Mary’s Lullaby 2015 sung by St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir – Amarillo, TX

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See the child that Mary bore
On her lap so softly sleeping
In a stable cold and poor
Ox and ass their vigil keeping

Sing lullaby, sing lullaby
My own dear son, my child
Lullaby, sing lullaby
Lullaby, my little baby

Flights of angels ’round His head
Sing Him joyful hymns of greeting
Peace on earth, goodwill to men
Each to each the song repeating

Shepherds kneeling by His bed
Offer homage without measure
Wise men, by a bright star led
Bring Him gifts of richest treasure

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HAUNTED Oak Grove Cemetery ST MARY’S GA

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Spiritlight visited this beautiful Cemetery, where you will find The Redemption Angel Statue. This Cemetery was established in 1788. We have even found arrowheads there in the past. There are many layers of Spirits here and many reasons to visit!!

First Edition Live at St. Mary’s Church in High Hill

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On Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, First Edition Live visited St. Mary’s Catholic Church in High Hill, the Queen of the Painted Churches. If you are interested in a tour of the Painted Church, contact the @Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce at (979) 743-4514.


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A Hotel in St Mary’s Ga was built in 1916, and many famous people such as the Rockefellers, The Carnegies, Marjorie Rawlings, Commander Nimitz,Cartoonist Roy Crane and Weatherman Willard Scott. Just down from the Hotel is the Submarine Museum, with thousands of items belonging to Service Members from World War 1 and 2. This Hotel sits on the waterfront is where you catch the Ferry to the Cumberland Isle, home of the wild horses and Carnegie Ruins. There are many antique shops, in addition to nearby Haunted Museums, including Orange Hall and Churches dating back to the 1800’s, along with a very historical Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery circa 1788..home to the famous Resurrection Angel.

There are concerts on the green on the waterfront on Saturday nights and beautiful piers and docks.

The best part is how very HAUNTED this town is, especially the Hotel which has many layers of spirits who want to tell you their stories. This video is just the beginning of a HAUNTED TOUR for Spiritlight, to be conducted the third Saturday of each month. You will receive 10% off in the Hotel, and you may tour the Museum, in addition to a HAUNTED PARANORMAL TOUR inside several rooms, and readings and messages from our Mediums to Tour Guests included. Come a day early and stay, take the Tour, and visit Cumberland Island!!! Call now to make your reservations for our TOUR DEBUT in St Marys GA, call 912-882-3242 to book a room, mention you are taking the tour! See you there!! TOUR DATE 9-21-2013!!!

Saint Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, New Britain CT

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Saint Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church located at
54 Winter Street
New Britain, Connecticut, 06053

Liturgy served every Sunday @ 9AM

Song “Bozhe Velyky Yedyny” sang by the Ukrainian Vocal Ensemble Yevshan (

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The Bells of St. Mary’s (7/8) Movie CLIP – A Special Gift (1945) HD

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The Bells of St. Mary’s movie clips:

Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman) is overjoyed when Horace (Henry Travers) offers a special gift to her school.

In this follow-up to director Leo McCarey’s Going My Way (1944), Bing Crosby repeats his Oscar-winning characterization of happy-go-lucky priest Father O’Malley. The good father is sent to help out financially strapped St. Mary’s Academy, a parochial school presided over by lovely nun Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman). The film is constructed in anecdotal fashion: Nun and priest gently quarrel over teaching methods; they help patch up the tottering marriage of William Gargan and Martha Sleeper; Sister Benedict plays baseball and teaches a student how to box; Father O’Malley softens the heart of the man who holds the mortgage (Henry Travers) by convincing the poor fellow that he’s only got a few months to live; and the kids of St. Mary’s put on a much-revised stage version of the Nativity, complete with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” on the occasion of the Virgin Birth. A huge hit at the box office, Bells of St. Mary’s was nominated for nine Academy Awards.

