Leandria Johnson Live from Chesapeake VA!

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The NEW and IMPROVED video from 2/20/2011 when Leandria Johnson took the stage and ministered and shared her testimony!! Also there is a special treat at the end!! Patrick Riddick and D’vyne Worship!! So I know its long but you will blessed to watch to the end!!!
Thank you Sony Vegas Pro!!

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“Come and fill this place”. Shine worship day 2 . Shoreline church. Austin Texas 10-20-2011

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” Come and fill this place.”
Shine conference day 2 . Shoreline church. Austin Texas 10-20-2011

Unity Service at The Point Church (Sunday, February 3, 2013)

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In this video, it shows our Unity Service here at The Point Church in San Jose, CA in the main sanctuary. Pastor Victor Galicia was our special speaker. He is a phenomenal preacher and brought an inspiring message and helped us see from God’s perspective the importance of reaching our neighborhood with the story of Jesus. This was after the sermon. Following the service was a pizza fellowship luncheon at the gym.

Songs sung in the video included “God Of This City”, and “Our God Is An Awesome God”. (Sunday, February 3, 2013)

Pastor Rob Koke, Wednesday service shoreline church austin texas 9-14-11

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Pastor Rob Koke, Wednesday service shoreline church austin texas 9-14-11

Relationship – Risky Business, Pastor Rob Koke shoreline church austin texas 10-2-11 sermon 3

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Relationship – Risky Business, Pastor Rob Koke shoreline church austin texas 10-2-11 sermon 3

In The Arms Of Jesus feat. Darlyl Coley (VHS) – Bishop Carlton Pearson,”Live At Azusa”

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Bishop Carlton Pearson is a well-known author, linguist, spiritual leader, speaker, and recording artist. Offering a fresh perspective on religious practice, scripture, and faith, Pearson was rejected by mainstream Christian leadership and declared a modern-day heretic for questioning the teachings of Christian doctrine that promotes a loving God who sentences people to an eternal hell for not becoming a Christian.

Pearson began as a protégé of Oral Roberts and appeared on his weekly television broadcasts and quarterly specials, which reached nearly 60 million viewers. He founded Higher Dimensions, Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which included a mega-church with a congregation of over 5000 members. His frequent appearances on television, radio, and in the print media, both secular and religious, increased his global audience to numbers in the millions. Now, a tireless pioneer and promoter of God’s love for all people — regardless of their religion or faith — Pearson has met with heads of state, prime ministers, three American presidents, and countless international celebrities.

A talented musician who sings and performs, Pearson is a Stellar Award-winning and Dove Award-nominated vocalist who has sold over 750,000 CDs and videos. He is also a highly sought-after media guest who has made appearances on NBC’s Dateline, ABC’s Nightline and 20/20, CNN, and National Public Radio, among others. The widely diverse and enthusiastic readership of Pearson’s first book, Gospel of Inclusion, has made him a more popular speaker on a lecture circuit that includes conferences, seminaries, universities, and churches around the world.

Pearson lives in Chicago and is Interim Senior Minister of the 6000-member Christ Universal Temple for Better Living. He has also received a Trumpet Award for “Spiritual Enlightenment” and was inducted into the MLK Board of preachers on the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the husband of Gina Marie, a professional Life Coach, and the proud father of two children, a son and daughter named Julian and Majesté, respectively.


Alien Love Song by Em and the MotherSuperiors

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Em and the MotherSuperiors performing at The Opolis in Norman Oklahoma for the release of the album “Churches into Theaters.”

Monks singing Gregorian Chant in a Catholic Benedictine Seminary

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The Catholic Church is majestic not just in the arts but also in music as well, no other churches especially outside the Catholic Church [escept the Orthodox] can have this kind of solemn praise to God without copying the concept of the chants sang inside our churches, how wonderful it is to be a Catholic.

Dominique Hammons Violin Player Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church Port Arthur, Texas Part One

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String Music….