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Henry Rollins visits 88.9 WERS at Emerson College in Boston, MA to speak about touring, the 2012 elections, and what American capitals are really like.

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About Capitalism

Henry Rollins traverses 50 states with a politically-themed talk show, culminating with an election-eve performance in Washington D.C. on November 5th. This two-month tour will stop in each state capital — starting September 6 at Hawaiian Brian’s in Honolulu, HI, venturing through places like the Diamond Ball Room in Oklahoma City, T.F. Riggs High School in Pierre, South Dakota and ending up in Washington, D.C., Henry’s hometown. Henry’s latest tour offers not so much a voting guide, but an unveiling of Henry’s very own political viewpoint — an unflinching quest for truth.

About Henry Rollins

For better than a quarter century, Henry Rollins has toured the world as a spoken word artist, as frontman for both Rollins Band and Black Flag and — without a microphone — as a solitary traveler with insatiable curiosity. When he’s not living out of a suitcase, Rollins is constantly at work as an actor, radio DJ, author of more than 20 books, and running his publishing company and record label 2.13.61. Henry currently hosts a weekly radio show on L.A.’s renowned NPR affiliate KCRW, and is a regular contributor to with his “Straight Talk Espresso” blog.

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Live on WERS | Henry Rollins’ Capitalism: Boston, Massachusetts | TakePart TV

High School Quiz Show – Andover vs. Foxborough (907)

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It’s Warriors vs. Warriors as Andover High School (last appearing on Season 7) returns to take on newcomer Foxborough High School! There are only two spots left in the quarterfinals – which team of witty Warriors will come out on top?

Toss-up Round: 0:58
Meet the Teams: 9:30
Head-to-Head: 11:14
Category Round: 13:29
Lightning Round: 23:12



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Brockton MA Police K-9 “Gomo” Laid to Rest (12-21-11)

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Over 30 police departments from throughout southeast Massachusetts and Cape Cod attended a funeral service for fallen Brockton, Massachusetts police K-9 “Gizmo”. The service was held on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at the Angel View Pet Cemetery in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

Bernadette Brooten lectures on slavery in the Catholic Church

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Bernadette J. Brooten, the Kraft-Hiatt Professor of Christian Studies at Brandeis University, gives a talk at Holy Cross on “How Catholicism Changed: From Official Approval of Slavery to Prohibiting It.” In her talk, Brooten traces the Church’s changing position on slavery, from references in the New Testament and early canon law that fully tolerate slavery to the current teachings which prohibit it. Finally, she considers reparations to descendants of enslaved people, such as those owned and sold in 1838 by Jesuits with connections to Georgetown University and the College of the Holy Cross.

Brooten’s lecture, held September 19, 2016, was co-sponsored by the Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J. Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture and the Class of 1956 Chair in New Testament Studies.

New England gets record spring snow storm

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The town of Perham in Maine saw 7.5 inchesof snow , and 4.5 inches was recorded in the northern Maine town of Caribou early Monday. This is a new record for the most snow this late in May. snow is expected to be short-lived. The forecast calls for temperatures to rise, with rain in northern New Hampshire and Maine. other Maine towns were also affected by the snow. Northern New Hampshire, Pittsburg recorded 2.5 inches. The Vermont towns of Middlesex and Hyde Park and near Pomfret got 2 inches

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What ‘Gay Marriage’ Did to Massachusetts — The Battle Against Principalities

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The battle between good and evil continues with more and more people lining up with the will of Satan than the will of God. Satan desires to kill, steal and destroy everything and anything that God loves. God created man and woman, he created marriage, he created the family and Satan and his army of demons will lie, deceive, and coerce his way to destroying them. We see his work very prevalent in the United States these days, even in the church. Massachusetts is the first state to accept gay marriage and give it its approval. We can now see the consequences of what happens when Christians do not oversee a moral compass is in place in government and community. We hear so much about separation of “church” and “state,” but what it really means is removing the church and God from our society, not its true intent which was keeping the government from interfering in our beliefs and faith. Massachusetts is now forcing Christians to do things, accept things, and support things that are totally against their faith, beliefs and the Will of God. Complacency is not a way to show our love. It is not how we save lives.

This report and video was created by MassResistance. Most people don’t know what REALLY happens when same-sex “marriage” is imposed. The effects on society are outrageous and far-reaching.

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Aldene receives MA Senate citation, Presque Isle, ME 10/07/11

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Aldene’s brother Bruce presents to her a citation from the Massachusetts Senate, offered by Senator Bruce Tarr, in honor of her many years of public service. She recently resigned as Light Commissioner, a post she assumed when her husband Arthur died in 2001. She also was a newspaper reporter, selectmen, library trustee, legal secretary and director of an environmental nonprofit. A lifelong member of the Grange, Aldene played the cello
in several Massachusetts orchestras, performed with her Starlight Trio and Kammermusik String Quartet and in churches throughout New England.