Lord.

On, on, swell the chorus,
On, on, the morning star is shining o’er us;
On, on, while before us,
Our mighty, mighty Savior leads the way.
Glory, glory, hear the everlasting throng,
Shout “Hosanna!” while we boldly march along;
Faithful soldiers here below, only Jesus will we know;
Shouting Hallelujahs as we onward go!

2. O Church of God, extend thy kind, maternal arms,
To save the lost on mountains dark and cold;
Reach out thy hand with loving smile to rescue them,
And bring them to the shelter of the Savior’s fold.

3. Look up! Look up! The promised day is drawing near,
When all shall hail, shall hail the Savior King;
When peace and joy shall fold their wings in every clime,
And Glorious, hallelujahs o’er the earth shall ring.

Reiki master meets Jesus

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Liz was a Reiki Master healer and sold training courses through her website. In this video she tells how she meets Jesus and experiences real healing for the first time in her life.

Are you into reiki, new age, crystal healing, magnet therapym, energy healing, spirit guides, holistic therapies, chakra balancing, acupuncture, kinesiology, aura cleansing, colour therapy or shamanism? YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS! It includes deliverances from demons, supernatural healing and the true message of Jesus.

More info:
The Pioneer School:

How is Liz doing now? Listen to an update here (starting at around 30min):

Also Liz is sharing the Gospel with other people herself:

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Raincross Master Chorale – 30 Oct 2016

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William Brakemeyer, Artistic Director. Sergio Leiva, Accompanist.

00:02 El Grillo (Josquin dez Prez)
02:44 Sing To The Lord (Antonio Vivaldi)
Mass in G (Franz Schubert)
with Yvonne Flagg, Soprano; Kris Lovekin, Soprano; Mike Bussee, Bass; Wayne Wilson, Tenor
05:14 Kyrie
08:46 Gloria
12:11 Credo
18:42 Sanctus et Benedictus
24:32 Agnus Dei
29:08 Wondrous Cool (Johannes Brahms)
34:04 Hallelujah (Ludwig van Beethoven)
39:19 A Little Jazz Mass (Bob Chilcott)
51:00 Y’susum Midbar (David Zahavi)
54:44 I Am His Child (Moses Hogan)
58:49 The Road Home (Stephen Paulus)
with Jamie Feist, Soprano
1:02:36 Witness (Jack Halloran)

Recorded 30 Oct 2016 at Calvary Presbyterian Church, Riverside, California


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In 2004, Vladislav and his son Dmitri, with the help of several of his students, painted the dome of St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church in St. Michael, MN. One of his students, Yevgeniy Vaskevich, made a short film about that project.

The film has been screened in dozens of festivals around the globe. It was a nominee for the “2005 Golden Lion Award” at the Swaziland Film Festival, Swaziland,Africa. It was an official selection of the Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska, 2005 as well as of the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, Spain, 2005; the Asolo Film Festival, Italy 2005; the Globians Film Festival, Potsdam, Germany, 2006, and many more.

CVC Master Movie File

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ICF construction provides high R-value for extreme energy efficiency while also providing the most disaster resistant and sustainable building possible. For most commercial buildings, ICF’s can offer these benefits for less cost than traditional methods such as steel, concrete block (CMU), tilt-up and other systems.
ICFs are the strongest and most energy-efficient building material available today. ICFs are used every day to build low to mid-rise multifamily residential, schools, churches, office buildings, retail space, and other commercial structures. Commercially, ICFs deliver proven energy efficiency, significantly reduced maintenance, lower cost of ownership, increased tenant comfort & satisfaction, faster construction, and disaster resilience.

Mount Zion Baptist Church Nashville “Dream Center” Video THE MASTER PLAN

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Mount Zion Baptist Church Nashville “Dream Center” Video THE MASTER PLAN
Sr. Pastor- Bishop Joseph W. Walker III

Rippavilla Plantation Paranormal Investigation – Master Bed

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– On Feb. 2013 The day before Rippavilla Plantation in Springhill TN held a “Public Invitation Paranormal Investigation” the following night.

In this clip you will hear Dudley Pitts, Rippavilla’s resident paranormal investigator is telling a story.. As he tells the story and describes a prior, unexplained event where he feels an object “Encompasses” him, this happens. Timing is everything – See what you think…