Joel Osteen Receives Major Backlash After Not Opening Lakewood Church To Houston Flood Victims

Views:155965|Rating:4.74|View Time:14:44Minutes|Likes:4673|Dislikes:258
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Joel Osteen’s Church Opens As Houston Shelter After Backlash | AM Joy | MSNBC

Views:23863|Rating:3.48|View Time:11:38Minutes|Likes:154|Dislikes:67
Joy Reid and her guests discuss pastor Joel Osteen, comparing his church’s initial reaction to the Houston flood to that of other religious organizations, and the controversy surrounding prosperity gospel preachers.
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Joel Osteen’s Church Opens As Houston Shelter After Backlash | AM Joy | MSNBC

Juan Carlos Serrano en Lakewood Church Houston Tx. Llevame Profundo

Views:3321|Rating:4.46|View Time:5:10Minutes|Likes:25|Dislikes:3
Juan Carlos Serrano en Lakewood Church “Llevame Profundo” un canto de Adoracion que te lleva y hace que se manifieste la presencia de nuestro Señor

Lou McClung, owner of the Museum of Divine Statues in Lakewood, show us his amazing artistry

Views:1778|Rating:5.00|View Time:2:49Minutes|Likes:22|Dislikes:0
Lou McClung, makeup artist, photographer, painter and owner of the Museum of Divine Statues in Lakewood, talks about restoring statues and how that fits in with his work with cosmetics.

No abortes los procesos de Dios – Gloriana Montero (Lakewood Church, Houston TX) – 15 Agosto 2018

Views:163647|Rating:4.79|View Time:51:43Minutes|Likes:5017|Dislikes:222
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Houston Man Walks 3 Miles, Streams Facebook Live Outside of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church

Views:123823|Rating:4.55|View Time:5:16Minutes|Likes:1745|Dislikes:171
Follow up story:

A Houston man disgusted Joel Osteen initially reported Lakewood Church was inaccessible due to flooding in Houston, Texas. His video did not reveal any flood waters around the Lakewood Church.

Filmed and narrated by: James Hahn II (Houston, Texas)

Warning from Joel Osteen’s Representatives at Lakewood Church in Dallas

Views:1324|Rating:3.75|View Time:1:8Minutes|Likes:9|Dislikes:3
Went to “pastors” Joel and Victoria Osteen’s church on Sunday November 1, 2015, to exhort them and call them to repent of their apathy of child sacrifice in the city of Houston.

Lakewood Church is 3.5 miles from one of the largest baby murdering centers in Texas, Houston Women’s “Clinic”, where “Dr” Bernard Rosenfeld murders HUNDREDS of babies EVERY week, and they are also 5.5 miles from the headquarters of the BIGGEST baby murderers in the United States, Planned “Murderhood”.

Lakewood Church, “Pastors” Joel & Victoria Osteen, where is your salt, where is your light?

Heler – Quiero (En Vivo desde Lakewood Church en Houston TX)

Views:17761|Rating:4.84|View Time:3:31Minutes|Likes:217|Dislikes:7
Video de la banda Heler de Cd. Juarez interpretando el tema “Quiero” de su producción mas reciente “Tan Real” en vivo desde Lakewood Church en Houston Texas, EUA.

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