The Israelites: The Sit-In With Brother Terry, Life Of Liberty Church (Part 2)

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Trinity Tree of Life Ministry, Seattle WA, USA.mp4

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Trinity Tree of Life Ministry was birthed from prayer and is ministering to different people in Seattle. We are a Spirit filled, bible believing church whose main goal is to preach Christ to our sorrounding presenting the gospel in a way that is relevant to this generation. As a church we see the invisible, know the knowable, and think the unthinkable in order to experience God’s love

Father of missing Pinay in Virginia Beach says she feared for her life

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Authorities are trying to piece together the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a Filipino mother.

39-year old Bellamy Gamboa, a mother of four, disappeared on July 1.

Life as a postal worker in Deadhorse, Alaska | MIDNIGHT OIL

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Deadhorse isn’t your average Alaskan town. The community at the start of the pipeline exists solely as a service hub for North Slope oil workers. There are no permanent residents, no public amenities, not even a school or church. There is a post office, and Les Dunbar is the clerk responsible for making sure all the companies in Prudhoe Bay receive their mail. Also, if you plan on biking along the haul road, you might just end up mailing your gear up to Les.

This video is part of the Midnight Oil podcast series:

Video: Eric Keto
Music: Evolv

Omaha’s Seventy Five North Brings the Highlander Neighborhood to Life

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The Seventy Five North Revitalization Corp. was launched in 2011 to lead a holistic transformation effort following the Purpose Built Communities model for the Highlander neighborhood on the site of the former Pleasantview Homes public housing development in North Omaha.