Cultural Perspectives of New Mexico – Larry Torres

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Larry Torres is an Assistant Professor of foreign languages and cultures at The University of New Mexico – Taos. In 1993 Walt Disney, at the America Salutes its Teachers Program, named him outstanding national Foreign Language teacher of the year. He has received numerous honors and awards and has appeared in several magazines. He is a popular speaker in the field of cultural sensitivity and teacher training, as well as a speaker on global education.
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Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Orlando, Florida – Pastor Larry G. Mills

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Hightlights from Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando Florida. Our vision is to create a nurturing, caring, enthusiastic environment that will allow people to produce unprecedented results.

Larry Ollison: The Rapture and Beyond

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There are a lot of opinions about the timing of the Lord’s return. Some people call the rapture of the church “Christian escapism.” Others believe the church needs to be roughed up a bit before we’re granted the privilege of spending eternity with Christ. Other use mocking words as they talk about this “secret rapture.” But Jesus and the Apostle Paul would strongly disagree. They both spoke about the moment we meet the Lord in the air. Not on the Mount of Olives at the 2nd Coming, when His feet touch down in Jerusalem, but in the air! One of these days, perhaps today, Jesus will meet His Bride halfway and escort us to our eternal home. Gary is joined by gifted pastor and communicator, Larry Ollison, to talk about their favorite subject, our blessed hope, the rapture of the Church!

The “Four Blood Moons” by Pastor Larry Huch at Grace Walk Church 4-6-14 11am

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Pastor Larry Huch of New Beginnings Church in Dalls, TX speaking about the upcoming “Four Blood Moons” at Grace Walk Church on Sunday, April 6th, 2014. 11am Service. Part 3 message.

Grace Walk Church Phoenix is a church located in Southwest Phoenix in the 85043 area code, near Tolleson, Avondale, and Laveen.
7840 W. Lower Buckeye Rd, PHX, 85043

World Religions and Cults: Larry Spargimino Guest: Bodie Hodge

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Dan Goodwin and Bill Waugh believe that we are living in the last days and that we are very close to the end of the world. Everything has been turned upside down. America has lost her moral compass. Everything is getting ready to change. The “Strong delusion” has already begun. The influence of Satan and his followers can be seen and felt even in our churches. The authors believe that time is short. Jesus is getting ready to come back and snatch His bride from the earth. Events are happening that will lead the world to follow one man and yoke all religions together. This book reveals some startling prophetic truths that you need to know about. It is time that God’s people awaken to the reality that we may be the last generation upon the earth. We may be the generation that is caught up to meet the Lord in the clouds and it may be sooner than anyone realizes! This book reveals: -God’s prophetic calendar -The seven feasts -What year is it -Seven clocks ticking -The 70th Jubilee -Christ comes for His bride -Shemitah year 2015 -When did the New Testament begin About the authors Daniel Goodwin has been in the ministry since 1983. He has authored several books including the best seller, God’s Final Jubilee. He hosts the God’s Final Jubilee Radio Program on 1280AM KXEG in Phoenix, AZ. Daniel speaks at churches and prophecy conferences across America. He is a frequent guest on Prophecy in the News TV, Southwest Radio Church, and many other media outlets. Bill Waugh has been in the ministry since 1985. He is a pastor and has taught Bible at Shawnee Baptist College. He is an avid student of Bible prophecy.

A prophecy for the church from Larry Titus

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Released by Richard Humphries:

In 1998, I had a prophetic vision I titled: A Prophecy to the Church – The Eclipse is Over – The Coming Hurricane – Prepare for the Latter Rain!  

In the 1960’s darkness rushed into America, but God did not depart, though it seemed. But rather He kept a remnant to believe for revival that would sweep into American like a hurricane and flood the church.

· On August 21, 2017, the USA had a solar eclipse that went from coast to coast.

· Four days later, on August 25th, Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

· Soon after, over 50 inches of rain fell in two days over southeast Texas.

Because these major natural events occurred in the exact sequence of this 1998 prophecy, I encourage you: God has confirmed a promise to revive America and the time is at hand!

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Yuma Gila Mountain Church–Pastor Larry Allen Invitation

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Yuma Gila Mountain Church
12284 S Fortuna Rd, Yuma, Arizona 85367
SATURDAY WORSHIP SERVICES: Bible Study: 9:15am / Worship: 11:00am

Location: Hwy 8 to exit 12 Fortuna Avenue; turn south and go approximately 1 mile straight to the church, where road ends.
Invitation by: Pastor Larry Allen / Phone: 480-264-1116

Gila Mountain Church, located in Yuma, Arizona, is a good Christian church home to call your own, where you can come any Saturday for prayer, Bible study, worship service, and fellowship for all ages. Please feel welcome to join us!


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Pastor Ken Hampton

Ken Hampton is pastor of a church in Detroit, Michigan. Pastor Hampton speaks of the deteriorating state of churches in the United States today and explains how churches can not only flourish but also recapture America by returning to a strong and uncompromising stand for the fundamentals of the faith.

Grace Bible Chapel
5440 Oakman Boulevard
Detroit, Michigan 48204-2682
(313) 933-9322
Fax: (313) 933-1424
email: [email protected]

Author: Rev. Noah Hutchings

After serving in churches for many years, Noah Hutchings became interested in why those who profess the name of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord believe differently on hundreds of doctrinal issues, when it is so obvious that all cannot be right.

After an appraisal of the entire spectrum of denominational differences, the author reduces the many ecclesiastical variances to one common denominator: the Gospel of the Kingdom committed to Peter to preach to the Circumcision (Israel) and the Gospel of sovereign Grace committed to the Uncircumcision (Gentiles).

If you have ever wondered why there are so many denominations, sects, and cults, and why church memberships cannot agree on even simple doctrines like baptism, then you will want to read and study this book. This book is also used in seminaries, and thousands have been published.

Agape Church of Jesus Christ

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Pastor Larry Gibbons welcomes you to Agape Church of Jesus Christ, in Savannah, Georgia. Their non-denominational Christian members encourage knowledge of the Scriptures and strength in community, meeting several times a week for Bible study and prayer.
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