[UNAVAILABLE] Used 1998 Vogue V38 in Church Point, Louisiana

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FINAL ADVERTISED PRICE: $55,600 – – – – STOCK #117985

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A Cozy Charming House Was Design Two in One, in New Orleans Shotgun, Louisiana

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Name: Lauren Wells and Breeze Braunschweig
Location: St. Roch — New Orleans, Louisiana
Size: 1,600 square feet
Years lived in: 6 months; Owned

Lauren and Breeze are the kind of friends who only need each another to have a good time. On a Saturday afternoon in late November, the women, sitting together on a church pew in Breeze’s living room, are laughing so hard over inside jokes that Lauren has her hand over her mouth because she just can’t stop laughing. “I’m sorry,” she says, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes as she composes herself for a moment, then bursts into a fit of laughter again.

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Mormon Helping Hands Clean out Flooded Homes in Louisiana

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More than 6,500 volunteers to date from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are assisting with relief efforts in parts of Louisiana damaged by recent record flooding. At least 5,000 additional volunteers are expected to participate Labor Day weekend.

MO3 Tv : Louisiana Take Over Vlog HSM at Kokopelis Shreveport after signing Record deal

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MO3 Tv : Louisiana Take Over HSM at Kokopelis Shreveport

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Sis. Genva Hoskey sings her song on there 9th Anniversary Held in Shreveport, La. ” you go girl ”
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Centenary Choir – Rhapsody in View 2010 concert (Shreveport, Louisiana)

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The Centenary Choir presented the 62nd Annual Rhapsody in View at the Riverview Theater located along the riverfront in downtown Shreveport. Co-sponsored by the Downtown Lions Club and Centenary College, the concert took place Saturday, Nov. 6 and Sunday, Nov. 7.

One of each group’s most cherished traditions; “rhapsody” has always inspired a wealth of diverse repertoire, representing the core nature of the Choir’s unique programming.

The Rhapsody 2010 program delivers this diversity with the theme “Water, World, Witness,” embodying images and sounds of change, cultural exploration and transformation.

The first half of the program featureed some old favorites such as John Rutter’s Down by the Riverside and the entertaining yet poignant Broadway medley from Big River. The “Water” theme is further developed with a traditional setting of Down in the River to Pray, Mark Hayes’ bluesy Wade in the Water, Eric Nelson’s It is Well with my Soul, and Choir alumnus James Eakin’s prayerful Still Waters.

As the program evolved into its other movements, exploring “World” music seems fitting to the group, one of whose mottos is to “travel and learn from the world in which we live.”

The Choir presented Gioachino Rossini’s I Gondolieri (song of the gondoliers), Jonathan Quick’s setting of the Scottish Loch Lomond, and Osvaldo Lacerda’s percussive Brazilian folk song setting of Ofulú Lorêrê. The last is an appropriate foreshadowing of the Choir’s international tour to Brazil and Argentina in May 2011.

The program concluded with the Choir’s traditional Tenebrae factae sunt—a stirring vision and “Witness” of Christ’s final moments on the cross, encased in Palestrina-styled counterpoint—and two exciting spirituals, Moses Hogan’s I Can Tell the World and Jack Halloran’s Witness.

The concert was co-sponsored by the Downtown Lions Club, with proceeds supporting projects such as sight conservation, Lions Eye Research Foundation, the Northwest Louisiana Lions Eye Bank and the Lions Camp near Leesville, La.

For Centenary alumni, family, and friends, the Alumni Office will hold a reception from 6-7:15 p.m. prior to Saturday night’s performance.

Centenary College of Louisiana:
Centenary College is a private, four-year arts and sciences college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Founded in 1825, it is the oldest chartered liberal arts college west of the Mississippi River and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Centenary is one of 16 colleges and universities constituting the Associated Colleges of the South and has been recognized as “One of the Best 373 Colleges” by the Princeton Review and one of “America’s Best Colleges” and one of “America’s Best Private Colleges” by Forbes.com. In 2008 Centenary College celebrated 100 years in Shreveport and Bossier City.


