Jimmy Church Paranormal Lightning Round

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Jimmy Church, host of Fade to Black & Coast to Coast AM plays the paranormal lightning round revealing his truths about Roswell, Ufology, Moon Hoax, flat earthers, and more. He also talks about his participation in Contact in the Desert, as wel as, ONSTELLAR, the world’s First Cryptocurrency Based Social Network Focusing on the Paranormal.

Nathan’s END TIME dream – Boise Idaho DESTROYED, lightning bolt, explosion, boulders

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So when you publish this. Please include my personal introduction of my spiritual life. Because so many people have dreams, and visions than honestly I don’t believe come from God. And the end up on you tube anyway.

Hi, my name is Nathan … I have lived in Boise Id. 18 years. Several years ago maybe 10 plus. I had a dream. That I feel certain is from The Lord. I have had many prophetic dreams. And thoughts. And open visions. That frankly I know were not from God. I do not believe every prophetic dream is from God. Or every vision. I kind of use to. I have learned through the years the difference between something that really comes from God and something that does not. It is pretty much unmistakable. Nor do I believe half of the people on the internet are interpreting their material accurately.

So in my dream I was walking down state street Boise id heading west almost to Glenwood flirting with a skinny white girl. Just an average sunny day. The surroundings appeared to be exactly as they are now. It wasn’t 100 years in the future or even 50. Things looked exactly as they are now. Out of no where and with out warning or ever ever ever suspecting the possibility.

A huge lightning bold came clear down from heaven or the sky in one long wide streak and touched clear down to the ground and struck the far far south end up past I-85 by the airport somewhere. And then all the ground just turned into waste land and exploded and turned over like something out of a movie where a catastrophic event like an asteroid causes mass destruction and there is an initial strike then the effects expand from that point out like a wave of destruction. So the lighting struck and the ground started crumbling as it spreaded out heading to where I was.

All and I mean all of Boise was completely destroyed and wiped out in a matter of 3 to 4 seconds. And then as it got right next to me I ducked down and the destruction stopped right at me and brown bolders about 5 to 8 feat flew right over my head. I seemed to be the only survivor in the whole valley. Then A voice which was obviously God’s spoke through the atmosphere in audible words and said. Exactly this. ” But they that judge themselves shall not be judged.” That was the dream.

But I am telling you I am sure it was from the Lord. It was very vivid and seemed real. And I just knew this was prophetic. But at the time even though I thought this is certainly a dream from the Lord. I said to my self It can’t be. That’s impossible. That can never happen. I was young at the time. And young in the Lord. The meaning of the dream seemed obvious. But I said God would never ever ever just wipe out Boise Id. Of all places. And destroy everyone. And no way ever would I be the only one to find favour in God’s eyes and be spared. I thougth that was impossible. And unthinkable. Niether could a lighting bold cause that.

But years later I know this is a real and literal possibility. Number one I do not believe in Just believe in Jesus saves you. I believe once you’re saved you must live a holy life faithfully every second of your life to the best of your ability without sinning willfully, wantingly, knowingly. I believe it is the only true doctrine. And so very very few really walk with God faithfully. Even though they go to church and believe in Christ. They sin everyday knowing full and good well without any repentence…

Second recently on Paul Beggley’s channel Bp weather started reporting the lighting bolts are becoming so powerful they can literally destroy things. Because of a new unpresidented charge of the particals in the atmosphere. And I thought to myself. Wow. I use to think the lightning was symbolic. But maybe toward the end of time or even soon the dream could be fulfilled literally.

Thank you for your time. I never shared my dream publically like this until I saw this sister on you tube sharing all the material many people send her. God bless her heart. And decided to share mine also.

One last thing. I don’t care who believes me. I can guarantee. Weather it fits your understanding or not. You are about to see the most unpredictable possible judgements of God fall on any place. Even a place like Boise Id. I thought God would never destroy Boise like this of all places. But I have witnessed Boise Id become so evil and Devil filled in just the last 10 years It is demanding final judgement as soon as possible in my opinion. Take care and God bless. Nathan.

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Michiana’s Worst Disaster: Palm Sunday Tornadoes 1965

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Learn more about this tornado outbreak, read first hand accounts, or share your own account:
This 30 year retrospective by WSBT-TV chronicles the events of Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965 through original broadcasts, survivor interviews, along with technological limitations and advancements since this deadly tornado outbreak. Part 1 of 2. Produced by Katie Moore, Sam Scaman, Steve Baron, Christine Grahm, and Tom Abell. Originally broadcast in April 1995. Video © WSBT-TV, all rights reserved. Online for historical and educational purposes only.

NEH ODH Lightning Rounds 2015 HD

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NEH Office of Digital Humanities 2015 Project Directors Meeting, September 25, 2015. Lightning round presentations by project directors of National Endowment for the Humanities grant-supported digital humanities projects. Please click “show more” below for links to the Lightning Round for each group of grantees.

To view a complete list of projects and access direct links to the Lightning Round for Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants, please visit:

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To view a complete list of projects and access direct links to Lightning Round videos for Special Projects, 2016/2017 Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, and NEH/DFG Bilateral Digital Humanities Program Grantees, please visit:

Violent Tornado near Canton, Oklahoma May 24, 2011

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Large violent tornado near and north of Canton, OK this day. We intercepted the tornadic supercell from the time the first funnel formed, through its demise well north of Canton. This was one of 4 tornadoes we filmed this day.

Lightning Bolt -Live 3/31/18 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Lightning Bolt, from Providence, Rhode Island perform March 31st, 2018 at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pa.
from wiki:

Lightning Bolt is an American noise rock duo from Providence, Rhode Island, United States, composed of Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals and Brian Gibson on bass guitar. The band met and formed in 1994, when the members of the then-trio attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Lightning Bolt were listed 8th in Metacritic’s Artists of the Decade 2000-09.

Lightning Bolt are known for their guerrilla-style live performances, where they typically play on the ground rather than a stage, with the crowd gathered around them. The band’s sound is typically loud and aggressive, though the group cites composers Philip Glass and Sun Ra as compositional influences.

Storm Chaser Movie May 20, 2013 Moore, Ok Tornado F5

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Recorded history’s most devestating tornado tore a path of extreme destruction from Newcastle, OK to eastern Oklahoma City. Moore, OK yet again received most of the raw fury that is an F-5 tornado. Captured by Videa Studio’s Michael Cassettari, He records the behemoth’s path from when it drops from the clouds that afternoon to when it dies some 45 minutes later. Videa Studios: videastudios.com www.VideaStudios.com 405-514-3687 Copyright Videa Studios 2013

Massive Tornado Slams Moore, Oklahoma May 20, 2013

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Huge destructive tornado hits Moore, Oklahoma, May 20th, 2013. This tornado left over a mile wide path of debris and devastation.

Oklahoma Tornado Live Footage Twisters Scary VIDEO Damage Moore Oklahoma Central Oklahoma Tornado Live Footage Twisters Scary Damage At least 1 dead, over 20 injured after tornadoes slam Kansas, Oklahoma City and Iowa

8-10-18 Severe timelapse 960 fps lightning Minco, OK

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Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license.
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Pop up thunderstorms across Oklahoma on Friday afternoon. This storm in central Oklahoma near El Reno meandered slowly southward toward my home west of Minco, Ok. Clip 1 is a timelapse of the severe storm as it approached. Clip 2 shows the outflow kicking up dust and dirt across the countryside. Clip 3 is actually a rainshaft that could fool a person with its look of a tornado. Last clip is a 960 fps lightning clip on the same storm.