TM & © Paramount (1945)
Cast: Henry Travers, Ingrid Bergman
Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Leo McCarey
Screenwriters: Leo McCarey, Dudley Nichols

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Antakshari Part 1 for Spoorthi 4th Anniversary at St Mary’s Church, Dallas, TX on August 30th 2014

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Antakshari Part 1 for Spoorthi 4th Anniversary at St Mary’s Church, Dallas, TX on August 30th 2014

St. Mary’s Church, Potsdam New York – Historic Renovation

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After 100 years of serving as a place of worship and community, St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Potsdam, NY, was in need of renovation. “The windows had deteriorated a fair amount,” commented architect Jerry MacNeil of Jerry MacNeil Architects Limited. As specialists in the replacement of historical architectural millwork, his firm was the ideal choice to take on the large Gothic Revival window replacements; partnering with them was Marvin® Signature Services. “We have worked with Marvin for over 16 years, and we’ve found that they’re not afraid to take on projects that others will shy away from doing.”

St. Mary’s Academy and College, Kansas – Keeping Catholic Education Alive

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– “Catholic education brings the youth into contact with the truth, so that their souls might be set aflame.” It is for this purpose that St. Mary’s Academy and College exists. In this video, discover the uniqueness of St. Mary’s Academy and College while we take you into the classrooms and lecture halls of this institution of learning.

For over 4 decades, St. Mary’s Academy and College (SMAC) has built and refined a liberal arts education and formation for students desiring a true Catholic education.

— Copy of video transcript —

The Greek philosopher Socrates once said “Education is not the filling of a vessel but the kindling of a flame.”

No one has known better than the Catholic Church the truth of these words. Catholic education brings the youth into contact with the Truth so that their souls might be set aflame.

It teaches them to seek after and find the Truth in every domain of life, so that they think rightly, judge rightly, and love rightly.

Founded in 1978, St. Mary’s Academy and College is an institution of learning whose ideal and goal is to give students this true Catholic education.

St. Mary’s Academy and College exists because we take to heart the command of Our Lord to be a light in the world. “I am the light of the world,” He said, “you are the light of the world.” Only the man who achieves a certain excellence, not just an excellence in his technical abilities, but an excellence of character, an excellence of soul; only that man will be looked up to, will be respected, will be able to make a difference in our world.

St. Mary’s Academy leads students through their most formative years, giving them a solid foundation, which will be with them for the rest of their life.

The curriculum of the Academy is designed around a strong language-arts program. The Academy seeks to develop the whole man – that’s physical attributes, mental attributes, moral attributes, and spiritual attributes. We are less interested in memorization of data and of discrete facts; we are more interested in developing in the student the ability to find those facts, to process those facts, to know the meaning of those facts and how they fit into the whole. So, in other words, we are interested in developing human beings.

From kindergarten through twelfth grade, this program is completed by courses in history, science, and mathematics. All of these disciplines build upon one another, and find their true meaning in the soul of the program, which is religion. It is through Religion that students go deeper and seek to understand the reality and purpose of life. Music, physical education, and extracurricular activities, such as drama, and sports, complete the curriculum, giving students a rounded and full formation in all aspects of their lives.

St. Mary’s Academy stands for an integrated curriculum; it stands for an integrated way of presenting knowledge to the young people. What is the goal? What does it move towards? Instruction in the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Fr. Edward Leen says that Christian education is a training in right evaluations; it’s a question of forming a Christian mind to see as God sees, that’s the Catholic worldview. But also to love as God loves, that’s the Catholic heart.

St. Mary’s College, located on the same campus as the Academy, is a two-year liberal arts college, granting an Associates Degree.

The College aims to take students deeper, putting them in intimate contact with the Truth, so that they might not only know the Truth, but also learn to love the Truth.

The motto of St. Mary’s College is Restore All Things in Christ, Instaurare Omnia in Christo. We want students not only to understand the motto, but we want them to live it. This starts with making Christ the center of the individual mind, body, soul, intellect, will, action.

The curriculum at the College is designed with this goal in mind, and involves an integrated and purposeful approach to the liberal arts.

We want the St. Mary’s College experience to result in the formation of an entire individual – mind, body, soul. The students undergo a fairly intense process over the course of two years. The core of the curriculum follows through the two years with Philosophy, Theology, Latin, English, Literature and Composition, and History.

By the formation which the College gives, graduates are prepared to enter the world, not just equipped for a particular skill or trade, but ready to undertake the tasks that God sends their way.

We want our students after two years to have a heart filled with love of God and a mind capable of searching Him in all things, everything they do, whatever they choose to do.

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