Making It Grow – Mrs. Whaley’s Garden

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Clemson Extension Agent and Host of “Making It Grow” visited the famous Mrs. Whaley’s Garden in Charleston, SC. She was lucky enough to get a tour with one of Mrs. Whaley’s daughters, Marty Whaley Adams Cornwell.

Mrs. Emily Whaley (1911-1998) and her husband, Ben Scott Whaley (1909-1987), bought the circa 1754 Charleston Single House in 1938 and raised three daughters there. In 1942, Mrs. Whaley commissioned Landscape Architect Loutrel W. Briggs (1893-1977) to design a plan for their 30 x 110 foot plot behind their Pre-Revolutionary home on Church Street. Mrs. Whaley’s legacy is felt in the open garden rooms and her ever-lasting memoir, “Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden”.

The Gospel of Nonsense 020918: Making Sense Out Of Nonsense.

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Visit for our healing/self-deliverance guide and details of our Phoenix and online meeting schedule. Be equipped! Join us at LiveStream of additional meetings is at Free Counseling for Christians. Come with your burdens! Go with Jesus love & joy!

Arizona Deliverance Center
3342 N. 15th Ave.
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(S. of Osborn Rd., w. of 15th Ave.)

Making the Invisible God Visible

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In this video Pastor Mike talks about a very important topic “Making the Invisible God Visible” Thanks so much for watching and subscribe for more weekly videos. God Bless!

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Pastor Michael Desroches is the founder and Senior Pastor of Spirit Life Worship Church. He has a strong burden to encourage and strengthen both believers and non-believers into a relationship with Jesus Christ through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. He is a gifted Psalmist and teacher of the Word of God.

Pastor Mike has traveled the globe ministering to the sick and the lost in healing and miracle crusades across the globe.

He has resided with his wife and their three children in Palm Coast Florida since 1987 preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe in one Triune God, eternally existing in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Holy Scriptures to be the Inspired Word of God and the final authority for faith in life.

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A 20 Year Brotherhood In Making Music :: #PickRichsBrain Ep 8

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The 3 Kings, the core of the Jason Aldean band, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy and Rich Redmond dive into Episode 8 of #PickRichsBrain. This brotherhood of top-notch musicians have stayed the course since 1998 and have forged a sound with Jason Aldean and Producer Michael Knox that has redefined the Nashville Country sound since 2005.

Rich, Kurt and Tully reflect on their beginnings, their tumultuous, yet very educational time with the now defunct band Rushlow, and how honesty and freedom with Jason Aldean have made an enormous difference in Jason’s records and live performances.

Their almost 20 year legacy has resulted in a myriad of income streams from producing artists including hits with Parmalee and Thompson Square with their company, New Voice Entertainment to writing hit songs like “Tip It On Back” by Dierks Bentley, “Seein’ Red” by Dustin Lynch and the title track to Jason’s 2016 record, “They Don’t Know”.

They also discuss the modern state of the music industry. “If you come here, you’ll quickly know if you truly want to play”, Tully says while ruminating on how it is a “failure business”.

After over 30 years of making a living making music, the 3 Kings are keeping it real, honest and don’t hold back.

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Produced by Jim McCarthy and Rich Redmond
Voiced by Jim McCarthy

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Rich Redmond is an award winning recording and touring drummer based in Nashville and Los Angeles. As an in demand artist, Rich has recorded/toured/performed with:

Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Joe Perry, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Thompson Square, Eric Church, Deana Carter, Chris Stapleton, Montgomery Gentry, Alabama, John Anderson, Trace Adkins, Keith Urban, Travis Tritt, Emily West and many others.

WHEN he’s not in the studio or on tour, Rich is motivating others with his CRASH Course For Success, writing songs, producing records, authoring books, and even acting.

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Start Small & Simple with Low-Cost Alternatives – and Start Making Money on Live Events

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Wondering how to make money off live events? Discover smart strategies from SAGE Event Management to monetize your live event in ways that you haven’t imagined. Watch the video now to learn eye-opening event management strategies that you can put into action immediately. Don’t leave money on the table – make sure that you are making the most of every moment of your live event.
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Are you hesitant to host a live event because you think you can’t afford it? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to fill the room? Don’t let fear hold you back. You don’t need to risk a huge investment in order to make money off live events. In fact, you can host your own live event at no cost at all. Don’t believe it? Watch this video from SAGE Event Management to discover how low-cost alternatives and small-scale events can be a very smart strategy.

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Would you like to earn thousands of dollars from your living room? Most people think that they have to invest five or six figures for an event to be profitable. But that’s far from the truth. Expand your idea of live events and get creative to make money without risking a dime.

In this video from SAGE Event Management, owner and founder Bari Baumgardner reveals how you can use low-cost alternative venues as a springboard for greater success.

