Annamarie Strawhand – Cedar Of Lebanon Psalm 92 Encouragement

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God does not want us to be like weak little saplings. He wants us to be strong, with deep roots in HIM and spreading our influence for His Kingdom like a Cedar of Lebanon! He wants to grow us as leaders and influencers – #strength #courage #influence #wisdom #Psalm92

About Annamarie Strawhand – Faith Coach and Author:
Annamarie Strawhand is an inspirational coach and mentor to thousands of her followers as well as a speaker and author. Annamarie speaks and teaches with energy and flair, delivering passion, wisdom, and purpose.

After spending many years working in professional motorsports including NASCAR, Annamarie founded Marketing at Full Speed, LLC in 2012 and created the Sponsor Attraction System™, a real-time, results based sponsorship and career training program in the world of motorsports. She has had hundreds of clients and students who have completed her programs and have successfully achieved their career goals – as well as attracted the funding, sponsors and opportunities they needed to make their dreams a reality.

As one of the most influential marketing and mindset thought leaders in motorsports, Annamarie brought an unmatched level of expertise to stages and conferences across the country with an intuitive ability to connect with audiences and high-energy that matches her high-value content and teachings. These teachings began to flow over successfully into mainstream business as well as benefitting those who wanted to find their life’s purpose or advance their careers and goals. Annamarie has been a keynote speaker featured at the Women’s Prosperity Network Conference in Palm Beach, FL, The NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte, NC, and the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show Indianapolis, Indiana to name a few.

Annamarie has now dedicated this chapter of her life to a calling that God had already planned and set up for her to step right into. Her mission is to help all people find, activate and accelerate their true purpose in what God has called them to be and do. Annamarie feels guided by the Holy Spirit and the word of God to help people grow and build their faith, and assist them on the path to fulfilled dreams. She is passionate about helping God’s people see and experience the Goodness of God manifest in their own lives, careers and business. Annamarie’s faith comes with the many journeys and experiences God has brought her through the years. This came to a clear understanding that she wanted to Promote the Goodness of God and teach others what God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has taught her about success – a direct instruction that she heard God tell her to do. Her first “Faith At Full Speed” teaching will be featured at Oak Grove Baptist Church in May of 2017 in Virginia Beach. Learn about the event here.

Annamarie lives in the Creeds area of Virginia Beach, Virginia in the country in the area once known as “Princess Anne County” with her husband of 17 years, Michael Strawhand and their 15 year old daughter Landry Leigh. They have six chickens, a Guinea pig named Oreo, and their dog Junior a border collie mix who loves to ‘herd” the chickens. Annamarie and Landry also volunteer at a local horse rescue and saved a horse named Maverick whose story is also a healing miracle for Landry who had to overcome being bullied in school. Michael and Annamarie are also working on a YouTube video podcast series called “Princess Anne County Goods” and building a country store online so Michael can also come into his dreams and purpose side by side with Annamarie. The Strawhand’s are members of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Virginia Beach VA.

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“Come Messiah King” – Lebanon Baptist Church – 2016

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Lebanon Baptist Church, in Greensboro, NC, presents their Living Christmas Tree ! This year, the Church is performing the Musical Drama, “Come Messiah King”.

The first song is called “Come Messiah King”, and has Boyd Johnson on the Trumpet, and Dan Alderman as the Soloist.

Also, our Narrators are Kim and Robert Goodnight.

ELDER JOHN HENRY PREECE – Ceadars of Lebanon Old Regular Baptist Church October 1989.

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ELDER JOHN HENRY PREECE – Preaching at Ceadars of Lebanon Old Regular Baptist Church October 1989. Middeltown , Ohio.

“Speak to Me” – The 2010 Living Christmas Tree – Lebanon Baptist Church – Greensboro, NC

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The Lebanon Baptist Church Choir, Drama Team, Helpers and Tree Programmers present “GOD Speaking”, a dramatic musical presented during the 2010 Christmas Season during December 12th – 19th.

The Muscial is about how GOD speaks to us, even during very stressful times at Christmas – during the loss of a loved one, finanacial difficulties, or being ALONE.

The is the third song of the Musical, entitled “Speak to Me”.
Here we meet the Lonely Person (Single Parent) at Christmas, and the Husband in Deep Christmas Financial Debt.

“Mary’s Song” – ‘Give Me Jesus’ – Living Christmas Tree – Lebanon Baptist Church

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“Give me Jesus”…. the 2011 Living Christmas Tree presented by Lebanon Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.

