Corpus Christi High Mass, Thursday, May 31 at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

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Corpus Christi High Mass with “Missa Papae Marcelli” and Gregorian Propers. Solemn Eucharistic Procession follows. Thursday, May 31 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Memphis, TN.

Solemn High Traditional Latin Mass Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento (May 5, 2012) HD

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Solemn High Traditional Latin Mass and May Crowning of our Lady at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, May 5, 2012. Professional video by Benzin Media. Mass immediately follows the glorious annual public May Procession 3-miles through City streets. Mass sung with angelic beauty by the Choir and Choristers of St. Stephen the First Martyr Parish, Sacramento, California, USA. The next May Procession, Solemn Mass and May Crowning is scheduled SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2013. Starts 8:00 am, East Lawn Cemetery, 4300 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento. Mass begins 10:30 am Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Come join the crowds at this stupendous event in honoring our Blessed Lady! The website, BringMary, is packed with information, video and photos; the site name is found in the credits at the end of this video.

Please watch: “Asilomar Beach”



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On Sunday 24th September 2017 The Rt. Rev Bishop Michael Campbell O.S.A of Lancaster RC Diocese​ celebrated Pontifical High Mass to open the Shrine Church of St Thomas of Canterbury & English Martyrs, Preston.

The church will now be run by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest​ and the Mass was celebrated in the presence of the Very Rev. Gilles Wach the Prior General and founder of the Instutute.

The move was welcomed by the parishioners of the parish as the Church was packed full on Sunday to witness the beautiful liturgy of the Mass. They are delighted the Church has been saved from closure and hope it thrives.

Extraordinary Faith Episode 9 – Church Restoration

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Historic churches that were modernized in previous decades are being restored to their original, traditional appearance. We visit St. Mary Church in Fennimore, Wisconsin, that has been given a breathtaking makeover with all new “parts”. We tour Conrad Schmitt Studios in suburban Milwaukee and learn how stained glass is made. We drop in on a crew performing restoration work on the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee. Finally, Matthew Alderman, a rising young star in church architecture, gives us insights into the past and current work of church architectural firm Cram & Ferguson.

Holy Week at St. Mary’s, Norwalk, CT

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“Come and see”: Experience the beauty and solemnity of the full traditional Holy Week.

Photos: Stuart and Jill Chessman; Audio: St. Mary’s Schola Cantorum sings the Agnus Dei from William Rasar’s Mass “Christe Jesu.” Find out more about their debut CD:

SSPX Our Lady of Sorrows – Church Building Promotional – The Time is Now

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– The time is now. Our Lady of Sorrows building project is offering several opportunities to give in support of a specific need. Stained glass Windows, Side Altars, and Bronze Church Bells can be sponsored by individuals or groups. The community at Our Lady of Sorrows has outgrown its small parish church many years ago. It is necessary to offer numerous services in order for everyone to participate. Our new building has already gained recognition as “a beautiful building” and “a great improvement to the South Mountain area.” Please consider helping us build this much needed church. – Fr Frank Riccomini, Prior and Headmaster of Our Lady of Sorrows, a Society of St. Pius X congregation located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Lady of Sorrows has been a chapel of the Society of St. Pius X since the 1970’s and has steadily multiplied in number of faithful. Exclusively offering the Latin Mass and the traditionally administering the sacraments, the work done at Our Lady of Sorrows has truly shown its fruit.

SAD! Vandalizing St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church

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This is sad….a vandal hits up St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Sudbury, Ontario.

Visit us:

Latin mass In the immaculate conception cathedral in Brownsville TX

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Excerpts from a tradition low Latin mass in immaculate conception cathedral in the diocese of Brownsville

Corpus Christi Procession in Manhattan, New York City

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2SPetrvs filmed these wonderful impressions of the annual Corpus Christi Procession through Midtown Manhattan, New York City, in the area passing Times Square, with the parish of Holy Innocents in New York. On this occasion, the Redeemer of the world is gloriously and reverently brought out into the world, particularly on the streets of perhaps the most secularized and fast-paced metropolis. As the only church in NYC that offers Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form daily, the Church of the Holy Innocents is a vital thread that holds the city together, even if many New Yorkers themselves do not realize it.

Lauda Sion Salvatorem, lauda ducem et pastorem, in hymnis et canticis.
Quantum potes, tantum aude: quia maior omni laude, nec laudare sufficis.

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