8-10-18 Severe timelapse 960 fps lightning Minco, OK

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Pop up thunderstorms across Oklahoma on Friday afternoon. This storm in central Oklahoma near El Reno meandered slowly southward toward my home west of Minco, Ok. Clip 1 is a timelapse of the severe storm as it approached. Clip 2 shows the outflow kicking up dust and dirt across the countryside. Clip 3 is actually a rainshaft that could fool a person with its look of a tornado. Last clip is a 960 fps lightning clip on the same storm.

Lightning Strike at Maine Church Caught on Camera

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A church in Maine was struck by lightning on Wednesday, May 27, when a storm rolled over the town of Grand Isle. This footage was shot right across the street …


Lightning Strike at Maine Church Caught on Camera A church in Maine was struck by lightning on Wednesday, May 27, when a storm rolled over the town of …

A Wednesday night storm in Grand Isle, Maine sent a powerful bolt of lightning through a church and it was all caught on camera. 16-year-old Carl Bouley …


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Breaking News, Multi Vortex Tornado near El Reno Oklahoma
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