SDI Learns From…Joyce Rupp, OSM, and Susan Loretta

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Joyce Rupp, OSM, and Susan Loretta speak about the importance of “generous listening” and integrating body, mind, and spirit.
Joyce Rupp, OSM, describes herself as a “spiritual midwife,” one who assists others in birthing their true self. She is a member of the Servants of Mary order, the author of twenty one books, and gives conferences and retreats both nationally and internationally. She is also a spiritual director, the co-director of The Institute of Compassionate Presence, and has been a volunteer for Hospice for fourteen years. She lives in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
Susan Loretta, MA, is a spiritual director and coordinator of the Center for Wholistic Spirituality, Saint Thomas University, Florida, USA.
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Walking Up the King’s Highway (Loretta Oliver)

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Some have asked: “What happened to the old Fellowship Baptist Church Choir”? Well, here’s what happens when they all get together again. Check the Reunion Choir here with Ms. Loretta Oliver on the lead.

Note: Less than a month before my Mother died, I took this DVD to Georgia when I visited her. This particular song moved her. It also moved me as I meditated before I did her eulogy. Be Blessed!!!