Light Church Tulsa 106 Oklahoma (Last days anointing continued)

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Sermon on 9-14-2014. Please watch all of the video.Theres music and pictures of everyone after the Sermon is done.Watch the credits please for more information about our church.Thanks

Gospel Meeting: “Red Light Religion” – Tuesday Evening Sermon 2/12/13

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This is the fourth of six lessons as part of a Gospel meeting held by the Southside Church of Christ with Brother Kris Emerson of Beaumont, Texas.

In this lessons Brother Emerson discusses the three different approaches people use when enterpreting the scriptures as well as exploring what the scriptures tell us about instrumental music, a woman’s role in the Church and the way to salvation.

The Southside Church of Christ family is a group of people who are striving to learn, understand, and live what God’s Word teaches. We want to be New Testament Christians- nothing more, and certainly nothing less. If you are in our area, we would be honored if you stopped by to worship and study with us. We meet at 602 Henderson Street in Jacksonville, Texas. We meet at the following times:
Sunday Mornings 9:30am – Bible Classes 10:20am – Worship
Sunday Evening 6:00pm – Worship
Wednesday Evening 7:00pm – Worship

You can also visit us at our website:
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The Potters House CFC Buckeye, AZ Wednesday Night Sermon (7-31-13)

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The Potters House CFC Buckeye, AZ Wednesday Night Sermon (7-31-13)

Pick up line song Church of Grace Portland Oregon USA

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guys from portland oregon sing a song for girls. made for girls day

2017-10-08 FFC Sunday’s Message: Salt & Light in a Corrupt and Dark World

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Senior Pastor Louis J. Locke shared with the congregation of the Fountainhead Foursquare Church of Carson City, Nevada, the message from Matthew 5:13-16: Salt and Light in a Corrupt and Dark World

Light Church Tulsa 101 Oklahoma

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This was a Sermon done on 8/17/2014 at light church by Pastor Brian Levan.I will be posting new Sermons every sunday.Hope everyone enjoys this message.This first Sermon was done in audio only. Stay tuned for future Sermons in video.

I enjoy his Sermons and thought maybe some others might to.Thanks for listening and god bless!