Sam Davison- A Vine Tree Lost in the Forest

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Sam Davison, Pastor Emeritus of Southwest Baptist Church and President of Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, preaching a message entitled “A Vine Tree Lost in the Forest” at Cleveland Baptist Church’s Global Independent Baptist Fellowship Meeting, Wednesday night, September 22nd, 2010.

Lost in the Sierra – Lakes Basin Trails – Mountain Biking Graeagle, California

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Just over the ridge from the world famous Downieville downhill lies the the lesser know Lakes Basin Trails. These rocky and unforgiving trails are a true test of skill. Get Lost! #livinlost

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The Israelites: Deacons of IUIC Leave Christian Radio Host Confounded!!! “LOST IN TRANSLATION”

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City/State: Riverdale , GA 30238
School Address: 8476 Hwy 85
Contact Number: (855) 484-4842 (IUIC) Extension: 711
Primary Contact: Deacon Malachi
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Lost at sea: Ecological assessment around a sunken shipping container

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Thousands of shipping containers are lost from cargo vessels each year. Many of these containers eventually sink to the deep seafloor. In 2004, researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) discovered a lost shipping container almost 1,300 meters (4,200 feet) below the surface of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. In the first ever survey of its kind, researchers from MBARI and the Sanctuary recently described how deep-sea animal communities on and around the container differed from those in surrounding areas.

The red dots seen in some of the underwater footage are lasers mounted on the remotely operated submersible. The lasers are 29 cm apart and allow the scientists to estimate animal size.

Video editor: Kyra Schlining
Script and narration: Josi Taylor
Production support: James Barry, Kim Fulton-Bennett, Linda Kuhnz, Lonny Lundsten, Nancy Jacobsen Stout, Susan vonThun

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MBARI press release:

Original publication:
Taylor, J.R., DeVogelaere, A.P., Burton, E.J., Frey, O., Lundsten, L., Kuhnz, L.A., Whaling, P.J., Lovera, C., Buck, K.R., Barry J.P. (2014) Deep-sea faunal communities associated with a lost intermodal shipping container in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, CA. Marine Pollution Bulletin

Special thanks to Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot (PLANET OCEAN/HOPE PRODUCTION) for the beautiful aerial container footage.

Eric Church #2014 Church Choir Party – #Lost Songs Nashville, TN

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This is a short video from the June Eric Church Fan Club Party, featuring “The Lost Songs”, available on the Eric Church website.

I’ve Lost Everything I’ve Ever Loved – Bishop Kevin Foreman

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For more from Harvest Church and Bishop Kevin Foreman, visit or visit our Non-Denominational Churches in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Dallas.

Golden Harvest Missions Church Las Vegas NV.U.S.A.

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Come Praise & Worship The Lord with us.
Golden Harvest Missions Church dot ORG
Las Vegas NV.89103 U.S.A.

We Welcome All Nations.
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I’ve Lost Everything I’ve Ever Loved – Bishop Kevin Foreman

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For more from Harvest Church and Bishop Kevin Foreman, visit or visit our Non-Denominational Churches in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Dallas.

C.D. Brooks (18) Lost In Church 1/5

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The former speaker of the Breath of Life television ministry, Brooks is well known among Seventh-day Adventists as an evangelist. His sermons are legendary and his tapes widely distributed. He held his first campaign in the early 1950s, while a pastor in Columbus, Ohio. After going on to be senior pastor of the Glenville Church in Cleveland, where he also held campaigns, Brooks became a full-time evangelist for the Columbia Union Conference. In the summer of 1964 he led a major campaign in a large tent in Philadelphia during the “long, hot summer” of urban rioting, defied a plea from the mayor to shut down and still baptized nearly 300 people. He was elected an associate secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association and from that platform has fearlessly preached the Adventist message around the globe. There are a number of Breath of Life congregations, church plants resulting from evangelism campaigns conducted by Brooks.