Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Davenport: A German Christmas Service

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A German Christmas Service held at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa, at 2 PM on December 15, 2013.

Good Shepherd Lutheran: Omaha Nebraska

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Visit us at www.goodshepherdomaha.com | 5071 Center Street, Omaha, NE 68106 | 402-553-6512

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School is a family-focused congregation completely dedicated to our Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. We consider our primary goal training all people for true life now and in eternity. Therefore, we are all about connecting YOU to Christ.

In line with this goal, Good Shepherd also operates a full-time Christian school (preschool through 8th grade) which is part of the 4th largest nationwide network of parochial schools. Our school is nationally accredited (exemplary status.)

Holy Communion at St Mark by the Sea Lutheran Church – Dec 22, 2013 – Palm Coast.

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Holy Communion at St Mark by the Sea Lutheran Church – Dec 22, 2013 – Palm Coast, Florida. Pastor Pam Northrup.

Visit to Family of Christ Lutheran Church In Phoenix Arizona

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Debbie and I went to see the folks at Family of Christ Lutheran in Phoenix, Arizona to visit with them on Sunday January 11 for Sunday worship. We also met with the congregation and Call Committee and Pastor Dave.