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1. FORT MACOMB,NEW ORLEANS 30° 3’53.33″N 89°48’15.87″W
2. STATE EXHIBIT MUSEUM,SHREVEPORT 32°28’48.78″N 93°47’5.96″W
3. FORT JACKSON,BURAS 29°21’25.03″N 89°27’20.08″W
4. STATE ART&SCIENCE MUSEUM,BATON ROUGE 30°26’46.20″N 91°11’25.25″W
5. GLOBAL POWER MUSEUM,BARKSDALE 32°30’48.82″N 93°40’59.65″W
6. ST.PATRICK’S CHURCH,NEW ORLEANS 29°56’47.19″N 90° 4’10.69″W
7. FORT LIVINGSTON,ISLE GRANDE TERRE 29°16’27.36″N 89°56’40.54″W
9. AUDUBON ZOO,NEW ORLEANS 29°55’17.46″N 90° 7’52.27″W
10. FORT SAINT PHILLIP,BURAS 29°21’47.44″N 89°27’50.84″W
11. OLD STATE CAPITOL BUILDING,BATON ROUGE 30°26’47.63″N 91°11’20.37″W
12. NEW ORLEANS MUSEUM OF ART,NEW ORLEANS 29°59’11.66″N 90° 5’36.10″W
15. LDS TEMPLE,BATON ROUGE 30°21’45.72″N 91° 6’30.04″W
16. STATUE OF GENERAL ROBERT LEE,NEW ORLEANS 29°56’36.07″N 90° 4’20.83″W
17. BLUE BAYOU WATERPARK,BATON ROUGE 30°20’43.49″N 91° 1’36.20″W
18. CATHOLIC CHURCH,NEW ORLEANS 29°55’34.21″N 90° 6’2.00″W
19. FORT PIKE,NEW ORLEANS 30° 9’57.57″N 89°44’11.92″W
20. ST.LOUIS CATHEDRAL,NEW ORLEANS 29°57’28.99″N 90° 3’49.56″W
21. LOUISIANA STATE CAPITOL,BATON ROUGE 30°27’26.07″N 91°11’14.53″W

Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana (Shreveport, Louisiana)

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Minister Lee Jeter, is Sr. Executive Director of the Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest, Louisiana.

Minister Lee Jeter is a man on fire, a man on a mission.
He feels called by God to help people lift themselves out of poverty. But this minister does more than preach about it. His organization has built 40 new homes for poor, struggling families in the Allendale area. His group is committed to building a total of 60 homes in Allendale. Then he wants to start in the Cedar Grove area.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana, a faith driven and Christ centered ministry, offers an opportunity for partnerships between local philanthropy and the Church. “We are interested in promoting economic development, eliminating substandard housing, improving the quality of life and striving for a better world among low-income families,” says Jeter.

The Fuller Center was created by Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity in December of 2005. The initial purpose of the Fuller Center was to provide new homes for low income families who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Many of the recipients are Katrina survivors; however the program expanded to serve people in general who live at or below the poverty line.
The Fuller Center’s approach is comprehensive. Their objective is to improve entire communities by helping responsible people become financially stable owners of homes in low-income communities.

First, they purchase tracts of adjudicated properties from the city. The center is careful to purchase four or five lots together to avoid building a new or renovated home next to an abandoned or dilapidated property. This also allows the center to put enough families in a neighborhood to make an impact.
Fuller Center then locates persons who may have financial challenges but are willing to improve themselves and become home owners. The families must meet certain criteria, which include a stable income and a credit review that shows at least a willingness to pay bills based on income.

Participants who are accepted must agree to pay one fourth of the closing cost, which is generally $1,100. They are given ten months to generate this amount while receiving homeownership training and credit counseling, which are requirements. Participants must agree to put 350 hours of “sweat equity” into the building of the homes.

Each home recipient family must actually help build the home they are going to occupy. They can enlist the help of friends or church members to provide up to 150 hours of this labor. Of course they are supervised by professionals in whatever work they do. “We’re trying to do more than give them a handout. We want them to have a sense of ownership and responsibility for the entire process,” Jeter explained. “We even hope that the skills they learn from helping to build the homes will enable them to do some of the repairs that any home needs as time passes,” he added.

Note– This text contains excerpts from an article written by J. Kojo Livingston.
The article was published in the Shreveport Sun Newspaper.

Voodoo Queen Marie LaVeau’s actual tomb, St. Louis Cemetery Number One, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Supposedly, Marie LaVeau is actually buried in a lesser-known tomb, the same in which remains of her daughter Marie LaVeau II are interred. Her daughter believed that her mother was not in the tomb which most tour guides bring visitors to. Instead, she is perhaps truly buried in a brick tomb about fifty feet away, which is why, according to some, Marie II chose to be placed in that same tomb upon her passing. Who knows which tomb is correct, but this video starts at the “touristy” tomb and ends at her daughter’s tomb, both in the south corner of the cemetery on the Conti Alley side.