Birding: A Man in Paradise – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

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A Man in Paradise
The Rio Grande Valley is a haven for birds and birders alike. For Father Tom Pincelli, this area is an earthly paradise. Follow along as Father Tom finds beauty and inspiration in some unusual birding spots.

Homeless man jumps for joy over new tiny house

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Infinity Village is the first of its kind in Nashville, joining a national trend of homeless housing solutions through micro-home villages.
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Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music Part II

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The second annual TV special thrills from start to finish, with unforgettable performances of signature songs モFly Me To The Moon,ヤ モLuck Be A Ladyヤ and モThatメs Life.ヤ Frank is joined by daughter Nancy in a playful duet in this delightful hour of music.

FEMA Death Camps in Houston? (Homeless man interviewed on live tv)

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A homeless man was interviewed on live tv and said they are killing people in the shelters after Hurricane Harvey hit the city.

Here’s the interview clip:

Article 1:

Article 2:

Man in Monster Truck Rescues Texas Flood Victims

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Texas Man Rescues Flood Victims in Monster Truck | Cole Geeo is using his 8-foot-high monster truck to save his neighbors trapped in high waters.

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Simon Estes-Ol’ Man River

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Simon Estes sang Ol’ Man River at this year’s Yankee Doodle Pops in Des Moines on July 03.

The early crowd shots were recorded in the afternoon before he sang; Mr. Estes performed at night.

The final shots of the crowd applauding were, however, shot after Mr. Estes sang.

Finally, I inserted video of the rivers, workers, Old South and crops to visually reinforce the lyrics with these cover shots.

Man Gives Drowning Puppy CPR | The Dodo

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Man Gives Drowning Puppy CPR | This drowning puppy wasn’t even moving — and the guy who found him had to think fast to bring him back to life 👏👏👏

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OLD MAN BREAKDANCE PRANK!!! ft. D-TRIX | Prank Academy | Episode 6

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With makeup, clothing, and a cane, we help disguise D-Trix, our Prankster, as a senior citizen. D-Trix then surprises people on Hollywood Boulevard when he suddenly transforms from a stumbling old man into an amazing dancer! In the finale, Jeana (dressed as his nurse) pushes him in a wheelchair to “watch” his boys Quest Crew as they dance for a crowd. He blows away the crowd with some real “old” school moves.

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Man in Demand Rollo Tomassi Lecture Audio Finally Available Now

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Every man wishes he had heard the Rollo Tomassi lecture when he had heard this when he was 17.
Now, it is available to you:

Learn more about it here:

Words in video audio from “The Rational Male” by Rollo Tomassi
Narrated by Sam Botta

Judge sets bond at $1 million for Bobby Jo Nitz, man charged with killing wife Crista in Middletown

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A judge set a $1 million bond Wednesday for a man charged with killing his wife. Bobby Jo Nitz, 45, is charged with murder in the death of Crista Virginia Nitz, 41. He was arrested in Meigs County, southeast of Chillicothe, after a chase, police said.