Dr. John Hagee – God is Love – Cornerstone Church

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Dr. John Hagee – God is Love – Cornerstone Church

John and Diana Hagee are founding senior pastors of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. John Hagee is the host of John Hagee Today on TBN, and author of several best-selling books, including Four Blood Moons, The Power of the Prophetic Blessing, and In Defense of Israel.

“Money Can’t Buy My Love” (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones)… Detroit, Michigan

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“Money Can’t Buy My Love” (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones)… Detroit, Michigan

Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones “Hey Officer” “Answer Me”
“I Wanna Know” Music Library…

I Wanna Know (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones)… Parkside Very Own!

Birth Of Soul: Special Detroit Edition “1961-1964″…

Featuring Parkside Very Own Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones… “Answer Me” Song…

The Soulful-Gospel Singers… “The Collins Trumpeteers” With Tonnetta Collins, Joyce Collins-Harris, Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones And (Not-Pictured) June Collins…

Darrell Jones

A Vintage Classic Taken From The Parkside PJ’s History, Legacy And Memoir Album…

Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones
Hey Officer
— with Darrell Jones.

Money Can’t Buy My Love
Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones…

Birth Of Soul (Special Limited Edition) 1961-1964…
Song#23 “Answer Me” Vivian Collins (Cara Bell, William Garrett, Mike Hanks) Serock “2002” (1962) Arranged and Directed by Mike A.Hanks…

“Answer Me” is one of several songs here that Willie Garrett had a hand in writing with Mike Hanks and Dave Hamilton during the early 1960’s. Arguably too black-sounding to get airplay on pop stations- and in any case unlikely to appeal to the nation’s pop-inclined record buyers- “Answer Me” veers towards Detroit’s heavyweight vibe. An instrumental of it by the star makers got released on Hank’s exit label in early “1963”, but Vivian Collins’ gospel-styled exhortation brings gravitas to iron spades…

Although the exit single is the sole one bearing the star-maker’s name, Various permutations of the group played around Detroit’s Clubs and on countless recording sessions. The line-up on “Answer Me” included guitarist Eddie Willis and bass player James Jameson, and the collective invariably featured pianist Joe Hunter. Schooled in jazz and imbued with a palpable sense of hope from living in the Motor City during a period of demographic and social change, this stellar collective nicknamed the (Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers) B.K.A. The Funk Brothers was responsible for the distinctive “Motortown to Motown Detroit sound.

Open Arms “Vivian Soul Collins-Jones”…

Crying (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones…

A Detroit-UK Motown-Northern Soul Unsung Legend popcorn soul rock funk performer that got her stardom in The early 1960’s and her music is still moving strong on social media YouTube, Stringray, iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify channels… Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones also collaborated with Earl Van Dyke and The Soul Brothers B.K.A the Legendary Funk Brothers on the 1961-1964 birth Of Soul (Special Limited Edition) Album, She has worked with some of Motown’s prominent Writers and performers such as Richard “Popcorn” Wylie, Jesse Greer, William Garrett, Mike A. Hanks and the King Of Motortown to Motown himself Mr. Berry Gordy…

A Detroit Go-Go

Northern Soul Memoirs

Earlier years performing with the Collins Trumpeteers… In Local neighborhood Area Churches, As a Quartet gospel family group from the 1950’s to 60’s in Detroit, Michigan…

Collaborating Record Labels:

Serock Records “1962”
Answer Me
(Mike A. Hanks, Cara Bell & William Garrett)

Hey Officer
(Mike A. Hanks, Cara Bell & William Garrett)

Twirl Records “1963”
I Wanna Know
(Richard “Popcorn” Wylie)

Open Arms
(Quinton Kimble, Jack Stoneman & Martin Wyler)

Lark Records “1968”
Money Cant Buy My Love
(Jesse Greer)

(Jesse Greer)

Liberals Love Trump’s Tax Plan… When Told It’s Bernie Sanders’ Plan

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Liberal college students don’t care much for Donald Trump’s new tax plan…unless of course they’re told that Bernie Sanders came up with it.

