Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail – The Play

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Madea is about to be sent to the only place she won’t be able to talk her way out of…jail! From acclaimed playwright Tyler Perry comes a spectacular new play performed live onstage and brilliantly captured for home presentation. Uplifting and uproarious, this tale of everybody’s favorite Southern matriarch overflows with all the heartwarming laughter, and down-home wisdom synonymous with the name Madea.

Madea Shooting Toni’s Behind

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From Dailymotion’s The shooting begins at 2:58

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This video explains why you should not mess with Madea or else your butt will end up burning. Don’t mess with Ella either because this is all kind of a sport to her.

Tyler Perry Preaches at Lakewood Church

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Tyler Perry Delivers An Inspiring Message at Lakewood Church In Houston TX – Joel Osteen “Climb and Maintain”

Hope your spirit has being inspired and encouraged.
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Tamela Mann and Bishop Marvin Winan’s at Total Deliverance Church!

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Total Deliverance Church founded by Bishop Avery Austin in Lancaster California