Mesopotamian Night 9 – George Somi’s: Assyrian Legacy V, Church of the East

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Performed Live at the 9th Mesopotamian Night concert in California Theatre, San Jose, CA on August 19, 2016
Composer: George Somi
Performed by: Mesopotamia Choral Ensemble
Mesopotamia Orchestral Ensemble
Conductor & Music Director: John Kendall Bailey

The fifth movement of The Assyrian Legacy takes place in the late first century AD. For almost 700 years, the Assyrian people had been without a nation of their own. However, they cling onto a hope that something great may arise yet. The movement starts much like the first movement. A solo cello plays a lonely yet hopeful melody, accompanied by strings. When the Assyrians find Christ, they find a new calling and a new kind of empire. This is signified by flutes playing the Rise theme, heard in the first movement. The flutes represent a more peaceful rise as opposed to the forceful trumpet fanfare from the first movement. This new empire would be established in good will and hope for all mankind.

Hymns from the Church of the East are woven into the fabric of the piece, starting with ‘Edta Qayileh Osha’na, transitioning to O Ganana leading to O Dizdaman, and finally culminating with ‘Ashen ‘Ammeh Zmareykon. With each hymn, the Church grows and its influence becomes more widespread. The climax occurs with the choir singing the words “Qamleh mahron, shookhaleh” (“Christ is risen, praise be upon him”). This, in effect, has a double meaning. While Christ has risen to be sure, so have the Assyrian people.

The Church of the East would spread to all of Mesopotamia, and eventually much of Asia, even as far as China! The hope motif is sprinkled throughout at this point, and an homage to the fanfare of the first movement (Rise of the Great Empire) is featured. The hymn then goes on with a march-like feel. If you listen closely, you will find traces from all other featured hymns hidden in the main melody. This represents the march of the missionaries, and the greatness of Christ and the inspiration he would impart to an otherwise downtrodden people.

Great I AM, Legacy Church East Campus Albuquerque NM

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Worship on Tuesday evening in Albuquerque NM song Great I Am Written by Jarred Anderson of New Life Church, Worship time at Legacy East Campus. Legacy is a Church who serves others and driven to make a change in our city, nation and world.

A Legacy of Faith: The Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska

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Since the days of early Russian traders in the mid-1700s, the Russian Orthodox church has had a place in the history of rural Alaska. “A Legacy of Faith” looks at the beliefs, traditions, and people of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska. From St. Michael’s Cathedral in Sitka, to St. Herman’s Seminary in Kodiak, to an all-night Easter service in the village of Russian Mission. ©KUAC, 1987

Currently there are no DVD’s of this show available for purchase.

Ready for more Apostolic Pentecostal Church!!! (Upcoming meetings) Part 1

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We are at Whataburger after Wednesday night church and we are EXCITED about the upcoming events!!!!

Youth Conference at Faith Tabernacle of Port Arthur, Texas. (Host – Bro Randy Hammer) June 7, 8 and 9th. Bro Russell Frazier, Bro Cleve Lambeth, and Bro David Boyd will be preaching.
Legacy Youth Camp at Norman Park Conference Center in Norman Park, Georgia on June 12-15. Bro James Townley and Bro Cody Marks will be preaching.

Facing Slavery’s Legacy at Georgetown University

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Adam Rothman, professor of history at Georgetown, discusses the university’s roots in the slave economy of early America and their implications for today. He describes university efforts to research its history and reach out to descendants of the Maryland Jesuit slave community. Rothman is part of the university’s Working Group on Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation. Presented in partnership with the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., as the Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Lecture to open the 43rd Annual Conference on D.C. History.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H.: Essentials in Community (Galatians 6:1-10)

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Da’ T.R.U.T.H. teaches in the fourth general session at Legacy Chicago 2018 from Galatians 6:1-10. Watch all of the general sessions and more teaching from the conference at

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