Cloud’s Veil – Liam Lawton – Let Us Be A Light Ministry

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Catholic/Christian hymn about holding onto God in the face of life’s storms. Interpreted with images by Let Us Be A Light Ministries, as a prayerful healing reflection for all those who have been hurt in any way by sexual misconduct in the Church.

Lawton, Oklahoma

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The city of Lawton (Pawnee: Raaríhtaaruʾ) is the county seat of Comanche County, in the State of Oklahoma. Located in southwestern Oklahoma, about 87 mi (140 km) southwest of Oklahoma City, it is the principal city of the Lawton, Oklahoma Metropolitan Statistical Area. According to the 2010 census, Lawton’s population was 96,867, making it the fifth-largest city in the state.
Built on former reservation lands of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Indians, Lawton was founded on August 6, 1901, and was named after Major General Henry Ware Lawton, a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient who was killed in action in the Philippine–American War. Lawton’s landscape is typical of the Great Plains, with flat topography and gently rolling hills, while the area north of the city is marked by the Wichita Mountains.

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Lawton Water Supply. 1930.

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Description: Black and white silent film slated as follows: Enlarging Water Supply for Fort Sill and Lawton, Oklahoma. Sherman Machine and Iron Works, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Contractor F.E. Lawrence, City Engineer of Lawton, Oklahoma. The Cast Iron Pipe for this project was furnished by the U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company, and it required approximately 125,000 feet from 6″ to 24″ of which 65,000 feet was 24″ and 21,000 feet 16″. The water supply for Lawton, Oklahoma and Fort Sill is furnished by beautiful Lake Lawtonka, in the heart of the Wichita Mountains which are noted for their scenic beauty. A succession of dams and lake through Medicine Park, ideal for camping and fishing. Unloading cars and stringing along right of way. Blasting red granite in preparation for machine excavating. Some of the topography along right of way. Note deer and other game which abound in the Government preserve. Excavating through some of the granite formations. Excavating for one of the many creek crossings. Maneuvering machinary in creek bottoms and rocky hill country. Laying pipe, cleaning bell and spigot before lowering into the ditch. This would be a novel way of cleaning out pipe. Yarning a Leadite joint, using square braided hemp. Melting leadite in aluminum pot using wood fire. Pouring leadite joint and using high pouring gate.

Creator: Sherman Family

Coverage: Lawton (City) in Oklahoma (USA), Fort Sill (City) in Oklahoma (USA), Medicine Park (City) in Oklahoma (USA)

MARC Geographic Areas: Oklahoma (oku)

Resource Type: Image — Moving Image

Extent (quantity/size): 14 minutes 37 seconds

Media: 16 mm film

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Subjects: Silent films – America

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06-30-2017 Lawton, Oklahoma Severe wind, roadway flooding

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Habitatants of Lawton Oklahoma found it hard to get around Friday evening as storms trained over the area and dropped as much as 4 inches of rain in a short period of time. Here are some clips of locals braving the flood waters.

A50 – Church Lawton to Arclid – Front View

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The A50 runs from Leicester to Warrington, but originally ran to Hockliffe just north west of Luton. Between Stoke-on-Trent and the M1 near Nottingham, the A50 is a major dual carriageway, but the rest of the road has largely been superceded by other roads.

The section of A50 through Cheshire was once the main trunk road running north-south prior to the construction of the M6 in the 1960s. There were frequent delays through Holmes Chapel and Knutsford. The M6 was built, bypassing the A50 which became a road largely for local traffic, but its wide single-carriageway in places hints at its former status.

This video shows a northbound journey along the A50 from Church Lawton to the A534 junction at Arclid. It is available in three versions:

Front View (this video):

Rear View:

Front View with Rearview Mirror:

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