Read the story here:

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Same Love feat. Mary Lambert on iTunes:

We support civil rights, and hope WA State voters will APPROVE REF 74 and legalize marriage equality. Visit for more info. Support Marriage Equality by ordering the limited edition Same Love vinyl here:

Same Love, as featured on the debut album from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Heist, will be available 10/09/2012

The Heist
Deluxe CD:
In-Stores NOW!!

Same Love, A Film By:
Ryan Lewis
Jon Jon Augustavo
Tricia Davis

Directed by:
Ryan Lewis
Jon Jon Augustavo

Produced by:
Tricia Davis

Director of Photography:
Mego Lin

Associate Producer:
Honna Kimmerer

Jairemie Alexander
William Pontius
Shelton Harris
Sarita Valdez
Jay Sommerville

Jairemie Alexander
William Pontius
Shelton Harris
Sarita Valdez
Jay Sommerville
Thomas Collins
Tina Tsiakalis
Kendall Kapsner
Rosie Cole
Rory King
Josue Gonzalez
Mia Clapp Perfetti
Mary Lambert
Robert Braxton
Jaida Kimmerer
Brooklyn Thornton

Tricia Davis – Producer
Mego Lin – Director of Photography
Honna Kimmerer – Production Design
Miles Johnson – Lead Green
Evelyn Brodersen – Lead Green
Jennifer Terrana – Lead Green
Jennifer Popochock – Makeup Artist
David Herberg – Key Grip
Wil Drake – Best Boy Grip
Mike Dyrland – Best Boy Grip
Yu Chen Lin – Gaffer
Blueboy Sguiggley – Production Assistant
Seth McDonald – Production Assistant
Chris Duerkopp – Steadicam Operator
Craig Nisperos – Still Photographer
Austin Santiago – Location Services
Ben Haggerty – Story Supervisor
Sahwn Anderson – Transportation Coordinator
Nic Adenau – Additional Footage
Dan Torok – Casting

Special Thanks To:
Tina Tsiakalis @ Eastlake Center For Birth –
Greg Turk & Ray Nutter @ All Pilgrims Church –
The Parry Family & The Kimmerer Family
Miles Johnson @ Fiori Floral Design –
Meadowbrook Community Center –
Kelly Warner-King
Kristie Gamer and Alvin Stillwell

And a VERY special thank you to Kerri Harrop (Music for Marriage) for her hard work and dedication in the fight for marriage equality and her devoted support to Same Love as an idea, song, and finally now as a music video. “Same Love” and the campaign to approve Ref 74 wouldn’t be the same without you, Kerri.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Same Love feat. Mary Lambert
(B. Haggerty, R. Lewis, M. Lambert)
Macklemore Publishing BMI, Ryan Lewis Publishing BMI
Produced by Ryan Lewis for Macklemore DBA Ryan Lewis LLC
Written by Macklemore, Mary Lambert
Piano performed by Josh Rawlings
Violin by Andrew Joslyn
Cello by Natalie Hall
Trombone by Greg Kramer
Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Lewis, Ben Haggerty
Macklemore/RyanLewis Studios, Seattle, WA
Mastered by Sterling Sound, New York City, NY

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis managed by Zach Quillen

I Love The Life I Live-Pipes-1956-Dootone 401.wmv

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INFO By Marv Goldberg THANK YOU,,

based on an interview with Louis Candys,,
he Pipes were one of the many minor groups on Dootone. Actually, as I have pointed out before, Dootone only seemed to get nationwide hits with the first release of even his major groups (“Earth Angel,” “Heaven And Paradise,” “Buick 59”). Dootsie Williams may have had a lot of groups, but they never seemed to amount to much as far as hits went.

The origins of the Pipes can be traced back to the Cool Notes, a group that formed at McClymonds High School, in Oakland, California, around 1953. All the members had a background in both the school choir and in neighborhood churches. At the outset, they were: Louis Candys (lead tenor), Irving Swanigan (lead tenor), Harold Foreman (tenor), Huey Roundtree (lead baritone and manager), Leevern Ball (bass), and Ed Kelly (piano).

