Gypsies Feeding The Homeless!–Gypsy Church In Atlanta GA

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Gypsy Homeless Ministry Atlanta, Georgia

In Loving Memory of Lupe Serda Tarango

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Lupe was born March 31,1937 in Austin, TX – she died on August 26, 2010 in Eloy, AZ. In December 2009 she was diagnosed with kidney failure and began dialysis. Unfortunately, her health continued to deteriorate and in the end she was diagnosed with AMYLOIDOSIS (more info about this desease at the bottom).
To contact the family or to share your thoughts with us, you can do it here or you can contact us at: [email protected]

We, the family of Lupe Serda Tarango, would like to publicly thank family and friends for the overwhelming display of sympathy and compassion shown to us during her illness and her passing. The flowers, food, donations, words of comfort, prayers, cards, and your presence were greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

We were overwhelmed and deeply touched by the number of people who showed up to pay their last respects to our mother. Your act of kindness spoke volumes and we sincerely appreciate it. Your expressions of sympathy have brought us all great comfort in this time of grief.

To our extended families and friends that came to be with us during this difficult time….a sincere and heartfelt thank you. We were left so lost without our mother and you graciously wrapped your loving arms around us and helped us. A special thank you to those who really stepped up and helped us take care of all the arrangements…we couldn’t have done it without you. Whether it was consoling us, weeping with us, leading us in prayer and rosary, church readings, coordinating/cooking food, helping with church/hall arrangements, providing tables/chairs, serving, etc. words cannot even begin to express our sincere appreciation to all of you. We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! God Bless You All, The family of Lupe Serda Tarango
Amyloidosis is a rare and potentially fatal disease. Where abnormal proteins, called amyloid proteins, accumulate in organs or organ systems such as the heart, kidneys, nervous system or gastrointestinal tract. These abnormal proteins come from cells in bone marrow that make antibodies, which are proteins that protect from infection and disease. When a person has amyloidosis, the bone marrow produces faulty antibodies that build up in the bloodstream and tissues.

The cause of the disease is unknown. You may be at increased risk if you have a chronic infectious or inflammatory disease, a family history of the disease or multiple myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer. If you undergo kidney dialysis, particularly for more than five years, you also may be at increased risk for amyloidosis if your failing kidneys are unable to remove excess proteins from the blood, allowing abnormal proteins to build up and deposit in surrounding tissues.

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