The story is about a young wife, who is not a Christian, whose family is. She experiences many things during this Christmas season that shows her that she is desperately missing that “something” that she needs…..

Come experience this wonderful strory about Christmas and it’s reason for the season….. using the wonderful music from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Christmas.

This is the third song – “Mary’s Song”

Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch inaugurate new bishop in Lebanon

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His Holiness Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all East John X and His High-Eminence Orthodox Metropolitan of Mount Lebanon George have inaugurates new Bishop, His Eminence Moses.
Video by Antiochian Orthodox Media Center.

Hillcrest Baptist Church Lebanon Tennessee I Am Confused (Take 2)

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FIRST watch this video ( )

Here we go a perfect example of why I cannot find a church around me, I was told his church was politically incorrect so it got my attention and I attended the morning service which I found quite interesting and inspiring, no sooner then I got to my pickup truck I had found someone had called the police to observe me while I was working on my radio in the parking lot. Now to be honest I did have reservations when the head pastor did not like to make eye contact when I tried to talk to him. But I decided to attend the evening service to which seemed to go quite well and was a general service talking about one or two verses in Daniel and skipping around picking out other verses in the Bible. So a day went by and I thought I would write the pastor a letter expressing my views and concerns and asking questions about his church. Below is the exact e-mail you will also notice I was asked not to attend any more. I will continue my search for a Church

Dear David
I am very strongly pre-tribulation rapture and preach it very hard nor will allow other views to be taught here. My stands on the Bible and for the truth are well known and fundamental and my political stands are very well known and strong.
“The US Constitution is not the inspired Word of God” with and I am very much aware of our dark condition and keep up with it. I am aware of all the things you mentioned. I stand very strongly on the Word of God and have studied it for 35 years and I love this Church and will fight for it if necessary to see it continue to reach the lost.
You probably need to move on because here you are not among our flocks direction. I do not like a man to show up at a Church one time and think he demands to be heard so if you can’t hear and only want to e heard Hillcrest is not the place for you. This is the Lord Jesus Christ Church and I am the Pastor who leads it the best I possibly can.
Pastor Glenn Denton
From: David Sarti
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 4:54 PM

Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: My Church membership concerns?
Dear Pastor Glenn Denton
I enjoyed the Sunday service and you hit many subjects right on the head, I noticed that you had no problem calling out the Obama’s for their promotion of anti-Christian agendas. However you failed to enumerate those agendas like the baby killing and Pro sodomite movements. I also wonder how you feel about our local elected officials that also promote the same agendas? Our two Tennessee Senators have voted with Obama on several occasions Senator and ex-governor Lamar Alexander has turned into a big government politician and me being new to the church I do not know if you also speak against these state and local politicians? Personally from my studies the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to the evils that surround me at a more local level.
Before I commit to joining a church I have fundamental questions. First is the Sabbath day, I have no problem with Sunday church services as long as the Sabbath day is acknowledged as being the seventh day of the week, for I believe Jesus also said to keep his father’s commandments.
Secondly I have found many churches that are preaching pre-tribulation rapture are confusing the tribulations with the wrath of God of which the seven trumpets commence the wrath. This also leads many church goers to not prepare themselves for the many natural disasters that befall our country and our ever increasing as the end times approach. I feel this is an extremely dangerous doctrine and we must inform the public to make preparations for disaster. In our area the new Madrid fault when it does go will cause our area to be trampled with people fleeing West Tennessee, the millions that live on the other side of the Tennessee River including Jackson Tennessee and Memphis will all head our way. And we will not go unscathed because there are many older crumbling brick buildings that will fall and our power grid will fail for weeks at a time. Pre-tribulation rapture teaching has many churchgoers thinking they will not have to endure any hardships.
Thirdly in my Bible you will also find a copy of the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Have you ever preached the black robed Regiment? If not here is a link to a video of a preacher preaching a sermon on the black robed Regiment.
( )
Here is a another preacher you may find interesting this is a Jewish rabbi that has converted to Christianity. Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Agenda ( )
And last but not least here is a video exposing many of the demonic imagery that your young members of the church are currently watching on music television. ( )

The Israelites: White Church Comes To Feed JC Napier Projects Set On Fire

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The Israelites: Young Man Holds Fast To Instuction (Clarksville, Tn)

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The Israelites: The White Man Didn’t Write The Bible (Clarksville, TN)

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