The Pipes Sometime in 1954, Irving Swanigan dropped out, and they decided to remain with four voices. At this point, they visited Los Angeles, the hotbed of the California recording industry, to try to stir up some interest. They went to a bunch of companies, among them Capitol, Imperial, Modern, and Specialty, but were told, in each case, that they were too young. (They probably should be congratulated for not sticking closer to home to be abused by Oakland’s Music City Records.)

So they returned to Oakland, disheartened, but not discouraged. They practiced and practiced, even after graduating from McClymonds in June 1955.

Finally, towards the end of the year, they returned to Los Angeles, and this time went to see Dootsie Williams, owner of Dootone Records. This time they weren’t turned away and Dootsie recorded them. [Note that there is the possibility that Dootsie discovered them on a trip to Northern California.] However, they’d grown tired of the “Cool Notes” name and traded it in for the “Pipes” (from the line in “Danny Boy”: “the pipes, the pipes are calling”). Amazingly, on December 3, Dootsie, covering all the bases, issued a press release that trumpeted the signing of two new groups: the Cool Notes and the 4 Pipes!

Their idols were the Swallows and Clyde McPhatter. While they were heavily influenced by these artists (especially their mellow and soulful recordings), they developed their own sound and their own original material.

At their first Dootone session they waxed “Be Fair” (led by Louis Candys and Huey Roundtree) and “Let Me Give You Money (fronted by Huey). Accompanied by Ernie Freeman’s band, these were recorded in Ted Brinson’s garage studio. Louis, who was somewhat short, remembered having to stand on a box to reach the microphone. For the entire session, he worried about falling off!

ad for Be Fair Dootsie Williams knew how to push a record locally (although his national hits seemed more like accidents) and “Be Fair,” released in February 1956, did well in California. In spite of the song title “Let Me Give You Money,” the guys were only paid a few dollars each (“so few I can’t recall the amount,” said Louis). Advances that wiped out royalty payments were for “sessions and traveling.”

The trades gave both sides “good” ratings on March 17, along with Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally,” the Charms’ “Ivory Tower,” the Turks’ “I’m A Fool,” the Midnighters’ “Open Up The Back Door,” the 5 Royales’ “I Could Love You,” the 5 Notes’ “Park Your Love,” the Barons’ “So Long My Darling,” and the Carpets’ “Let Her Go.”

Although the Pipes never had all that many appearances, they covered the state of California: Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Francisco, and Oakland. Louis remembered tours with Roy Milton and Little Willie John.

ad for You Are An Angel For their next session (back to the garage and Ernie Freeman), they recorded “You Are An Angel” (led by Louis Candys and Huey Roundtree) and “I Love The Life I Live” (led by Huey). These were released in July 1956. Louis always preferred “You Are An Angel,” which he claimed was “too advanced” for the time.

The record was reviewed on August 25 (again, both sides were ranked “good”). Other reviews that week went to the 5 Keys’ “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind,” the Channels’ “The Closer You Are,” the Emanons’ “Blue Moon,” the Blue Notes’ “If You Love Me,” the Medallions’ “Pushbutton Automobile,” and the Duponts’ “Must Be Falling In Love.” This time, Dootone barely pushed the record at all, and it promptly sank out of sight.

After their year’s contract with Dootone expired, they took a long hard look at things and decided that a career in music just wasn’t going to happen. So from then on they pretty much contented themselves with occasional local appearances on weekends.

Discography courtesy of Ferdie Gonzalez.

Thoughts on humanity, fame and love | Shah Rukh Khan

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“I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people,” says Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s biggest star. In this charming, funny talk, Khan traces the arc of his life, showcases a few of his famous dance moves and shares hard-earned wisdom from a life spent in the spotlight.

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The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more.

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“Lord, Whose Love through Humble Service,” Blake Tommey

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From morning worship at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday, June 14, 2015. Blake Tommey grew up at Wilshire and now is director of the Baptist Campus Ministry at the University of Virginia.

Albert F. Bayly wrote this text in response to a Hymn Society of America search for new hymns on social welfare. It was chosen as the theme hymn for the Second National Conference on the Churches and Social Welfare held in Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 23-27, 1961. The Hymn Society published the text in Seven New Social Welfare Hymns (1961).