Local churches, community centers, yoga studios, shared office spaces – all of these locations can be ideal settings for live events. You don’t need a big audience to make big money.

Baumgardner also explains why small-scale events are great for testing out your product, your pitches, and your programming. Before you go “all-in” with a big event, you can test the waters with a smaller group of potential clients. Start small, start simple, and start making money today.

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Making Vegan Smackalicious Sauce with Vegan Boil.

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Join Blove as she cooks up a Vegan boil with her famous sauce made special for vegans. Check out her ASMR Channel: BlovesASMR Eating Her Way:

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Have u ever wondered what Mukbangs are about? Check out this Blog: POPULAR YOUTUBE TREND THAT EARNS YOU MONEY: THE ART OF MUKBANG!!

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“Jesus intends not just to bring peace to you, but through you.”

Closing out The Missing Peace series, Pastor Ben Stuart guides us through what it looks like to be peacemakers in a broken world. We are meant to leverage the freedom we have in Jesus to bring peace to others.

How do you be a peacemaker? By praying and by greeting. Love looks like prayer. Greeting someone initiates kindness, and communicates respect. Peacemakers extend love beyond expected boundaries.

Family Talk: The Making of a Marriage

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Family Talk: The Making of a Marriage

Don’t just plan a wedding. Plan a marriage. -Ed Newton

We are Community Bible Church located in San Antonio, Texas. You may be brand new and want to explore what we are about, or you may have been with us a while but want to learn more. Either way, we are glad you are here!

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Online Church is a ministry of Community Bible Church. We gather at and enjoy good music, a message, and discussion on our Live Wall. We have services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hope you will find a service or several services that work for you and join us at Online Church.

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Making Children Mind | Dr. Kevin Leman | Joni Table Talk | Joni Lamb

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Making Children Mind | Dr. Kevin Leman | Joni Table Talk | Joni Lamb
Do you know your parenting style? Dr. Leman reveals the top 3 parenting styles and how you can establish healthy authority over your children.

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General Conference Kansas City Stan Gleason Making Disciples 2017

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We are called to make disciples and a disciple of Jesus Christ must be willing to hate even their own life. Luke 14:26-28 tells of hating father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters and even self in order to follow Jesus Christ. Pick up your cross and follow Him; teaching all and making disciples of them. Amen

“MAKING BIG ANNOUCEMENT…!” Jinger Duggar And Jeremy vuolo Visit Her Family In Arkansas

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‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar Spotted Filming With Her Family In Arkansas, Could She Be Making A Big Announcement?

Counting On star Jinger Duggar Vuolo – who lives in Laredo, Texas with her husband Jeremy Vuolo – recently visited her famous family in their home state of Arkansas, and many fans are sure that the visit means a big announcement is on the way.

Jinger announced last month that she is expecting her first child this summer, so could she be back in her hometown for a gender reveal?

“OMG Jinger has to be in AK to reveal the sex of her baby! I’m sooo excited!” wrote one fan on Instagram, while another theorized that it had to be a gender reveal because she isn’t likely to do it without her family.

Most fans believe they will soon find out if baby Vuolo is a boy or a girl, but there are some with a different theory. There is the hypothesis that Jinger’s sister Jessa Duggar Seewald is expecting baby number three, and she is in town for some sister time before their babies arrive.

Jessa already has two sons, Spurgeon, 2, and Henry, 12 months, with her husband, Ben Seewald. And, fans have noticed that it has been a while since she has shared a full body shot on social media.

Jessa and Jinger are extremely close, so it would make sense for Jinger to be in town if her sister was about to announce another pregnancy. Either way – a gender reveal or a pregnancy announcement – it is sure to be an exciting time in the Duggar household.

Jinger has been a little more low-key with her pregnancy updates. She did post a baby bump pic at 15 weeks, but since then updates have been scarce.

Fans are constantly asking for more bump updates, even though it is a little weird to ask someone to share parts of their body, regardless of whether they are pregnant or not.

Most of the Duggar women have a history of regularly sharing pregnancy updates (except Joy-Anna, of course) but it isn’t yet clear if Jinger plans on carrying on the tradition.

Since her announcement, fans of the reality star now expect every pic to put her pregnancy front and center, and when she doesn’t, it makes headlines.

In a recent photo posted on social media of Jinger and Jeremy goofing around at The Varsity restaurant, one publication accused her of hiding her baby bump from the public.

Why We’re Making “The Road to Edmond”

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Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity and David Trotter, producer and director of The Road to Edmond, discuss the “why” behind the film. Trotter shares his history of growing up in a conservative home as well as pastoring for over a decade in evangelical churches. Learn why The Road to Edmond is called a provocative film that questions faith, sexuality, and Jesus. More info: